Dec 18 2005

On Technical Blogulation

Gratuitous golden retriever snaps. Fletch, left. Bert, right.

You’ll be pleased to know that I have pretty much finished messing around with the blog. My desperate hope was that the redesign would give universal satisfaction, but tragically there have arisen a couple of issues. Viz:

• The “missing elements” error message that pops up when you post a comment is a bug. No elements are actually missing. Just ignore it until I can figure out how to make it go away.

• Some have observed that the new nested comments feature makes it difficult to determine which comments are new, as new replies to existing comments no longer appear at the bottom of the page, but instead are embedded with the comment to which they reply. Two solutions spring effortlessly to mind:

a) The new “latest comments” feature in the sidebar keeps pretty good track of recent commentular activity on specific posts (older comments fade to grey), so interested parties can keep an eyeball on that thing.
b) The comments have their own RSS feed, so subscribe away.

• The “odd lady” is back, so quit nagging, already.

• Horribly, the TacoBlog System will be a limping gimp of a malfunction until I figure out how to keep the posts from disappearing when you click to comment.

• I Blame The Patriarchy is apparently incompatible with Internet Explorer and ancient versions of assorted other browsers. I have little sympathy for you. What Browser Would Jesus Use? Firefox, Jack.

• Based on the relatively pain-free success of my recent blog migration experience, I encourage TypePad refugees who are interested in getting the fuck out of that trainwreck to switch over to WordPress without delay. I’m no blogspert, but if you want to know how I achieved this meager accomplishment with absolutely no knowledge of CSS or PHP or herpetology, just email me. You can also click on the WordPress and K2 links at the bottom of the page; they are most informative.

And now, back to the blaming.


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  1. CafeSiren

    I do like the new masthead. I’m still trying to interpret the difference between “taco blog” and regular blog. I thought it was going to be the place where all taco reviews were channeled, but I appear to be wrong.

    Should I just stop trying to figure it out?

  2. Twisty

    You are right about TacoBlog. It WAS going to be the place where all tacos were channeled. But I can’t get the posts to behave properly. So for now it’s just an enigmatic little freakzone in the sidebar.

  3. wordgirl

    Just as long as no tacos are harmed in the making of this blog…

  4. Mimi

    Good work Twisty! I’ve been “watching” as you’ve moved in to your new home. Furnishings seem in all the right places if not fully functional yet.

    I agree: Foxfire is the ONLY browser to use!

  5. Becker

    Waiddasekkend. Who’s Fletch? Did I miss the introduction of Fletch? And Bert’s so big!

    I like this new place. Well done.

  6. laughingmuse

    Bert is getting all lanky and pre-adolescent and so forth!


  7. ae

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeert! Total delicious gorgeousness. His fur, is it literally as soft as ermine, because that’s how it looks in pix. What a beauty!

    TypePad’s on my last nerve, and if I can cobble 2.3 seconds, I’m thinking of making the ol’ switcheroo. I may zap you a note, Twisty. I’ve played around creating a fake blog on WordPress, but I’m not liking what I see (read: what I can make). Heck.

    No disparaging of the TacoBlog!

  8. WookieMonster

    What a lovely Bertie you have there. I want a puppy, damnit! I can’t till I get Wookie’s hips fixed (otherwise she’d kill herself in the excruciating excitement of having another dog to play with, poor baby girl). Money sucks.

  9. Twisty

    Fletch is Bert’s adoptive cousin, living with my sister. He is a year old and routinely kicks, as he is shown about to do in the picture, the ass of Bert, who is half his age.

  10. Twisty

    Yes, his fur is pretty soft, but I’d draw the line at ermine. I am biased, of course, but I find Bert an increasingly handsome specimen. He is defnitely more dog than pup now.

    As for switching, just do what I did. Get a domain name, have Bluehost host it, install WP on Bluehost (one click), download the K2 template, and go.

  11. AyMayZed

    Being a refugee from usenet, I am not blog literate or numerate and I found it relatively simple to get around the new site.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share comments with such a reasonable crowd too.

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