Dec 21 2005


I have taken to my bed following Monday’s chemo, but before I lapse into a merciful coma I must thank Becker and Wordgirl and Finky for the books. I will read them all when I wake up! Which, I warn you, may be a day or two or four. My happy-go-lucky tolerance for these toxins is decreasing.

Oh by the way, our post on Lucy made the Carnival Of Feminists! I love this Carnival of Feminists. One of the nicer linkoramas.

Oh by another way, the consensus seems to be that the Godbag Feminist turns out to have been a parody or something. Well, my young rector, lucky you. In my experience, there’s nothing more satisfying than to have one’s devastatingly clever satire completely misread by some arrogant jerk.

Before I roll over–which is actually easier now, because of my uniboobal status– into Morpheusland, I leave you guys to chew, as a sort of preamble to Jessica’s upcoming Roe Anniversary Blog For Choice campaign, on this, the Dubious Study Du Jour. Prolifers are claiming that a spike in unwanted pregnancies being carried to term is a big fetus-worshippin’ victory. NARAL wearily points out that it’s just because our godbag government is making it more and more difficult for women to get the abortions to which they are legally entitled.


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  1. Sharoni

    I tried to post a comment to Jessica’s blog – it’s in typewhatever – and could not get in. I noticed also that there were 0 comments on her blogs – I can see now why you moved! Tell Jessica she needs to move too!!!!

    And, teaching abstinence to teenagers is like teaching birds not to fly – you end up with penguins and they breed anyway.

  2. robin

    Feel better soon Twisty

  3. wheelomatic

    Sleep, Twisty, sleep. Knit up the raveled sleeve of care. Dream of creamsicle dogs romping in the sunshine.

  4. Sharoni

    I, too, hope you improve swiftly, but wanted also to say thank you for the Carnival of Feminists . . . very interesting, I’ll have to devote a few days to reading it, maybe over the new year holiday. We will all think healing thoughts for you, Twisty, not only for the chemo-related uck, but in a larger sense for the long-term view . . . I have a friend who survived a brain tumor, there is always hope.

  5. wordgirl

    Deep and restful sleep to you. I hope you dream about tacos.

  6. Becker

    Sleepness and wellness to you.

  7. NancyMc

    Feel better soon. I’m looking forward to your next inspired rant.

  8. sunny in texas

    sleep well. my thoughts are in your corner.

  9. Chris Clarke

    Twisty ol’ pal, I hope the quease passes queackly this time, and that you are in fine turkey taco-eating fettle by Godbag Day. Many good wishes coming your way.

  10. Liz

    Oh hell. A day without Twisty is like a day without a cerebral cortex. Hang in there, and come out soon swinging.

  11. Hattie

    I contact all my friends and bully them into posting to my blog. Jessica should do that too.
    Have a nice rest, Twisty.

  12. AyMayZed

    From the lifenews.com article linked in the original post:
    the description of Planned Parenthood as an “abortion business” is handy for that occasional Martian skimming the net for information on US society; it saves them continuing to waste time on trying to find anything worth trusting on the site.

    Did anyone else find the lack of statistics, or even the inclusion of hand-waving guessing, on contraception factors to be a telling hole in the article?

    So from a survey of 7 thousand or so, can any statistician reading this say whether a difference between 26 and 24 percent is significant enough for the confident conclusions of the article?

    It looks much as though the pro life people aren’t having all that much effect on the general rate of abortion.

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