Dec 22 2005

What Not To Blog

Your confession to manslaughter.

Silly teenager, that’s what PostSecret is for.


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  1. wordgirl

    A kid from our high school had a blog and posted personal stuff about other people (locker combinations, etc) on it. He got into trouble when some adults from the school found out and now all the kids who have similar blogs (xangas) are up in arms because they say no one (especially school administrators or parents) has/have ANY right to read their personal websites. Uh! Hello? It’s the internet, dumbasses!

  2. Sylvanite

    Yes, a blog is not precisely the same as a diary. A blog is intended for public consumption. Don’t put anything on it you don’t want to be publicly known, dumbass.

    It’ll be interesting to see if I did the tag correctly for the italics.

  3. the patriarch

    Enjoying your blog. It’s adorable.

  4. Sylvanite

    I’m assuming you’re being ironical. I did visit your blog, but I couldn’t post there, due blocking by the work censors. Twisty pities the fool who comes here to try to put her in her place. She is in her place.

    HTML tags are fun! Obviously I’m ready to write whole programs in HTML. ;)

  5. Pinko Punko

    WHat is the deal with people posting all sorts of crazy stuff on the internets and then getting mad when people comment on it or see it? Some casually homophobic Conservo Munch craps on people all the live long day, then, after he posts a picture of his groom’s cake from his wedding that has a HANDGUN on it and people make fun of it, Conservo Munch’s defenders claim that trolls were pissing all over his wedding. COME ON! It’s a delicious chocolate gun cake. Nothing is more phallic than that, except a humongous penis on a building a la a Twisty classic post.

  6. DrSue

    It sounds like this kid was overwhelmed with guilt and wanted to be caught. The blog was a good vehicle for that.

  7. the patriarch

    I like you, Sylvanite. You’ve got spunk. Or possibly moxie. Although I would not go so far as to say you are a firecracker. Not yet, anyway.

  8. sunny in texas

    the thing about blogs is: you don’t have to tell anyone you freaking have one! only a priviledged FEW meatspace friends know i have one.

  9. Sharoni

    The thing about postsecret is, you send in a postcard so that your email cannot be traced, you get to tell your secret where no one will know it’s your secret (or care) and get it off your chest. While I haven’t anything that deep and dark in my psyche that I feel it needs to be an anonymous secret spread all over the net, it seems to me to be a good thing for some . . . why get upset?

    Hoping that Twisty’s sleeping peacefully through all this, dreaming of edible tacos . . .

  10. PerpetualBeginner

    Absolutely none of my meatspace friends know I have a blog. Even if one of them were to find it, they’d have to do a lot of work to figure out that it was me. I’m not particularly afraid of anyone I know finding my blog, but I do want to post as I wish without ever having to worry about what the people I know will think about it.

    Apparently, to some people this makes me a coward. I just think of it as prudent.

  11. Hattie

    Huh. Anyone’s welcome to look at my blog. Go ahead. Post, too, if you feel like it.

  12. sunny in texas

    i found that when i started my blog i gained a group of net friends that i ultimately feel closer to.
    did you find this occurring as well?

  13. mythago

    I don’t think it makes you a coward, but it does kinda make you naive if you think that your blog is unfindable.

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