Dec 28 2005

Author of Annoying Sports Theme: Icky Perv

Gary Glitter, convicted child porn enthusiast, pays $4000 to families of abused 11-year-old girls in Vietnam in exchange for dropped charges.

What a fucking knob.


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  1. Sharoni

    You will note that they put that headline under “Entertainment” ??? And if the families would forgive a crime that carried the death penalty for payment of $4,000, does imply what HIS life is worth? I think that’s too much money for him, and not enough for the children. How will the children be compensated? Does that money constitute a college fund so they can be educated later? Or does it pay for therapy, or simply for their fathers to get drunk and forget that they already sold their children to that scumbag to begin with?

    It looks like you’re feeling well, Twisty, we’re all glad.

  2. whyme63

    Oh, absolutely–the fact that he bought these people off should be taken into consideration during sentencing. As another example of what an utterly unrepentant, dangerous, and evil man he is.

    Did he pay the fees for the doctor who swore they hadn’t been raped, too?

  3. Sam

    I’ve been following this for a few weeks and have seen little mainstream media commentary on it, which is strange considering it’s got celebrity (kitschy, 70’s retro-celebrity at that), sex and violence.

    It reminds me of a famous Academy Award winning actor who hired a prostitute and kicked the living shit out of her so bad she suffered permanent injury and has gone through a lot of medical care to deal with the damage he did to her. Celebrity, sex, violence, and the media hounds didn’t spread the news far and wide so almost no one knows that Jack Nicholson settled for several thousand dollars (not enough for her medical bills) out of court for crimes less famous and wealthy men would be in jail for.

  4. flea

    The world just doesn’t give a shit about children. He was arrested in 1999 for possessing child pornography, permanently expelled from Cambodia in 2002, and now gets a slap on the wrist for raping little children. The utter lack of justice in the world is depressing.

  5. flea

    Dude, that was so weird. Your comment section scolded me for not commenting correctly, told me it refused to put it up for “improper div tag” or something, and accused me of altering my comments.php from the original comments.php. This frightened me because I didn’t know what it was talking about, so I clicked the “okay” button. It then posted my comment. Let’s see if it does it again.

  6. flea


  7. ae

    Under Vietnamese law, sex with a child under the age of 13 is considered rape. And sex w/ a child over the age of 13? God.Damn.

    I remember vividly being 11 and 12, just a total kid. I feel so sad and furious for those girls and the many that the authorities in a 5-country radius have not found. No starker evidence that we struggle under the stranglehold of a patriarchy than the horror that we (sic) have named “sex tourism.” Enough said.

    P.S. He should have had to pay a $4000 fine for that damn shirt.

  8. Twisty

    Yes, the bug in the comments code is on my last nerve, but I am powerless against it.

  9. Sylvanite

    Dear lord! Really? I hadn’t even heard about this. When did this happen?

  10. Sam

    In 1996.

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