Dec 30 2005

Pop-Up Windows, Missing Comments, a Taco, and Sentimental Goopings

Pinnacle of the taco de pollo maker's art: the Frontera Fundido with salsa doña.

A couple of remarks to our treasured contributors:

• Just a reminder that the pop-up window what pops up when you comment is a harmless bug. Yes, it’s irritating, and a relentless auspice of my flawed intellect, but it’s non-fatal, and will not prevent you leaving your insightful remarks right where they belong. Please ignore it until I can figure out how to get rid of it, or at least change it to read “Fuck The Patriarchy.” Which will undoubtedly take a while.

• Thanks (and I do mean thanks) to the kind attention of established bloggers and all-around good eggs BitchPhD, Amanda, Norbizness, Lauren, Chris, Ampersand, and the Feministing girls, I Blame The Patriarchy has skyrocketed in popularity, smashing all previous blogular patriarchy-blaming records. I’m up to like 8 page views a day! But with great success comes great responsibility. So I’m auditioning various blogbots that are supposed to keep the comments free of both spam and trolls who can’t spell “feminazi.” Currently the callow young bot is set to require moderation for comments that contain (a) more than two links, (b) certain spammy idioms, and (c) the word “gisher.” Until I get the kinks worked out, the system may inadvertently throw your innocent young comment in the pokey. Do not despair. I will free it as soon as I get back from my golf game, and then we’ll throw it a party. The goal, of course, is to avoid having to make everybody register, although this may prove to be a chump’s game.

• And now for the Sentimental Goopings. You guys make me proud to be a patriarchy-blamer. Yup, it’s true. You’re witty and gallant and you understand when I cain’t post fer barfin and you’re indulgent when I inadvertently misspell Czech Republic “Czechoslovakia” and you send me emails and hats and books and shower curtains with pictures of meat on’em. You’ve all helped take the sting out of what, let’s face it, has been a fairly grueling quarter here at the Twisty Bungalow. What more–besides cash–could a gentleman farmer and spinster aunt ask from a bunch of total strangers? Thank you all for an enlightening and entertaining and highly blogulent 2005.

• Oh, and I’ve mentioned it before, but a special shout-out goes to Chris Clarke, who, with no thought for his own safety, gave the Gift of Chocolate to a gal who never cared about chocolate before. Seriously. I’m not even kidding. Those Recchiuti chockies have changed my life. I’m a fawken demon for the things. Yall gotta try’em. I’m not even kidding.


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  1. ae

    Twisty, thank you for keeping us sane! I’m glad to be in NC where I feel I’m at least half-way along in the ever-growing line to make out w/ you.

    Looking forward to the pop-up box bearing your Very Special Message. Nice.

  2. ae

    P.S. I’m feeling really nostalgic for the Taco Blog! Sniffle.

  3. Liz

    Speaking of sky-rocketing popularity, I was a little surprised as I perused the usual year-end lists to see that “Twisty” didn’t make the top ten baby names for 2005. What the hell’s up with that? Wack breeders. I hereby pledge to name all the babies I give birth to in 2006 “Twisty.”

  4. Chris Clarke

    What Liz said. I plan to get a pet snake sometime, name it Twisty, and dub all its baby pink mice “the patriarchy.” Will send photos.

    Also, and more importantly, I finally, under the pretext of giving some to Becky for Xmas, got around to trying Recchiuti’s truffles, which sampling I had delayed out of a general disdain for yuppie butterfat candy. This was a foolish recalcitrance on my part. Eat some now.

  5. Sarah Z

    What is that celadon-green cream sauce on the taco pictured? I’m very confused and disturbed; I don’t want bad things to happen to tacos.

  6. Chris Clarke

    Fret not, dear Sarah Z.

  7. Sarah Z

    Chris, you are kind to care. It still seems a bit blue and liquid for avocados. Mabye the “chilitos of arbol” do that, or mabye my computer screen or eyes should be adjusted.

    (Also, google’s “translate a web page” option does nothing but change “sal al gusto” to “sal aluminium gusto”. I don’t recommend that option.)

  8. qp

    Hahaha! “Salt to taste,” more or less.

  9. nina

    You certainly have been in fine form lately, Twisty, what with the patriarchy in a box post, other assorted douchebags, and now Maxim bashing and a beautiful new taco to slobber over. Hope that means that you’re feeling fine as well.

  10. Jaundice James

    Can men hang here too? I actually blogrolled you a couple days ago. I’m glad I found this. You’re a trip. -JJ

  11. Nella

    Do you use Blogstats traffic counter or similar? A couple of my friends have found that this was responsible for popups on their blogs.

  12. Charles

    It seems the otherwise acclaimed Recchuiti people haven’t got around to opening any outlets here in the frozen Midwest, so I ordered a sampling for delivery. You and Chris Clarke should get commissions.

  13. Twisty

    Jaundice James, some of our most beloved contributors are men, and a few are even jaundiced. Welcome to the wonderful world of blaming. We look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Twisty

    I use SiteMeter. My popup is actually an errant error message embedded somewhere in the comments code. It has thus far defied my amateur efforts to smoke it out of its cave.

  15. Lauren

    Dropping by to say I heart Ms. Twisty. Have a better year in 2006. No more cancer! xxoo

  16. darkymac

    Fer chrissake Aunt Twisty, wothehell are you doing still writing with such genius and so regularly!
    Did they forget to tell you that obstreperal lobe explosions and their treatment are seriously debilitating?

    They told me about it, but there is that famous anagram Saturnalia/Australian so I kicked 2005 down the hill well enough to have only surfaced to greet 2006 on the third day.
    It looks pretty good from this side.

    Your new house meets Unpatriarchal Australian Health and Safety standards and is most accommodating with regard to unintentional nuanced commentatious html into the bargain.

    Happy New Year and so long, Investigator – for another while.

  17. bitchphd

    You know, re. cash, I highly recommend the Paypal donation box. I know, it feels so crass, but hey. Folks pay for magazines.

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