Jan 05 2006

Look Out, Art World!

View from the Shamrock station, Barton Springs Blvd.

Guess who got a Holga for Christmas.


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  1. AndiF

    I’d never heard of a holga before so of course I had to go find out what it was and in the process came across this page which has lots of what looks to be some very useful info and links.

  2. Sharoni

    What is a Holga? I’ve just got back myself from a bout of intense intestinal flu (only a patch on what Twisty gets to endure, I’m sure) so have been unable to comment. Not an acquaintance, even, T, but not a lurker, either, I wanted to say glad to hear the new chemo is working out better! hope you are able to eat as many tacos as your heart desires.

  3. manxome

    I bow down to the brilliance that is the person who gifted this to you. Damn, my heart rate increases just reading the word “Holga”. Have a blissful time with your new toy!

  4. manxome

    Holga is a cheap ($15) plastic medium format camera. It’s cheapness is its charm: light leaks, bad lenses, and did I mention light leaks? Its practically impossible to take a bad photo with one, as the art is what you find when you develop the film. For your perusal, Kalloosh takes awesome Holga shots.

  5. SneakySnu

    Thanks to the Twistites here for the Holga links!

    “The New Holga 600: Now you to can live your life like André Bréton’s Nadja.”

    The light is so funky! I love the otherworldly quality of it.

  6. Finn

    Maybe you can use it to take my picture if I come down for SXSW?


  7. Ancrene Wiseass

    Oooh! I want one, too!

  8. Summer

    Holga’s reduce me to grunts and low, guttaral noises.

    Glurk, glurk.

  9. Twisty

    SXSW? What’s that?

  10. Ms Kate

    A must for taking black and white pictures of folk artists in coffee houses with brick walls behind them … or train tracks … fire escapes?

  11. Summer

    Damnit. Obviously, I meant guttURAL.


  12. sunny in texas

    you forgot the chain link fences…

  13. sunny in texas

    now THAT looks like a cool toy! thank you for sharing!
    i really dig artsy stuff.

  14. sunny in texas

    south by southwest festival.


  15. Ms Kate

    and roof tops, lots of rooftops. Every Boston band of the punk era did rooftops.

  16. Rain

    I got one for Christmas too! The first batch of b/w photos
    are being developed as I type this….

  17. Sola

    Thanks for the link to Kalloosh’s work! Now I’m inspired (obsessed!) and have ordered a Holga.

  18. TP

    I love that kind of crazy off camera. I dropped my camera while I was caving and it’s been a bit Holga-ish ever since.

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