Jan 05 2006

New Zealand Zygote Lovers Try To Prove Stuff

Today’s totally bogus study comes from LifeNews.com, “an independent news agency” devoted to fetus worship. Here is a picture of the editor of LifeNews.com:

According to this creepy-ass knob, the study purports to conclude that abortion causes “severe depression for women.”

When in fact it only causes severe depression for misogynist godbag fucktards.

“Women in the study who had abortions and suffered from general anxiety disorder experienced irritability, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, a pounding or racing heart, or feelings of unreality.”

Well whaddya know! These are the exact symptoms I experience daily as a result of living in a barbaric culture where pregnancy is compulsory.


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  1. Elise

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Seriously, reading IBTP is like tonic for my oppressed soul: a space where things can be called out for what they really are. Plus, the last line of this post made me do a spit take with my morning cup of Earl Grey tea. Bonus.

  2. julia

    This is the kind of stuff that pisses me off. Let’s see, maybe unwanted pregnancies cause depression. Maybe?

  3. Sophie

    A first-time mother often experiences anxiety, fatigue, difficulty sleeping (like in 3am breastfeeding), a pounding or racing heart… I don’t know about feelings of unreality but feelings of living a very different reality from before the birth might be in order.
    Does that mean that giving birth should be avoided at all costs, Mr Fetus-lover ?

  4. Liz

    I’m applying for a grant to study the positive correlation between misogynist godbag fucktards and realy bad facial hair.

  5. Steph

    Fuck, I have had enough of these researchers! Maybe they tend to attract “subjects” who are looking for “answers” to their abortion dilemmas? Maybe their emotional problems have nothing to do with abortions?

    I know a lot of women who said abortion was no big deal and was what they wanted because they didn’t want (more) children.

    And I know a lot of mothers (me included) who sometimes have all the symptoms in this “study”. Mothering is hard work and the pay sucks.

    I’m guessing there is another force at work here which makes women feel crappy. Patriarchy perhaps? I think we should commission a study.

  6. Ms Kate

    Um, even if this were a valid study, it would be valid only if it compared pre- and post-abortion psychology in these women.

    In other words, did the women have the symptoms because they had an abortion? Or did they have the symptoms and (most wisely) decide that maybe, just maybe, they really shouldn’t take on the burdens of parenting?

    And what of women who had late abortions? Those I have known have been extremely bummed out about it, but so have the two women I know who had late-term miscarriages. I suspect a combination of hormones and disasterous loss of a wanted child conspire there.

    What passes for science in the wingnutosphere boggles the mind.

  7. Clare Michaud

    Maybe I’m just reading the quotation wrong (or maybe it’s just badly written) but did they only study women with anxiety disorder who had abortions? If so, than those symptoms aren’t strange – those are just the symptoms of anxiety. With anxiety disorder, you pretty much feel that way on any given day, especially one that involves someone sticking equipment into your vagina.

  8. firefalluk

    I’d just like to defend my home country by pointing out that nutcases like this are a true rarety there, and abortion is (so far) a completely-unremarkable right, despite what these dingbats are trying to stir up.

  9. manxome

    Sounds good. People that push crap like this defininitely cause feelings of unreality and irritability in me, therefore they should be banned from all human contact.

  10. Twisty

    Never fear, Firefalluk; nobody’s holding New Zealand personally responsible. As an American, I am painfully sensitive to unfair guilt-by-association. “Don’t lump me in with massacring nutjobs like our current government!” is my constant refrain.

  11. tisha

    Hust imagine how much MORE depressed these women have been, had they been forced to breed? fucktards.

  12. CafeSiren

    Here’s the key quote for me:

    “Some 42 percent of the women who had abortions had experienced major depression within the last four years. That’s almost double the rate of women who never became pregnant.”

    NOT, I might point out “double the rate of pregnant women who didn’t abort,” or “of all other women in the study.” Nope. The only thing this *might* prove is that women who don’t get pregnant are less likely to be depressed and/or anxious than women who do.

    New motherhood often also causes depression or anxiety, but I don’t see people calling for an end to that.

  13. Hattie

    God, I can remember having all those anxiety symptoms when I lived in small apartment with two kids and had no time to myself and no privacy. What cured me was getting a home and the kids growing up.

  14. CafeSiren

    And another fun quote (I really should stop: it’s like shooting fish in a barrel):

    “According to the study, women who have abortions were twice as likely to drink alcohol at dangerous levels and three times as likely to be addicted to illegal drugs.”

    1) Twice as likely as *who*? What’s being compared here?

    2) Which direction does the cause/effect ratio run? Might knowledge of one’s own drug addiction or alcoholism actually prompt a woman to have an abortion, especially if she used or drank for several months before she knew she was pregnant? Might she not decide to do so, if amnio showed severe and incipient birth defects due to substance abuse?

    Really, folks.

  15. Dianne

    Lifenews isn’t a research journal. The idiot editor isn’t a researcher and I’d be willing to bet that he’s never even looked at any actual, original peer reviewed research. He certainly didn’t quote any. If one looks at the original peer reviewed research literature, it shows that most women who have abortions feel relief afterwards and are no more likely (possibly less likely) to experience anxiety and depression than women who went on to bear unwanted children. The only exception is women for whom there is a social stigma attached to having an abortion: they tend to have a lot of guilt and anxiety after an abortion. Gee, who tries to increase the social stigma of abortion? Could it be people like the editor of LifeNews?

    As far as the list of symptoms that women who have had an abortion AND suffer from general anxiety disorder goes, it is a list of symptoms of GAD! Anyone who has GAD will suffer from fatigue, irritability, etc, whether they’ve had an abortion or not.

  16. Alex

    Did you catch that segment in the news the other day? Revolting. I don’t know any women who regret having an abortion; in fact, they’re all thankful for making the right decision for themselves.

    I wish they’d do a study on parents who later regret having children, and the negative impacts it has on their lives.

  17. Clare

    Obviously, I’m so pro-choice that these losers couldn’t convince me the sky is blue, but AGAIN I have to take issue with the writing. If you’re going to pretend to be a scientist and write psuedo scientific crap in an effort scare women into giving up control of their reproductive organs, at least do it well. Otherwise, I’m just going to have to make fun of your ass. To wit:

    “Some 42 percent of the women who had abortions had experienced major depression within the last four years. That’s almost double the rate of women who never became pregnant.”

    Were the women depressed before they had the abortions or in the four years after the abortions?

    Is the study of depressed women who have abortions? If not, write a proper sentence, people. If so, then the outcome is that depressed women who have abortions get depressed afterward. Damn. That is HOT stuff. I’m depressive. If I’m depressed and I take part in an activity, I am still depressed afterward. This is not news.

    Why are they talking about depression when they were talking about anxiety disorder? Two whole different things.

    So these women had a depression within FOUR YEARS of an abortion (but we don’t know if it was before or after the abortion). If it was before the abortion, we can pretty much rule out the abortion as a causative factor of the depression. If the depression was after the abortion – IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS. How could the study possibly keep the subjects isolated for that long so as to know that the abortion was the cause of the depression?

    I’m sorry I dragged that out, but I was having fun.

  18. Donna

    God that depresses me!

  19. BTDT

    Actually, I’ve had an abortion, and it did contribute to depression.

    But so would continuing an unwanted pregnancy, so I guess I was screwed in a whole lotta ways….

  20. binky

    I’ve never had an abortion, so I can’t say for sure, but those symptoms sound awfuly familiar to the ones I experienced upon becoming married to a patriarchal fucktard.

  21. Ms Kate

    Maybe this propensity for ethanol and illicity chemical oblivion also led to said unplanned pregancies to begin with? Mebbe? Perhaps those same habits are indicative of latent mental illness pre-pregnancy? Hmmm?

  22. annon- a- bitch

    My abortion was no more or less depressing than any other medical procedure, for me because I thought out my situation carfully, and made a sound, responsible decision. However, the woman next to me during the process, was a basket case. She was wheeled into the recovery room crying and screaming and begging God to forgive her for her mortal sin.

    Her Fat hillbilly husband and six mangy kids were all out front waitin for her in the pick up truck.

  23. LMYC

    GOD, this is fucking disgusting. Even if abortion causes depression, what the fuck does that prove? People get depressed when they put aging parents with Alzheimer’s in nursing homes, and when they have beloved pets euthanized.

    The facts of life are that sometimes doing the right thing still hurts. How fucking sheltered and stupid do you have to be to miss this?

  24. PerpetualBeginner

    The only problem with that, is that by admitting you regret having children you would be automatically considered an awful parent. Something very few people are willing to do in the land of random CPS (How they manage to miss so many kids who need them and land on so many who don’t is a mystery to me).

    I love my kids. I’m the best mom to them I can manage to be. But if I had to do it all over again, it would be a much longer debate over the whole reproduction thing.

  25. tigtog

    On the one hand, LifeNews has utterly misrepresented the conclusions of the study in question, which were merely that a correlation exists between abortion and depression in the sample group.

    On the other hand, the correlation presented is the result of datamining a longitudinal study where subjects were asked questions about their reproductive history and mental health history as totally separate areas of inquiry, so of course the power of any conclusions drawn from the correlations are limited, and merely a starting point for further investigation.

    On the gripping hand, Prof. Fergusson who headed up the study is a sly bugger totally enjoying his time in the limelight stirred up by suggesting his study supports the pro-life position when he knows full well it actually doesn’t.

    I blog on it here.

  26. Caro

    One word: confounds, as everyone else has pointed out already. On another random note, this might be interesting to some people:

    “Having failed to convince his colleagues in the General Assembly to ban gay and lesbian adoption by co-patroning Del. Black’s adoption bill last year, Del. Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) now proposes to ensure that child bearing is limited to women who are married.
    He’s introduced a bill, HB 187, that would prohibit doctors and other licensed health professionals from assisting unmarried women with becoming pregnant. This would preclude lesbian couples from becoming a family through artifical insemination, gay couples from becoming a family through surrogacy, unless the surrogate was married, and would even prevent a widow from being inseminated with her dead husband’s sperm or their embryos. ” Here’s the link to the full text: http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?061+ful+HB187
    It was originally posted on the ljforchoice and feminist LJ communities–I know it won’t pass, but I’m still boggled that it even got into the actual legislature…on a lighter note, please feel better Twisty. I love your blog and check it several times a day–keep on with the patriarchy-blaming :-)

  27. Twisty

    Exactly! Thank you.

  28. tisha

    what a sad state of affairs.

    . . . but I gotta say, I love your “anon-a-bitch” moniker and want to use it myself, dang . . . very clever!

  29. Tony Patti

    Great point, one I felt without articulating!

    The result the study hopes to promote is that them abortion-lovers don’t enjoy getting abortions as much as they pretend to. Abortion-lovers are hypocrites because they act like they just love killing babies and making Bay jeebus cry, but actually they get depressed afterward almost as if they too had immortal souls and had the slightest chance of avoiding the eternal fires of the bottomless pits of hell!

  30. Donna

    There’s no way a study undertaken to determine the emotional aftermath of abortion will have reliable results, given the stigma associated with it. Not just the procedure itself, which is condemned by a large portion of society, but also that it involves unplanned pregnancy and *gasp!* female sexual activity. I’ve had 2 abortions, which I mentioned on a previous thread and felt no guilt whatsoever. However, I have a strong feeling that if I were asked about it, even by a supposedly objective researcher, I’d feign some lingering regret, lest I be viewed as the heartless baby-killing slut that I am. I think other women react similarly in these surveys.

  31. mythago

    So if a study showed that women suffered no long-term ill effects from abortion, anyone think the deceitful godbags would notice it?

  32. Dianne

    Nope. There was an excellent study published last year (Schmiege and Russo, BMJ) showing just that. Somehow LifeNews seems to have missed it.

  33. Ms Kate

    And look at all the pricks in the Bush admin and Repugnant Party – oozing gallons of pseudocompassion over Terri Schaivo … while letting working conditions in an oft-fined mine go for so long that twelve miners (probably thirteen) died of dehydration and oxygen deprivation over the New Year. Way to be pro life folks!

  34. Burrow

    misogynist godbag fucktards
    That’s my new insult. Fuck the being stuck in the 4th grade (my insult of choice:jerkfacehead.

    also, you and I seem to be experiencing the same symptoms, and I didn’t blame my induced miscarriages on it either. I too blame this barbaric culture. How strange.

  35. Ms Kate

    Interesting enough, but I have to take issue with the long-lingering and really-should-die implication that “bad mothering” is at fault in the majority of societal ills, and not “bad” testosterone misdirected by external manifestations of poverty.

  36. Michelle

    I had two abortions. I’m fine. Blanket statements about womens’ mental health really chap my ass.

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