Jan 06 2006

Italian Atheist to Deluded Godbag: “Faith, Schmaith”

DruBlood has conveniently linked to, and waxes pottymouthed over, this exquisite news item describing a case in an Italian court in which a godbag has to prove that Jesus existed.

How great is this: Father Righi, Roman Catholic priest, denounces Luigi Cascioli, militant atheist, for suggesting in a published work that El Cristo is a bogus myth and never existed. Luigi Cascioli retaliates with a suit against Fr. Righi for “abusing popular credulity.”

“Abusing popular credulity,” which seems to be a synonym for “promoting the most destructive ideology in the history of human thought on the basis of a bullshit hypothesis,” is against the law in Italy.

Signor Cascioli’s contention — echoed in numerous atheist books and internet sites — is that there was no reliable evidence that Jesus lived and died in 1st-century Palestine apart from the Gospel accounts, which Christians took on faith. There is therefore no basis for Christianity, he claims.

It would be even better if the godbag had to prove what so many Americans believe– that Jesus is the honky heir to a deity’s fortune who recently switched to the Republican party and orders George Bush to kill the poor. But it’s still pretty good.


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  1. Finn

    “promoting the most destructive ideology in the history of human thought on the basis of a bullshit hypothesis”

    YES!! Let’s take back the word TRUTH! Jeez, we spent how many decades establishing the scientific method and the logical rule of law?!

    (end rant)


  2. Ms Kate

    This is going to get interesting. Interesting, like when the cigarette companies faced asbestos lawsuits from workers who they gave several packs of cigs a week.

    The “defense” will have to trot out the Jesus Seminar, a study group of theologians devoted to “just who was this Jesus guy anyway”. They are the ones that have been digging around and questioning the historical evidence of the beginnings of Christianity.

    They are also reviled by the Bible Believin’ Christians as heretics because they dare say that modern Bibles and theology have been heavily edited to install and maintain a Patriarchy that is vastly beyond Original Intent. Put simply, they have the good that Jesus existed, but also some strong evidence that he never said he was The Big Man.

    I personally believe that there is evidence that Jesus or somebody like him wandered around for a few years riling up the po folk and pissing off the rich until the Romans took him seriously enough to get cross. My husband teaches in a Catholic school where there are two statues in each room: one of the goddess surrogate, and one of her rabble rousing kick ass social activist son, who is nailed to the cross so that the inmates don’t go getting any ideas.

  3. Mrs. Coulter

    I’ve commented on this elsewhere, but there is a serious fallacy in this whole debate.

    The exist of an historical man named Jesus does nothing to prove the divinity of that man. And in fact I find it quite possible that a Jewish teacher named Jesus, Joshua, Yeshua whatever, walked Roman Palestine in the 1st cen CE, attracted the attention of Roman authorities, and got himself executed. NONE OF THIS, however, provides any evidence that any of the mystical aspects of the Gospels are true. Christian fundamentalists don’t accept historical evidence that Mohammed or Joseph Smith actually were living human beings as evidence that the Koran or the Book of Mormon are literally true or even the slightest bit divine. So why is evidence of an historical Jesus any better? That’s the real question. (HINT: It’s not.)

  4. Liz

    It’s people like this Father Righi guy who make the historical man named Baby Jesus want to get down on his knees and drink gin straight out of the cat’s bowl.

  5. Ms Kate

    Put simply, they have the goods that Jesus probably existed, but also some strong evidence that he never said he was The Big Man.
    Sorry if the above post was too long winded for you to catch this.

  6. katrina

    Not to mention the possible matriarchal revolution he may have begun inciting. What patriarchal oligarchy worth its salt puts up with that? Especially without female surgical enhancement technology at its disposal?

  7. Mark Early

    Lies make the baby Jesus cry.

    Dying made Ole’ Dirty Big Baby Jesus stop crying.

  8. thebewilderness

    In book after book in the bible of war, pestillance(sic)opression, and destruction, this one guy stands up and says fuck the patriarchy. Two thousand years of his followers trying to be the patriarchy. Whatever way this turns out there is no way we are not fucked.

  9. Mrs. Coulter

    Ms. Kate: you are absolutely correct. You aren’t the one committing the fallacy. The fallacy is committed by both those who seek “prove” Christianity by finding historical/archaelogical evidence about the “real” Jesus, and by those who try to argue against Christianity by saying Jesus didn’t exist (as apparently this particular atheist is).

  10. Thalia

    You give the cat gin?


  11. Ms Kate

    You’re a Pastafarian then?

  12. Christopher

    Actually, as far as I can remember, Joe Smith and his goofy-ass story about magic plates and an Angel named Moroni is better attested then Christ’s. I think he had like a dozen people who swore affidavits that they saw the plates, and Christ had, what, four?

    Actually, while I think mormonism is incredibly stupid, I can’t help but admire them for actually attempting to address the theological problems raised by the existence of Native Americans, rather then adopting the protestant and catholic strategies of killing and marginalizing them to the point where they could be safely ignored

  1. Pharyngula

    Casciola vs. Righi

    I know this court case in Italy between Casciola and Righi ought to be of interest to me, but I see those names and what comes to mind is that there are many kinds of Italian pasta I haven't tried. Casciola, the atheist, is suing Righi, the Cathol…

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