Jan 10 2006

Alito, The Roe Bandito

Guess who said it:

“I am particularly proud of my contributions in recent cases in which the government has argued in the Supreme Court … that the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.”

You’re right! It was chumpwad misogynist Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito!

OK, guess who said this:

“Sam’s got the intellect necessary to bring a lot of class to that court.”

Right again! Imbecilic godbag mass-murderer George W Bush! Ever notice that only louts and criminals use the word “class” to mean “style” or “taste”?

According to a WaPo poll, a majority of Americans inexplicably believe that Alito isn’t gonna vote to kill Roe. But you and I both know that if there’s one classy fella who’s positively frothing at the mouth in anticipation of his imminent opportunity to plaster up that pesky chink in the honky male sovereignty over the country’s dames, skirts, and babes, it’s this Alito mug.


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  1. Will

    It amazes me that people do not think he is a clear vote against Roe. He will be an activist judge searching for ways to destroy Roe.

    Most scary for me is that he is in full favor of anything and everything the police and/or executive branch does.

  2. kcb

    Did Bush also refer to the Senate chamber as ‘swank’? You’re right– the misuse of ‘class’ makes him sound like a small-time hood.

  3. wheelomatic

    RE Will’s comment:
    The Bush method so far has been to call something what it ain’t so many times and so loudly that somehow enough folks believe it. Not surprised this Alito thing is any different.


  4. Candice

    For all of you who read this and are enraged by the fact that if Alito is not FILIBUSTERED we have the potential to lose a multitude of civil rights we currently have — you MUST CALL YOUR SENATOR today and everyday until Alito’s nomination is defeated! You can access your senator through the senate switchboard 202-224-3121 and/or at http://www.senate.gov. Also if you have additional time to fight for your rights, call the Senate Judiciary Committee Members: http://judiciary.senate.gov/

  5. Hattie

    As in “classy broad.”

  6. Rene

    I listened to as much of the hearings as I could stand this morning (I had to turn it off before that Grassley fuck came on; I’m obviously a masochist, but even I have my limits). Like Roberts, he’s smart enough to come off as congenial while still being perfectly evasive, and he’s not dumb enough to allow himself to be trapped by the righteous, but sadly circuitous and faltering, arguments of the obviously pickle-brained Ted Kennedy.

    I don’t understand what the point is, really, unless it’s to allow the Senate judiciary committee a forum in which its members can pretend to be defending the interests of their constituents. It’s quite obvious that all the parties involved have already decided how they’re going to vote. Orrin Hatch opted to spend his allotted time performing verbal fellatio, asking questions such as, “Is it not true that many of your colleagues believe that you have a lot of INTEGRITY? Did they not use the word “INTEGRITY” at least 20 times in their letters of recommendation? And are you not a poor, scrappy immigrant-spawn regular-joe whose cock we should all suck with gratitude and deference because you, you Springsteen-loving, ROTC-defending straight-shooting son-of-a-gun, prove by dint of your Horatio Algerish life story that niggers should just shut their melon-holes right now?”

    Sigh. But thanks for fixing the comments page, Twisty. I realize that it didn’t seem to be a burden for anyone but me, but you, like O’Connor and pace Alito, obviously believe that even if a system burdens a tiny minority, it’s time to fix the system.


  7. squareknitter

    I believe that Bush’s comment puts the “ass” in “class,” as it were.

    By the way, Twisty, I am currently seeing your blog in Mozilla (not crappy IE) for the first time, and that Taco is bee-you-tiful! I must switch me over to some Firefox sweetness.

  8. Darth Latte

    OMG! Anti-Alito Apparel!?

    Does anyone know anything about the people behind the “Bork Alito” t-shirts? I saw a kid at Tully’s wearing one of them, but he couldn’t tell me where he got it, I mean, he didn’t even know what it meant! He said his boss bought one for everyone on the floor, on the condition they wear it out sometime during the week, but he didn’t know why. I think this would be so effective in at least raising public awareness of the Bork-Alito connection, and time’s running out! I know you can order the shirts at Goodstorm.com, but if anyone is affiliated with the group (Left Ink, I think?), please email me at Darth_Latte@yahoo.com. Cheers!

  9. Finn

    The more I think on it, the more I actually hope Roe does get overturned.

    For one thing, I am becoming convinced that Bush&Co. do not actually want it overturned because it’s more valuable to them as an election wedge issue than an actual accomplishment. I’d like nothing more than to take that wedge issue away from them.

    With Roe being a court decision, rather than, say, an actual piece of legislation or an amendment, it is the perfect clean-hands foil (Darn those activist judges!). And, it is the perfect way to keep the religious voters chained to the Republican bandwagon into infinity. The Republicans have known all along that they can’t win a majority with just economic conservatives or just religious conservatives. They need each faction in that coalition or it falls apart. We could win by losing on this one… give them Roe, for now.


    If Roe actually WERE overturned, we might have to have a real discussion about the moral principles of individual choice. Maybe I’m an idealist, but I happen to believe that the majority of Americans are in favor of a woman’s right to choose. I, for one, would welcome a national debate on the subject, replete with the requisite rules for debate and discourse. (Maybe then we would be rid of otherwise inexplicable candidacies of people like Alan Keyes.) I don’t think the religious right really wants to have that conversation. Grandma does not really want to know about the sex lives of her grandkids, but she may find out if they keep it up.

    I also believe that the religious right is prone to delusion. (They ARE big on believing things…) They have deluded themselves into thinking that overturning Roe would abolish abortion. It wouldn’t. It would simply wake the sleeping giant of moderately religious and secular America, aka The Vast Majority. This sleeping giant could ultimately become so enraged and the backlash could be so great as to actually do irreparable damage to religion in this country. To that end, I truly hope Roe is overturned.


  10. Lisa

    I agree with Ruth Bader-Ginsburg in that the justices’ reasoning in deciding Roe was flawed, even though they came to the correct conclusion. They based their decision in a woman’s right to choose, in conjunction with her doctor’s opinion. The decision should have been based on woman’s right to determine the course of her own life, without having to consult with a doctor, god or anyone. It’s that medical loophole that gives an in to all the loopy godbags.

  11. Eliza

    Specter did all he could today to get Alito to say the magic words: Roe is “settled law.” They even got that out of John Roberts, but alas, he did not get it from Alito. He left that door wide open, which is as close to honest as Alito’s been during the hearings. Even in trying to get a spot on SCOTUS, he talks like a corporate lawyer in a lawsuit. His defending some of his indefensible decisions was very creepy to watch. I have a really bad feeling about this, regardless of whether Roe is overturned — and I acknowledge the comments in favor of this, though I’m not sure I agree. There’s just so much at stake with this guy.

  12. John M. Burt

    No, we do NOT want Roe v. Wade to be rescinded! I’m sick and tired of losing election,s losing rights, losing my fucking country!

  13. Sharoni

    Alito (as an appeals court judge) has ALREADY (in diseents to the decisions of obviously wiser heads) advocated strip searching children, limiting the rights of workers to sick leave AND/OR due process, AND racial bias – WHY do I think that the people examining him for confirmation should be looking at his RECORD instead of asking him what he WILL DO in the future (which future is always uncertain). Twisty, tell me it ain’t so … tell me we don’t have to have this honky, sneaky, godbag of an asshole on the supreme court bench ?

  14. Jill


    It seems that you haven’t thought about this thoroughly enough. If Roe is overturned, sure, it will take away an important wedge issue from the Republicans — but it’ll so do on the backs on women. Low-income women will be particularly hurt. Have no doubts, women will be maimed and killed. Women will lose personal autonomy, and will not be able to accomplish nearly as much as we’re able to now (just imagine if you were faced with a potential compulsory pregnancy every time you had sex). I’m sorry, but winning elections and sticking it to the religious right is not worth sacrificing women’s basic human rights, our freedoms, our bodies and our lives.

  15. Kate

    I highly disagree with the theory that Alito will at once tromp all over Roe v. Wade in some publicly known forum. Alito’s nomination is a far more important nomination in the Rightsag’s attempt to turn this country into a theocratic fascist state. His reining quality is his total complicity to governmental authority at whatever cost to citizens. Alito wants power, he wants to sit on the bench and rule with the other boys and he’ll get his big chance. HE’s been grooming for this for a long time.

    His support of the “Unity” theory in government trumps fears of Roe v. Wade being overturned quickly. The right knows well that the public overwhelming supports a women’s right to choose. They also know that the general public has a weak if not non-existent understanding of the danger of this “Unity” theory which in a nutshell is the idea that the executive branch should be allowed exclusive control over all regulatory agencies that were developed under FDR’s New Deal programs. THe right hasn’t been able to think straight since FDR brought in all that New Deal idealism. They can’t wait to have the ability to scrap without oversight each and every agency that grew from FDR and then Johnson’s War on Poverty. Their interest is in maximizing profit and power. Roe v. Wade is but one little tiny peice of such a larger goal.

    And Alito is just a little peice of a larger onslaught.

    First they develoepd the ever successful Terro-Meter which is ratcheted back and forth on whim to justify illegal wire – tapping and warrantless searches. How convenient a war? Don’t expect this one to end or to not see another need to save us from mass destruction by the unknown, unseen infidels, who although they live in a backward, semi-starved region of the world, have unlimited means to come here, spy on us from afar and perform grand acts of “terrorism”.

    I think that Alito will oversee in concert with others of his ilk on the bench , the gradual dismantling of public agencies that are in place to oversee public health and welfare, human rights, etc. Not that they are all that effective now since Reagan started his de-funding attack on them 20 years ago, but with the “Unity” theory put in place, those pesky arguments over funding them, or the need to act on their claims won’t exist.

    Don’t speak up! The infidels are watching and you just might cause us to lose the war! How unpatriotic of you to speak out against the all-powerful White House and Executor in Cheif! Ok, says ma and pa, its ok to wiretap them, its ok to search their house and throw them in jail, its ok to harrass them endlessly, to follow them, record and catalog their every move for future use. The government will decide who’s right and who’s wrong for us.

    All the while, corporations will amass more money as regulations are relaxed further and further and more money will be funnelled to put in place the patriarchal theocracy that Christianity preaches up and down. Law and order and put good men back in place where they belong when the White House and God of Wrath are one.

    Yes, poor women will be most effected when Roe v. Wade is finally silently overturned on some distant technical case that doesn’t seem to make a lick of sense to the general public. Roe v. Wade is important in that the theocracy depends upon the dominance of the male and as such needs to constantly suppress the other half of the human race that challenges their primacy. Women are useful having babies and making dinner in the name of the state. Roe v. Wade obviously gets in the way of all that, but they’ve got bigger fish to fry before getting to that.

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