Jan 15 2006

Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Oh yeah. That’s Hasselhoff.

I was contentedly ripping off some code from Lauren when I happened to notice that she’d linked to what is perhaps the greatest music video of all time. If you have not already seen this at Feministe (via The Republic of T.), please. I beg of you. See it now. In delay, as the poet said, there lies no plenty.


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  1. Ms Kate


  2. manxome

    This must be why my ancestors left Germany.

  3. CafeSiren

    Oh. Dear. God.

  4. PerpetualBeginner

    The video is way weird – but doesn’t he look so much better in clothes?

  5. Princess of Cybermob

    Hilarity has reached new heights! roflmao!

  6. Liz

    Oh yeah! White People At Their Best!

  7. MamaPajama

    There’s three minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Thanks a lot.

  8. Nebris

    Dear Tia Twista, I am so happy you’re out of DFW. And here’s a homecoming present. Just make sure you have no beverage in your mouth when you open it. And now…‘Fulla’, the Islamic Barbie

  9. norbizness

    Only one thing to do: master time-travel to kill Blue Swede (popularizer of Ooga-Chaka), B.J. Thomas (original songwriter), and at least three of Hasselhoff’s grandparents before they reach puberty. I guess that’s five things; four if I’m lucky.

  10. MzNicky

    What’s really sad is, I remember when this song was originally a hit for one B.J. Thomas, circa 1969. Not a good year, all in all.

  11. Hattie

    There were some great videos by Heino available once online, but I can’t find them any more. “Carnival in Rio” was great.

  12. Luckynkl

    I think Hasselhoff, and most dudes in general, should hang a hat on the mirror and date themselves. I don’t think anyone could love them as much as they love themselves.

  13. Liz

    Oh but the Manolo will always love the Hasselhoff!

  14. peacebug

    wow … some amazing and disturbing images in this clip.
    I think music videos should carry the same disclaimers required of political ads, to wit: “I’m david hasselhoff, and I approved this video.”

  15. Hasselhoff anhänger

    Ich liebe David Hasselhoff. Er ist ein Gott! Und er kann fahren Snowboard. Rad!

  16. tigtog

    Here in Oz he is known as “The Hoff”, because we celebrate all things dorky.

    See a simulataneously startled and smug Hoff here.

  17. Kim

    You know, I sat thru the whole thing, with a “feeling,” if you will, that there would be some extra special treat at the end. There was. I nearly shrieked with glee when he put that big fish in his mouth!

  18. kcb

    My eyes! My ears! My god!

  19. tisha

    I don’t get it.

  20. CJ

    I think I threw up a little.

  21. Pat from Sweden

    Sorry for butting in, but seeing this again made my day. This video was pretty high up on the list of the “100 funniest moments in the history of television” – a Swedish TV-show from a couple of years back. It really has it all. What really bothers me though, is that I can’t get the image of that creepy alien type thing with the huge eyes out of my head… What IS that?? Anyway, I love your blog by the way!

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