Jan 17 2006


Young Stingray may be looking askance at her weirdly eggless tacos, but you cannot shake a stick at Kerbey Lane’s pancakes. This plate comes with bacon, which I consumed before remembering to take the picture, even though on this occasion it resembled the greasy fingers of death.

In the far background you can just make out one of those South Austin Elders, an abundant species. The males all have showy white beards and ponytails and jaunty chapeaux, and the females have one salt-and-pepper braid and small wire glasses. Both wear leather sandals of ethnic origin.


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  1. curiousgyrl

    I made the kerby lane mistake again this trip–I always go thinking “diner food! something for everyone!” order whatever is the most delicious-looking thing on the menu, realized I have fallen for the over-ambitious menu, and wind up dissapointed. Do not under any circumstances order the squash taquitos. Seriously. Eww.

  2. jennifer

    I swear I’ve seen this picture before…

  3. Tony Patti

    If that Sting Ray remembers who I am, tell her I said hi. She is one of the coolest people I ever met. She is so cool that you can’t help feeling awkward and stupid whenever she’s around, unless you start talking to her, and then everything’s OK.

    Some people have that gift…

  4. Erica

    Mmm, Kerbey Lane pancakes, how I miss them so.

  5. twinkle

    Of all the things I miss about Austin, and there are many, I think breakfast at Kerbey Lane just might be the thing I miss most (well, at least in the top 5).

  6. Twisty

    Let me assure you, Twinkle, that the waits are still long, the coffee is still burnt, the servers are still stoned, and the food is still second-rate.

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