Jan 17 2006


Chicken curry with cashews and jasmine rice

I finally hitched up the iPod to the Twisty Dining Hall speakers. My absorption of this excellent and fairly piquant chicken was aided by Bob Wills going “aw haw” in that weird falsetto.

I was intrigued in particular by a Bob Wills song called “Bottle Baby Boogie” (1953). In this number, the narrator is pissed that he has to provide basic care for his own child. He is not sympathetic to “walking the floor” with the kid, and dislikes getting stuck with safety pins while his wife just sits and looks and grins. In his view, his misery is entirely the result of bottle feeding. So he tells his wife, and he don’t mean maybe, the next kid won’t be a bottle baby.

He wants his wife to be a stay-at-home udder, I guess.


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  1. CafeSiren

    As the weather cools (as much as it does in our nation’s southern latitudes), I checked out from the local library a cookbook called “A Beautiful Bowl of Soup.” Unlike most cookbooks, I want to try every damn one of these recipes, to the point where I am actually considering buying the damn book. Last night I made a puree style soup that involved yams, apples, and curry, and was garnished with chopped pecans and pomegranate seeds. Mmmmm…..

  2. Liz

    Yeah, that’s Bob in the background doing the falsetto thang on the “Hawww!” but the main vocals on Bottle Baby Boogie belong to his much more talented though less well know younger brother, Billy Jack Wills. To make a long story short, control-freak Bob screwed the hell out of poor Billy Jack and totally wrecked his musical career. He died penniless and forgotten in 1991.

    Forgive me, I could go on and on. I got the Big Love for Billy Jack, but for Bob: not so much.

    Back on topic, for more Great Hits of the Patriarchy, tune in to Bob Wills doing “Roly-poly, Daddy’s little fatty, bet he’s gonna be a man some day” wherein the hearty appetite of the male child is celebrated because “it takes lots of strength to run and play, Gonna be a big, big man some day.” Grown women, of course, are perpetually referred to in the genre as “little girls.”

  3. Mimi

    Stingray’s eggless tacos and your eggs and pancakes don’t look very good to me–got too old for mountains of wheat and grease! Dinner on the other hand, looks great. Please send the recipe….

    Thanks for the glimps of a typical South Austin species.

    Glad you can eat the day after infusion!

    I’d like to request more Bertie photos! (is he too grown up now to be called “Bertie”?)

  4. Nancy

    This site is great! I noticed the title on Flippy’s blogroll, and thought: that’s the best blog title I’ve ever seen. And sure enough, you are one heck of a patriarchy blamer!

  5. sunny in texas

    those who have not had any kids may not know this little tidbit so i will enlighten you: formulafed baby shit STINKS. BAD!

    but anyway, damned straight the song is patriarchal crap.

  6. joy

    so did Bob Wills get snipped?

  7. casper

    The dish looks great, but that cilantro has got to go!

  8. virgotex

    glad to see you’ve got an appetite after treatment. Personally, my favorite tossed off warbled Willsism is “take it away Leon….”

  9. Twisty

    Hey Sunny, you know there’s always the pump. My sister always deposits a supply in the fridge before she goes off honky-tonkin, leaving the husband to deposit it in the infant’s gaping maw as needed.

  10. sunny in texas

    i dunno. i prefer the idea that bob’s wife bottle fed on purpose. you know, since he couldn’t help her carry the kid to term, he could at least suffer through the odious/oderous task of diaper changing.

  11. Chris Clarke

    Ah, Virgotex, you speak my heart.

    If I had that cliched chance to eat dinner with ten historical figures of my choosing, I’d have Leon McAuliffe sitting right next to Emma Goldman.

  12. Kim

    Doesn’t that look good? And all I got to eat in my office right now are Advil, breath strips and cigarettes. I’m not looking at that picture anymore.

  13. Charles

    Wow, that chicken curry looks fantastic. I want me some now, even at 9:20 a.m.

  14. tisha

    Sometimes I suspect my ex-husband’s travel schedule (it went nuts right after our daughter was born) was a carefully crafted ruse to get him off diaper-changing duty.

    Sure, spending a lot of time in airports and on airplanes can get old; still, he had all the “me” time he wanted, while I was left holding the bag!

    Man, I love my daughter, but I wouldn’t go back to those days for anything.

  15. Steph

    Just feed the baby for fuck’s sake. Baby-care isn’t for the faint of heart and if you can’t take it, get snipped or keep it in your pants.

    I’m tired of hearing from whiney dads. My husband not only changed the diapers, he washed them too (we’re thrifty and used cloth). Most of our dad-friends thought we were nuts, but it wasn’t like he was washing them by hand. Dumping a bucket of diapers into the washer every second day is hardly difficult.

    So he was a saint to the other parents while I was a freakin’ milk machine who was just doing her motherly duties. Fucking patriarchy.

  16. Newbie

    Any chance of posting the recipe for that chicken? It looks soooo good.

    I normally lurk here and don’t comment (followed a the link from Bitch PhD’s blogroll) -but love the blog – love the twisty comments and the railing against the patricarchy. I teach Women’s Studies (but am not permanent staff so get screwed by the system) and it does my heart good to read you socking it to them!!

    Also co-parent 3 kids, and walking the floor and getting stuck with safety pins aint got nothing to do with the bottle. Ours were (one still is) breast feed and I still get to walk the floors at 4am in the morning!! I am with Steph, just get on with it and stop the whinning about how hard it is!

  17. Kate

    I breast-fed all three of my kids and I don’t think a bottle would have made my then-husband share any responsibilities any more than he did. It just would have locked me into more slavery. I made him change the diapers. Ironically, he agreed to stay at home after the first one so I could support his lazy ass. I did it so I could get the skills I needed to leave him. It was a hard road, but I’m glad I took it.

    Anyway, a women’s breast is made for feeding an infant, not for the pleasure of men. Men would have it different, having women mutilate themselves and kill their life-giving power with implants or strap their swollen, bulging breasts to “dry them up” or take a plethora of medicines — all so hubby can have them things to play with again asap.

    Bottle feeding was a construct of the patriarchy my friends, plain and simple. Shame women about their bodies and make them dependent on the capitalist system even further. Nope, I didn’t have to buy formula, bottles or any of that crap. Just whip out the tit. God that just drives men crazy. Women going and doing for themselves again!

  18. Charles

    Can I brag about my diaper changing abilities? No? Do you mean to say it should be expected that if the diaper needs changing (no matter whether the contents of said diaper derive from bottles, breasts or yummy organic oatmeal) that the nearest and/or least busy parent should just go change the damn thing? Wow, what a concept.

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