Jan 19 2006

‘Baccy-Chaw Expectoration Update

At last! I can pack up my patriarchy-blaming shingle. Gender equity among teen tobacco-spittin’ rednecks has been achieved. Now rural southern girls can enjoy the same disgusting cancers as the boys.


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  1. Ms Kate

    Ain’t anywun teechin these here yung’uns ’bout bein careful ’bout what dey put in der mouths there? Sheee-eeesh!

  2. JRoth

    Ack! This looks like a closeup from Alien! Yuck yuck yuck.

    I walked past a tobacco store yesterday and there was a big black truck outside – The American Smokeless Tobacco Company’s “Adults Only” Tour. I didn’t notice any posters that looked like this.

  3. laughingmuse

    As to the photo:



  4. Magdelenafg

    This is nothing new. I grew up in the plains states and know plenty of southerners. I’ve known women from both areas that use the stuff: old ladies addicted to snuff, teenage girls who tried it/dipped it/stole it from their dads. All that’s new here is that it sounds like the girls are more open about it and the media is talking about it. I can remember trying it with a bunch of girl cousins. I’m not sure how you can get out of childhood in that area without trying chew – girl or boy – but as usual we’re all supposed to believe that girls just don’t do that kind of thing. You know, because girls are too “nice” to do that kind of thing, or at least they were before the big bad world introduced them to Skoal. Anybody who doesn’t spot the trap in that kind of thinking hasn’t been paying attention.

  5. Jodie

    I’ve seen worse. If I had a nickel for each time one of my cancer patients says “I wish I had never smoked” or “I wish I could quit”, I’d be rich…I work in research oncology for a head and neck clinic. That picture is actually mild, and it doesn’t even begin to suggest all the extras, like smell, or what it looks like from the outside.

    And I’ve only worked there a year. I’ve finally started to get my head around it, I think.

    Tobacco company executives have a lot to answer for, IMHO.

  6. Summer

    At this late hour, I am too ill-equipped to deal with the seriousness of the issue at hand and so must instead note my initial glee at learning a new redneck phrase.

    ‘Baccy chaw?

    Love it.

    (And not just because it’s so close to chaw-baccy, that hairy Star Wars feller.)

  7. Sylvanite


    One of the nice things about being stationed in the Philly region is that most of my coworkers don’t chew. When I was an intern in Harrisburg, I had to listen to the other intern spitting into a cup all day. Blech!

  8. oudemia

    Egad. The only woman I ever saw chew tobacco was from Connecticut and went to Farmington (aka Miss Porter’s School for Girls).

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