Jan 20 2006

From The Ay-yi-yi Department


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  1. sunny in texas

    no problem with truth in advertising. got to at least have a little respect for that.
    i don’t respect the position she’s advertising for, though. but to each their own, i reckon.

  2. kactus

    Wow. Just wow. Actually I think this is pretty awesome–truth in advertising, indeed. At least she’s not holding out for love or something like that–go for that cash, girl!

  3. Chris Clarke

    Have you gotten any responses?

  4. Twisty

    Very funny.

    Actually, I was thinking about giving her a call. She sounds exactly like what I need around here, a good-looking unpaid laborer. Gee, I hope she’s not a smoker!

  5. kcb

    Yeah, a gal like that could free up Hombre and me to get a lot of other stuff done, but I wonder if she’s aware of something called a “bypass trust.” I’d hate for her to raise someone else’s kids for a decade or two and then find out they get all of papa’s filthy lucre.

  6. Steph

    Sounds like the start of a black widow-type serial killer movie.

    I suppose if call-girls advertise, why not this?

  7. Ms Kate

    Hmmm … doesn’t specify gender, just that she wants to be kept. Then again, I live in Massachusetts and two years of gay marriage has left me morally confused or some such.

    Still, she sure is willing to do a hell of a lot more than that woman on Wife Swap last week – geesh.

    At least this is a self-willed arrangement with negotiation of roles, demands, and benefits. That much is true.

  8. LCGillies

    What my mom often said: “you know, what I really need is a wife!”

  9. Burrow

    whar? no really, what?

    Ugh. People are strange

  10. Liz

    This is total bullshit, clearly some kind of hoax. A serious trophy wife would never volunteer to “cook and clean.” She wouldn’t even know how. Any man who can’t afford servants to do that stuff is just a waste of her precious time.

  11. Krisco

    Hey Liz, good point. A low-end trophy wife. Plus she should probably be more of a stunner.

    I did know women looking for that position when I was that age; they should have advertised.

  12. Nebris

    Liz nailed that one as far as I’m concerned. ‘Cook and Clean’? Ha!


  13. Twisty

    I disagree that an aspiring trophy wife would not know how to cook and clean. It is likelier that she hails from humbler circumstances if she is willing to sell herself into slavery for room and board. Women of leisure don’t advertise for husbands.

  14. tisha

    Twisty, I need some stats here. I’ve read that 95% of the world’s wealth is controlled by men, and XX% (??? need help here) of women and children in the world live in poverty, thus guaranteeing an endless parade of women desperate enough to sell their youth and sexuality for twenty bucks and a sandwich.

    The clever woman without means knows she can make more money during a 10 minute marriage ceremony to a member of the “top 5%” than she can busting her ass going through school and earning a living in just about ANY career. By making this bargain, she has perhaps a 50% chance of enjoying dignity in old age, which considering the alternatives, ain’t bad odds.

    Worldwide, unmarried women of her (sex) class generally suffer grinding poverty either throughout their lives, or at least when they are no longer “fuckable.” Even married women find themselves abandoned in old age and having to make unfortunate choices such as whether to buy medicine, heat, OR food with whatever coins they have left.

    I’ve been tempted to bargain my way into the chance of enjoying dignity in old age while I still have my youth and pulchritude as bargaining chips. Still, there’s that persistent voice in the back of my head that screams: RESIST!! RESIST!!! JOIN AN ARTISTS COLONY WITH YOUR SISTER AND ADOPT CATS!!!!!! This this persistent little voice in my head might just be courtesy of my spinster aunt, Twisty.

  15. Matthew

    I hereby declare that if this trophy is awarded to me, I will refuse to accept it.

  16. Twisty

    Tisha, I’m in no position to judge any woman who voluntarily turns whore in exchange for a shot at filthy lucre, since all roads to filthy lucre involve some species of unpleasantness, but I sincerely hope you’ll remember that the alternative doesn’t have to involve a bunch of cats.

  17. tisha

    But the cats were going to be the good part ;-) since I am an amateur Cat Lady already . . . .

  18. Donna

    What’s most horrifying is notion that some mindless bimbo (in pink, no doubt!) will respond thereby validating the egotistical asshole in question.

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