Jan 23 2006

Think Globally, Blame Locally

Here’s what the patriarchy-blaming world looked like over the past 6 hours. Clearly the Twisty dogma machine has put up an extremely poor showing Asia, and has failed entirely in South America, Africa, and, yes, Antarctica. A spinster aunt’s work is never done.

To the readers in Pakistan and Iran: Please, tell us what’s goin’ on over there. We really have no idea. We only know what Michael Moore tells us.


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  1. A Feminist Penguin

    Same old story in Antarctica: male penguins think they own the iceberg. Keep blaming, Twisty!

  2. CafeSiren

    Surely there’s a female blamer at one of those antarctic research bases. Either that, or we’ll have to recruit penguins.

  3. CafeSiren

    Sorry — I just realized my error: men can blame, too! Mea culpa!

    (This time the blame goes to lack of coffee)

  4. antelope

    What a cool feature!

    Any other Alaskan readers want to out themselves? Maybe we should start a club or something. There is no shortage of patriarchy blaming to be done up here.

  5. suezboo

    Excuuuuse me. I am a longtime blamer of some note; I just haven’t been on board in the last 6 hours because I was sleeping – we do that here in the hot hours.So, please chalk up a lone African blamer near the extreme South of the continent. I may be alone down here but I feel part of the worldwide Feminist Conspiracy. (Awww)

  6. Dim Undercellar

    Occasionally we get a hit from a couple places in Brazil, but they never comment so I don’t know if they’re Patriarchy-blamers or not.

    Also, we keep getting a once-daily hit from my old alma mater, which is driving me bonkers. “Who ARE you?” I want to ask in a big special post, “Do I KNOW you? Or is this some freak happenstance of the universe that I failed out of the same tiny college you’re visiting from? It’s keeping me up at night! Comment!”

  7. dwookus

    ok ok…..Imma lurker….just love this blog….throw a dart at the UK. (although I’m American) Just wish you had more time to spend on here….I could read your blogs all day.

  8. Hattie

    Yes! That little dot out there in the middle of the Pacific is me!

  9. Mimi

    I like this idea Twisty. How about another couple of “snapshots” at different times of the day and night. I like having an idea of where the kindred blamers are.

    I’m in Seattle….

  10. SneakySnu

    No Russian patriarchy blamers either? And is that dot on the eastern edge of southern Europe in Italy or Albania?

  11. deviousdiva

    SneakySnu wrote: “And is that dot on the eastern edge of southern Europe in Italy or Albania?” I am really hoping that’s me blaming from Greece!

  12. kactus

    dim undercellar, I keep getting Brazilion hits, too! And Guam! Why Guam? And seeing the name of your blog, I’m curious if you get wierd nasty google searches from guys who end up at your site instead of the xxx sites? I’m always bemused and a bit mystified by how many men out there are looking for “mama pussy”. Oy.

  13. tisha

    Kactus, here is a big navy base in Guam, I believe (?) Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of your international visiters were actually military women stationed overseas . . .

  14. Sylvanite

    I suppose people in Russia and Japan were still asleep.

  15. Hattie

    Guam? Isn’t it me, in Hawaii?

  16. Jenofiniquity

    Another patriarchy-blamer in Seattle here (I suspect we’re legion).

  17. tisha

    Hattie, I think Kactus was referring to her own blog ;-)

  18. Hattie

    Nope. I look her up, and she’s in Milwaukee. Besides, the dot looks like where Hawaii is,not Guam.

  19. CafeSiren

    OK, so I know the red dot is probably La Twisty herself — What are the green dots?

  20. aeonsomnia

    {wails} I can’t see my little dot in Tennessee because of all the other dots covering that area!{/wails}

  21. kathy a

    i like to think i’m part of a green dot on the left coast… but i dunno. what’s with the colored dots? and does a new look, a few hours later, look different?

  22. Violet Socks

    Why are some dots green and some white?

    Re Guam — there’s also a big Air Force base there,kactus. I used to live there.

  23. Sharon

    Hello and thank you for your blog.

  24. belledame222

    Aren’t the Great Old Ones in (or under) Antarctica? They seem the patriarchal sort. On the other hand, they, too, are very fond of their dinners. The fact that their dinners would be mainly us really shouldn’t be something we hold against them.

  25. Twisty

    I should have explained, but I was late for chemo: the red dot is the most recent visitor (it’s not me because the map is set to ingore my IP address; it’s some other lucky Texan, I guess!). The greens are the most recent 10. The whites are everybody else.

    Hattie: it is you in Hawaii.

    The white dot above Italy is Albania.

    Suezboo, I see you in South Africa on the current refresh.

    I feel like Miss Susie on Romper Room.

  26. Dim Undercellar


    Yes, actually. We get lots of (thankfully brief) hits from people doing some seriously nasty searches. Also, some seriously odd searches.

    Interestingly enough, I just now found out that we’re the 21st page on Dogpile when you search for “Women who hate men help”.

    I’m not sure what that says about BB and I.

  27. kactus

    thanks for all the Guam info–I truly should slap myself for not knowing that.

  28. Burrow

    How do you all know this

    (and I hope I’m getting recorded as a patriarchy blamer in NW Washington/Southwest BC)

  29. BitingBeaver

    LOL Twisty I LOVE that program! For those of you who don’t know, it tracks every single IP addy, where it originates, how long you stay at the site, the page you came in from, the search you used to find the site and where in the world you come from. Hell, it even tells us things like what browser you’re using, what resolution your monitor is at it’s like Big Brother or something *grin*

    Dim loves the world map that Twisty has so kindly put up here. I love watching the list of where people come from.

    We’ve had some of the strangest places come up too. Hell, the other day I had Afghanistan come up *grin*

    I don’t see me in this pic though, must be I wasn’t here that hour :(

  30. Twisty

    The nasty searches here are for teen sex slaves and something called Twisty Girls, which is porn, and Twisty Cats, which sounds like porn but is actually deformed cats. I am happy as a clam when those guys show up. It’s like they’re inadvertent patriarchy-blamers for the split second it takes them to realize their error. Which is at least one split second during the day when they aren’t oppressin’ some woman.

  31. Misha

    I’m one of the Alaskan readers. I agree with you, Antelope, we do need a support group. Great blog!

  32. Hattie

    Heh, heh. Ain’t we got fun?

  33. Rain

    Just woke up in Japan — I guess I haven’t been working hard enough in spreading the Twisty word, if I’m the only dot in this Far East(such a Eurocentric word) island country!

  34. Violet Socks

    BB and Dim and Twisty — where can I get this plugin? Or program? I’m wantin’ it bad.

    On my site I’ve been getting some serious hits for prostitution ever since I blogged about it. Christ, I should have known. Of course there are guys out there looking for prostitutes online. I would love to come up with some way to redirect them to a bogus call-girl center with a built-in patriarchy-blaming course. Sort of a click-through thing.

  35. KPhoebe

    Hi Twisty,

    As I sit here in my patriarchy-dominated staffroom in the patriarchy-loving nation of Japan, I feel great pleasure in being able to contribute the patriarchy-blaming case by reading your blog – even if I don’t comment, for fear of the “me too” disease.

    Thanks for everything.

  36. Sasha

    Twisty, I am so glad you are here. I have the misfortune to live in the metropolitan area that contains Your Nation’s Capitol and today found myself a few blocks from the National Mall (because I am employed in that very vicinity) surrounded by the godbags who want to control my uterus and … well maybe not yours. I had a desperate desire to grab a placard and beat one of them bloody. I tried mightily to be polite.

    From time to time, I muttered “I’m a murderer. Why aren’t you afraid that I will murder you?” under my breath. My good manners did not always ensure that this was a silent recitation.

    What a joy to know that can visit you virtually after this annual horror confident that I will find reason and rage placed exactly where it should be.

    Thank you.

  37. kat

    Seattle represent!

  38. Tia

    I’ve read (and loved) this blog for several months now without getting up the courage to leave a comment. I’m a college student in the Midwest, so there’s another dot explained!

  39. xiaolongnu

    Hattie, you’re not the only reader from Hawai’i. The question is, which island? Greetings to everybody from O’ahu.

  40. Aussie Liz

    Well that’s me in Melbourne Australia, but who’s blaming the patriarchy in the middle of the desert south of Alice Springs?! Is there a patriarcy blamer camping at the foot of Uluru?

  41. cc

    That sucks. i live all the way over in vietnam, and i dont’ come up! gipped!

  42. sunny in texas

    patriarchy blamer working hard, (or hardly working) in the oaklawn section of dallas, here.

    this round of chemo seems a little less harsh on your system. or am i clueless and you are really posting between visits to the porcelan throne? i hope for the former.

  43. nina

    Oh yeah, Seattle IS full of us! I think we will soon have the Patriarchy completely eradicated in the Jet City.

  44. AyMayZed

    Lurking here in WA – Western Australia, not Washingtown of course.

    It’s a good community this one. Very entertaining to scan all of your comments for a lunchtime read.
    Would be even betterer if Miss Susie could enable each of us to see when each other was around.

    But then it mayn’t be a blog, that stitched-together creature of the web and the net.

    For US readers, the public network equivalent of Romper Room is Playschool whence the littlies are invited in via the very patriarchal innuendo “Open wide, come inside, It’s Playschool”

  45. AyMayZed

    the Australian public network equivalent, I mean.
    Not being a writer, I am a mistake-prone communicator.
    Unlike the proprietor and many others around here.

  46. Barbara Brugger

    Blamin’ the patriarchly like a mad thing here in the Williamette Valley just south of Portland. Ghu alone knows what my IP shows up as, I leave all such arcane mattrs to the house geek.

  47. Neal

    OK, you have been officially ping’ed by Antarctica. I just want to say that I didn’t come here looking for XXX. If my IP shows up as a dot in Denver, it’s because they service our internet services.

  48. Neal

    You have been ping’ed from Antarctica.

  49. cdm

    I’m doing my best to hold down the SE Asia blaming from Singapore, but it’s a lot of territory to cover. It was much easier back when I lived in Austin.

  50. Jodie

    I have one of those dots just a squeak above Texas…

  51. jive

    hi from the UK – you’re read (and loved) every day :)
    (you’ve even got your own link on my firefox browser – pretty cool, huh?

  52. d.e.i.x.i.s.

    Boston, represent. Forever & always. Every time I leave the Greater Boston Area, bad things happen.

  53. Nia

    Yay! I’m the white dot in Southern Spain! Now, you, the dot in Northern Spain, hello! how are things in your side of the map?

  54. deviousdiva

    Hi again, so how come Greece doesn’t show up on the map? Is it only when you leave a comment? I am here everyday but there’s no dot. By the way, I come here because I like the blog. Keep on going on. I wil try and comment more (and not just to get on the map!)

  55. Helen

    Aussie Liz, I’m in Melbourne too. Perhaps that dot for Alice Springs is actually Club Troppo? (http://www.clubtroppo.com.au/) because perhaps that’s where the telephone exchange is, or something?

    Twisty, we are building a fan base for you in Melbourne. Can’t help much with Antarctica, but from what I hear of the group dynamics down there in that male geek-dominated milieu, it could do with some advanced patriarchy-blaming.

  56. tisha

    I’m bored at work, so all the NJ hits are probably mine!!!

  57. Lorenzo

    I’m here and in Toronto!

    But just read how far flung your readership is! It’s like a worldwide army of patriachy blamers!

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