Jan 24 2006

More Global Blaming

For those who didn’t see their own dots last time: the last 500 visitors to I Blame The Patriarchy as of 2:15 pm central time. I totally see you in Greece, deviousdiva.


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  1. Lauren

    Why are all the patriarchy blamers in America?

  2. Twisty

    I think the Europeans are asleep right now. Or something. There’s usually a buttload of Aussies, too. Where could they be? Maybe dingos ate’em, or that hole in the ozone layer fried’em.

  3. laughingmuse

    I hope we “represent!” in the Midwest out here…

  4. Chris Clarke

    I totally see you in Greece, deviousdiva.

    Oh, sure.

    Single out the gorgeous blamers.


  5. Jezebella

    I just found this blog and Twisty, I heart you! Just wanted to post and give a shout-out to my fellow Southern patriarchy-blamers. I am glad to see the South is well-represented on that map. Here in Mississippi, blaming the patriarchy is nearly a full-time job, and it’s good to know I’m not alone.

    Also, on a totally unrelated note, you’re making me homesick for Austin.

  6. Sharoni

    How did you get this demo? Are we connected by satellite that picks up our vibes and makes sure you can geographically pinpoint us? I’m curious. Or are you just extrapolating from where you think we are? I’m confused again. Of course, I’m often confused. Can we go back to the we would so make out with you part?

  7. Twisty

    I can tell just by sniffing my monitor that you’re in Littleton, CO. It’s positively creepy, isn’t it? Thank goodness I never use my power for ee-vil.

  8. deviousdiva

    Now I blush. Loud and blaming ( and gorgeous. Lookist indeed, Chris?) in Greece. I go to bed happy that I am a dot in the fabulous world that is “Blaming the Patriarchy” Kisses DD

  9. Niamh

    Hi Twisty,

    Yer awesome, etc. Any chance you will be making I Blame the Patriarchy Tshirts? If not can I get one made up? I feel like you own the phrase and I should ask permission. I want to meet fellow blamers, and annoy people who stare at my tits.
    Also, would it be OK if I ask fellow blamers in Dublin, Ireland, to contact me? We could start a club or something, or at least get together and rant once in a while. There’s no feminist society on Trinity College campus, depressingly. I’ve left my email addy unpublished, but if it is too monumentally cheeky to ask you to pass it on to anyone who sees this and wants it, which it may well be as I know you’ve got a lot on your plate at the minute, then I’ll get a more anonymous one for putting on this post. (I am paranoid of being findable on Google.)

  10. Twisty

    Niamh, I do not own the phrase “I blame the patrarchy.” I just own the blog. Please make all the Tshirts you want. I kind of don’t want to get involved in commerce, just on principle. If you want to start a patriarchy-blaming club in Dublin, you have my blessing. And sure, I’ll pass your address along, no problemo.

  11. deviousdiva

    Oh oohh I want ” I Blame the Patriarchy…Greece” Please. Ok I promise to comment more but I have no money BUT I would wear my IBTP (GREECE) t-shirt until it fell off. I would. Really.

  12. a fan

    I am just another of the silent, adoring Twisty fans quietly reading your bookmarked blog every day. Speaking of the patriarchy on a global scale, thought you might find this interesting: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060124/od_nm/korea_marriage_dc the headline is “Government Support for Mail-Order Brides”
    Have fun tearing it apart. ;)

  13. Yoshi

    Oh, happy day! I’ve finally made it through all the archives, and can now say that I am up-to-date on my Patriarchy Blaming and am now able to comment! I didn’t comment before because, hey, who wants to come late to the party? But I promise to try to comment more frequently so that I don’t freak you out by being a weird stalker/lurker.

    Anyway, Twisty, you’re the fucking hottest thing ever, and I would so make out with you. Thank you and every single one of your much-cooler-than-I commetors here. You guys are so smart and funny and thought-provoking. I heart you! And, hey, thanks for posting your songs. Right onto the iPod they go! Hooray!

    Oh, and if my SO gets into the Foreign Service, we’ll be posted all over the world, so who knows, maybe someday, rather than being a dot in stupid fuck town NJ, I’ll be a dot in Ulan Bator!

  14. Yvonne Craig

    I hope we “represent!” in the Midwest out here…

    Fuck, yeah, we do. WEST SIIDE! (of Chicago)

  15. Kerlyssa

    Wow, there’s another Mainah! And here I thought I was the only one. Or perhaps I am reading the map wrong- it is late and my eyes need a reboot.

  16. tigtog

    *waves from Sydney*

    I usually check in on you morning, noon and night Eastern Summer Time, Twisty. Even if you haven’t posted, there’s always delicious new snark in the comments.

  17. Jennifer

    I’m with you tigtog, I check in often and while Twisty is the blaming sovereign, I always enjoy the comments from fellow blamers. I would SO wear the tee-shirt and I would SO make out with you, Twisty (tee-shirts optional).

    I’m in Tennessee, but my patriarchy blaming tendencies spouted like a weed in the corn fields of Indiana. I give thanks every day that I’ve got Twisty and her amazing blog community to inspire me while I Blame the Patriarchy in trenches of the Midwest and the South! Plus, look at all those fellow dots clustered around me. It’s my dream come true!

  18. Twisty

    Your dream is to be enclustered by dots, too? Small world!

  19. Liza

    And another Maine blamer checking in. Nice to see some other “dots” in the vicinity.


  20. Twisty

    And here I was just about to ask “what the hell is a ‘Mainah’?”

  21. Kerlyssa

    It’s ‘Mainer’ rendered in the charming dialect our local McDonald’s use to sell lobsterburgers to summer people.

  22. magikmama

    with as many blamers as there seem to be here in the midwest, maybe we should put together a patriarchy-blaming convention?

    If enough people are interested, I would certainly volunteer my corporate-whoring-earned skills at organizing such things to put it together. (Plus, I know some people…)

  23. veet

    One of those white dots in australia is me! Whoopie. I, too have been indulging in the archives, bed-time reading with laughing out loud. Since I got broadband and started checking out femblogs over the past couple months, I feel an antidote to the clouds of despair covering the landscape. I’m not new to patriarchy-blaming, but you have liberated the phrase, raised us up a banner. Instead of feeling shrill and alone, I now feel loud and proud. And the past days when I really look back into the depths and magnitude of how my life has been shaped by the patriarchy, from first breath 56 years ago to collapse with chronic fatigue, I feel somehow as liberated by noting the bleeding obvious as in the early days of consciousness-raising. Your articulate, matter-of-factness, willingness to state the bald truth, and to do so with with such wit, has me visiting you first thing in the morning. All that and beautiful photos, inspiring menus, and a beautifully clean blog lay-out.
    You are a star, Twisty.

  24. Bunny

    i see my dot!!! I do I do! Or at least I’ve convinced myself I do…

    *points to a green dot somewhere in the pacific northwest in the locale of vancouver island*

  25. thebewilderness

    I’m sorry Bunny, I think that’s me here in Gig Harbor. Stay shrill and Blame away.

  26. thebewilderness

    Here’s the link for the cluster dot thingy.


  27. janimal

    I’m the other Alaskan, delurking and looking for sympathy after suffering a 3-day Twisty withdrawal. Through some one in a million mischance that was totally not my fault (I blame the cat) my computer was watered.
    Antelope has it right – there is no shortage of patriarchy blaming to be done up here.

  28. Gypsi

    …And yet another Alaskan, coming from North Pole, where we’ve been sitting at -45F for the last three days! Makes the Patriarchy blaming all that much more fun!

  29. Bunnie Waterthurst

    Hi Twisty! Lot’s of patriarchy blaming to be done here in India!

  30. Twisty

    Don’t I know it, Bunnie! I get the Newindpress, but I can’t hardly read it, it’s so full of horror.

  31. You have a Twisteradian in Churchill? (dot on Global map west coast of Hudson’s Bay)

    This is the restaurant link for the Churchill website. Walk here and you’ll be lunch.

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