Jan 27 2006

Profiles in Astonishing Ignorance

About four hundred sixty-seven of you have written to thunder against that foul-excrescence-masquerading-as-a-kid in Massachusetts who filed a civil rights complaint alleging that, because there are lots of girls on the honor roll, his school discriminates against—you guessed it—boys. Somebody apparently told this lazy little shit’s parents about that idiot “research” supposedly showing that boys are genetically incapable of sitting still for more than 2 minutes at a time, which is why all but 2% of them flunk out of school every year, creating that vast uneducated male underclass with which we are all so familiar. You know, the one that has resulted in the almost total lack of men in positions of power worldwide for the past 27 centuries.

Horribly, my grueling spinster auntly schedule will not permit me to dedicate myself to a properly vituperative essay ripping on this atonishing absurdity. Fortunately Amanda has summed up my views precisely in an essay that cannot be improved upon. Read it, if you haven’t already.

And if I read one more word about anybody’s sex life today I will probably die.


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  1. Amanda Marcotte

    Thanks, Twisty! And I won’t say a word about my sex life. At least for tonight.

  2. Violet Socks

    And here I’ve been readying a gigantic comment detailing my bedroom behavior, replete with a Marxist analysis and strongly-worded defense of same. Dammnit!

  3. mikez

    Gee, isn’t grading a kind of discrimination?

    As one of the 2%, I can say with confidence that this brat isn’t on the honor roll for the simple reason that he is dumb. And not to worry, I have no sex life, becasue I’m a ‘nice guy!’

  4. Chris Clarke

    And here I’ve been readying a gigantic comment detailing my bedroom behavior, replete with a Marxist analysis and strongly-worded defense of same. Damnit!

    Those who do not work, neither shall they eat!

  5. Lauren

    Neither shall they eat tacos!

  6. Ms Kate

    I think what these little shits need is more DISCIPLINE! (kerrrrWHACK)!

  7. CafeSiren

    If you want to know what’s unfair to boys (academically speaking), it’s that yahoos like this will result in vastly dumber boys and men. And considering that patriarchy will keep them in a lock on positions of power, the result, down the road, might be something even as extreme as having an intellectual fluffball/complete moron as presid — oh, wait. Nevermind.



  9. Nebris

    Grrrrrrr…After I read that I just wanted to shove a broomhandle..oops, no sex talk.


  10. Liza

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so glad that someone else is outraged by these absurd claims (but not, of course, surprised that it is you).


  11. kathy a

    “Anglin has several suggestions about how Milton High School can help boys — it could give credit for playing sports, allow students to take advanced courses pass/fail, and forgo the school’s community service requirement — but school officials say they are unlikely to adopt his ideas.”

    schools could certainly do better at teaching. but the bottom line here seems to be that this kid just figured out that 3 years of messing around means he isn’t going to the college of his choice.

    he likes sports — that’s cool, but it’s not academic. he didn’t do well in his advanced classes, just enough to pass — that means he is not as prepared for tougher college classes, and maybe he won’t feel like doing the work for those classes, either. the giveaway is his gripe about community service — usually, that means getting out and doing something, which the “experts” in the article suggest is the cure for boyish wiggliness.

    what’s the matter with his parents, helping him bring a lawsuit? some of the great lessons of becoming an adult are learning that one doesn’t always get what one wants, that certain choices have certain consequences, that it takes work to achieve goals.

    if he needed help to get the grades — tutoring, evaluation for ADD, basic organizational skills — they probably have the resources to provide help, since they can provide a lawsuit. he could still try those kinds of things. neither his college nor many workplaces are likely to think “i should get credit for what i want to do” meets their standards.

  12. Teenagecatgirl

    I read that kid was 17, no fucking wonder he’s shit at school if he can’t write a complaint by the age of fucking 17. But then I suppose it’s natural for men to rebel against literacy, aint it?

    No danger of a description of my sex life, my bedroom activities generally consist of sleeping with my mouth open, drooling on myself, and not even I want to think about that.

  13. AmyZawn

    If I ever, ever meet this kid, I will give him the thwacking he so obviously needs. “Ohh, ohh! It’s not fair! It’s easier for girls to sit still in class and behave! I should be allowed to run around like a chimpanzee on crack, flinging my feces everywhere, and not be punished for it! In fact, I should get bonus points for my masculine creativity!”

    I just loooove how the kid’s dad thinks all the male students grades should be raised retroactively. This raises the question, is the kid’s idiocy genetic, or is it due to the oxygen-and-common-sense-deprived environment he was raised in? Nature or nuture?

    I’d like to say that this kid will have a rude wake-up call when he gets to the real world, but with the kind of money mommy and daddy probably have, he’ll probably wind up “running” some blasted corporation or other. Maybe he’ll start a private school where girls are held to ridiculously high standards while boys are given As for acting like sexist jackasses.

  14. Donna

    If he wants credit for his sports crap, then it’s only fair that his female peers should get credit for the time they spend dieting and all other endeavors toward sexbottism.

  15. thebewilderness

    Kathy is describing the lessons that women learn in life.
    This young man is a perfect example of what men learn. If you complain long enough and loud enough, if you unquestioningly believe you are entitled to whatever you want, and blame others loud and long enough, you too can be a success in the patriarchy.

  16. CafeSiren

    “neither his college nor many workplaces are likely to think “i should get credit for what i want to do” meets their standards.”

    Actually, you may be wrong about this, at least in part: witness the many diploma mills that offer course credit for “life experience.”

  17. kathy a

    cafe siren — that’s a point. and, i’ve seen a few such entitled boys in real-life jobs, expecting that their innate coolness and myriad interests are enough to make up for work expectations, too. twice, in professional jobs, i was expected to train inexperienced and entitled boys who were hired for more than i was then making. another time, i supervised an entitled boy who caused a lot more trouble than he was worth. i could, of course, ramble on with more detail and more examples, but the topic makes me tired.

    life experiences, in my opinion, do count for something. volunteer and community service work, dealing with major family crises, even holding jobs where one is expected to work to certain standards — all that counts somewhere. mr. “community service requirements are unfair” has probably not earned *any* life credits in those categories.

    if someone has managed to accomplish verifiable and productive things in life without a college education — a few years of managing a challenging job, for example — i don’t have a problem with granting a few academic credits for that. “i signed up for soccer and baseball in high school” is not even in the same universe of “life experience.”

    and yeah — all this ranting is out the window if daddy has junior lined up to take over the family business, or if daddy can line up a cush job with one of his buddies.

  18. tigtog

    I blogged on poor little Dougie too. Apparently he hasn’t even been in the public school system all through, yet his dad is setting up as an advocate for the unfair treatment meted out to all boys because his son not only fucked up at private school and wouldn’t work when homeschooled, but still doesn’t work in the public school system. And someone from Milton with the exact same name as daddy dear ran for MA State Senate in 1988. Ramping up a public profile perhaps, Mr Anglin?

  19. kathy a

    ok, here is a more real story — half the kids at this high school did not finish.

    i suspect the problems are not related in the least to the “i should get credit for sports” meanderings of some entitled persons. seems unlikely that these kids are getting anywhere near the attention of mr. “i don’t like community service,” although they might actually have something to complain about.

  20. VK

    Of course, it makes perfect sense for boys to have difficulty functioning in schools. Schools were designed back in the old days, when schools were solely for women and men weren’t allowed to be educated. That’s where all theses crazy ideas of not being an ignorant shit and not getting credit for only doing what you feel like come from.

    Idiot! Education systems were designed with boys in mind, and were a hell of a lot stricter and less creative before women turned up! Maybe we should invent a time machine and send them to a nice victorian grammer school.

  21. sunny in texas

    i’d like to point out a little tidbit. the kind of crap that is being spouted as being true of boys in high school IS true.. of boys in the first couple of grades of ELEMENTARY school.
    my son had the activity level of his bipolar older sister. which was constant wiggling. however, my son, much like all of humanity at one time or another GREW OUT OF IT!

    even the bipolars calmed down with age and regular whacks on the posterior when they got out of line.

    oh yeah, and i homeschooled mine. i know exactly of what i speak when i say if you can’t get the boy to learn in that setting, then you have much bigger problems. if the kids do not respect the mother/teacher you can usually place the blame squarely on the misogynistic, disrespectful dealings of the patriarchal sperm donor.

    been there done that too.

  22. BritGirlSF

    This rather reminds me of the blowup at UC Berkeley a few years back when a bunch of whiny white guys started complaining about affirmative action and that they were not getting a fair shot at admittance, as “proven” by the fact that there are so many Asian students at UCB. Funny thing was, when someone actually ran the numbers what they found was that if afirmative action was removed the percentage of the student body that is Asian would actually go UP, not down. Why? Well, you see, if you want to get into college it kind of helps if you actually study and get good grades…didn’t stop the whining, though. That particular subspecies of whiny white guy will ALWAYS be convinced that the reason he’s not successful is that someone somewhere is conspiring against him rather than that he needs to get off his lazy ass and do some work.
    As far as the boy in MA is concerned – cry me a fucking river. If you’re a middle class white boy in MA you’re already in the luckiest, most privileged 5% or so of people in the planet. Quit the whining already.

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