Feb 04 2006

Out Of The Mouths Of Patriarchy-Blamers

Twisty’s Little-Known Fact Korner: a vomitorium is an exit in an amphitheater.

A month or two ago, as part of my tireless effort to increase the entertainment value of I Blame The Patriarchy, I exerted myself endlessly attempting to run a separate mini-blog in my sidebar that would feature a) pictures of worthy tacos and b) wacky selections from the comments. To my eternal chagrin, I strove in vain. I can blame a patriarchy, all right, but I can’t tuna fish.

C’est la guerre.

In any event, here’s the comment excerpt that would have made it into today’s mini-blog if such a mini-blog existed which it doesn’t since I am a clod.

“Sex as an end in and of itself is morally reprehensible. It is akin to vomitoriums.” [context]


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  1. Ms Kate

    Speaking of patriarchy naming, Betty Friedan died today.

  2. ehj2

    indeed. vomitory — one of the passageways of a Roman amphitheater leading from the outside wall to the foot of the banked seats.

    thanks Twisty for deeper understanding of a word i thought i knew.

    in looking it up, however, my eyes grazed this one in propinquity: vomica — the profuse expectoration of putrid matter …

    … giving rise almost instantly in my little masculine mind of the concatenated term “bushvomica,” or its related and more generic term “republivomica.”

    being the creative Twisty that you are, i am confident you will find many suitable uses for such a nice word. vomica. oooh.

    now i can’t even get it off my mind.

    query: what is the sound of republicans chanting?

    answer: vomica vomica vomica.

    sorry. i’m in a bit of a vile mood. and as always, “i blame the patri…”


  3. Kyra

    “Sex as an end in and of itself is morally reprehensible. It is akin to vomitoriums.”

    Huh. An interesting opinion which begs the obvious question:


    Give me ONE good reason why “sex as an end in and of itself” is morally reprehensible.

    Disease? No, we have ways to prevent and/or treat them, generally.
    Pregnancy? No, we have ways to prevent and/or treat that, as well.
    The Bible says so? I’m not Christian.
    The Qu’ran says so? I’m not Muslim.
    The Torah says so? I’m not Jewish.
    My religious text says so? No it doesn’t.
    Traditional values say so? I judge ideas on their merit, not on their sources. And this idea, lacking any sort of legitimate backup, sucks.
    It’s fun? It is fun. That’s an argument that it’s *not* morally reprehensible, not that it *is.*
    Rape? Yes. Rape is morally reprehensible. But it is also a means to an end (enabling the rapist to get off on power and his victim’s fear), and is therefore not “an end in and of itself.”
    It enables a woman or women to recieve pleasure without any burden or worries, and is therefore automatically morally reprehensible? I was wondering when the true reason would come out. This is sexism talking, which is itself a harmful and restrictive-to-others opinion which goes around with no legitimate reasoning backing it up. Those of us who are not sexist will happily continue engaging in consensual sex as we please, and you are more than welcome to shut up about it.

  4. green LA girl

    Well, the obvious Q to me here is: What is sex?

    Perhaps the commenter was a bulimic, who thought of vomitoriums as a guilty pleasure? Stretching here, but I say this as a former bulimic who hopes that we’ve come to the point where we can joke about these things.

  5. Adela

    Kyra, it is possible that the thought might be coming out of the “pleasure for the sake of pleasure is wrong” philosophy. Cause it is often denouced as an empty shallow and selfish goal when applied to various vices other than sex. Also in the patriarcy male, sex for the sake of sex for his pleasure is one of his traditional entiltlements. It is a fine line because if you replace sex in the line with drinking, smoking, drugs, an so forth would yor’re reaction to it be different? If so why?
    Just a counter observation.Since I’m not telapathic I can only guess at the train of thought. My own personal views are subject to much more complex variables.

  6. thebewilderness

    Someone deeply cruel in the World o crap comments linked this. Initially I recoiled in horror. Then I had to share it with Twisty. Then I thought she probably has seen it before and in her weakened condition seeing it again could set her back a bit. Then again, when you have a vomitorium a little muffin couldn’t hurt.


    I could have gone my entire life without having to think there were large numbers of women who accepted this drek.

  7. AyMayZed

    At the prairie muffin manifesto – about statment 2 – I retreat to one of the few limericks I can remember.

    There was a young lady of Spain
    Who was terribly sick in a train
    And again and again
    And again and again
    And again and again and again

  8. Heo Cwaeth

    What Kyra said.

    thebewilderness – I chalk stuff like that up to Stockholm Syndrome.

  9. Mandos


  10. Twisty

    Praire Muffins! Where do you guys find this filth? This blog is getting more educational–by which I mean more horrifying– by the minute.

  11. Twisty

    Oh, and is nobody going to congratulate me on my “out of the mouths”/”vomitorium” joke?

  12. Kaka Mak

    “Vomitoriums and sex the same!”
    From Ed’s fifteen minutes of fame.
    He said with a grin,
    As he wiped off his chin,
    I sure am a crazy man!”

  13. Cass

    All these years, I thought a “vomitorium” was a place bulimics of the ancient world went to socialize.

  14. Kat

    oh yuck… My sister is a prairie muffin. Before, I didn’t have a word for the crap she believes. She’s thirty, has five kids and lets god plan her family and her husband be the “spiritual leader” of their household. This is my twin, who I haven’t spoken to for four years, because her husband, king of his domain, thinks I’m a bad influence. Or as he put it, “a heathen reprobate who is living in a culture of death.”

    I blame the patriarchy. Oh, yes I do.

  15. Twisty

    Yikes, Kat. I’d be pondering some arsenic on that dude’s grapefruit.

  16. ae

    Oh, how I did love the taco blog…

    But, dude, I’m not getting the vomitorium reference. Oh, screw it. I know full well what ol’ Ed’s yanking at: gorging oneself to the point of sickness (on food/sex/Manolos) is filthy, and it makes the Bebe Jeebus cry. I know I just made that up, but I’d ask Ed to define gorging, sickness, and filthy, please. And if he could manage to do so w/o it all equaling “chicks as (potentially) impregnated chattel,” then you’d color me surprised.

  17. tigtog

    A bit more noodling around on the Prairie Muffins site found me this disturbing piece of extreme godbaggery: The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy. Read it and weep.

  18. laughingmuse

    “Prairie Muffins are fiercely submissive to God and to their husbands.”

    I feel extremely thankful that the religion I participate in does not compell me to submit myself like a slave to any one person.

    *cold chill shivers*

  19. Christopher

    Hee, “fiercly submissive”.

    “Husband, please order me to do something”


    “Order me to do something.”

    “Wha… well, I don’t really have anything that needs-”




    “Ye-yes dear. Please don’t hurt me dear”

  20. Ed

    If I may remind everyone…

    The initial post was in response to how pornography degrades women and that I believed the solution to our culture’s disrespect was (and is) to promote sex as something shared between a couple deeply in love. Looking at sex as recreation is the idea that makes it easy for men (and women) to view their partners or a centerfold as a thing. I should also say that I am still waiting for someone to present an argument for why the idea of sex as a recreational activity makes it less hard for objectification to occur than sex only for married couples who are friends and partners while having the attributes of respect for one another and being in love. I am a bit shocked after being called a romantic and, basically, “too mushy” when speaking about love and respect for both genders (and earnestly trying to present a solution to the mistreatment of women) that anyone here would say that my true reasons are to give women a harder time. Fine though. I will continue to wait for refutation.

  21. Kerlyssa

    “6) Prairie Muffins dress modestly and in a feminine manner.”

    “9) Prairie Muffins do not reflect badly on their husbands by neglecting their appearance; they work with the clay God has given, molding it into an attractive package for the pleasure of their husbands.”

    I am reminded of the Sunday church groups who stop by the local mcdick’s wearing their anklelength dresses with long sleeved sweaters…and strappy highheels.

    By all means, dress modestly for the sexual pleasure of your menfolks. Fight for peace and fuck for virginity while you’re at it.

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