Feb 06 2006

Babybug Video Test

Now that this has turned into babyblog, I can take this opportunity to test out my QuickTime acuity. I’m so very sorry. This is one time when having IE will work to your advantage.


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  1. John From UConn

    Sadly, it works in firefox, too. And it autoplays! The Horror, The Horror!

  2. Twisty

    Autoplay=false now. Hopefully.

  3. norbizness

    That’s the worst X-treme Indoor Wrestling highlights tape I’ve ever seen.

  4. Mandos

    Alas, autoplay=true for me, but that may just be my machine.
    I’m running it in firefox on Linux with mplayer and mplayerplugin,
    and something you did crashes mplayer after 2 seconds of the video,
    causing firefox itself to crash. That’s because my Quicktime codec
    is experimental only. But it means that I am posting to your site
    from lynx, since opening this site from firefox means almost
    immediate crash.

  5. Ron Sullivan

    That worked just as well in Safari as it did on IE.

    Whew. I just looked at my last comment and it’s typoriffic. I used the laptop because it has Tiger on it, ergo Safari. I plead unaccustomed keyboard, and typos-R-me anyway.

    Plus I got all drunked up. Bad habits-R-me too.

  6. Liz

    Whoa! I have that same bug thing living at my house too.

  7. Ykcir

    Young Finn Faster and her aged relative

    You DO read Wodehouse!

  8. Lauren

    You’ve got a monkey on your back.

  9. Nebris

    Off Topic, here. I have lately been wondering what you will make of this woman. I kind of expect that you might..well, not have a high opinion of her. But, if you read her words, you’ll see she is clearly Her Own Women.


  10. A White Bear

    Wow, Nebris, that burned my eyes. Especially the part where “I know u think i’m confident but not when i like a boyyyyyyy!”

    Nice rock’n’roll party you have there, TF!

  11. Twisty

    But Mandos Mandos Mandos! I write this thing in Firefox! How can it be crashing?

    So much to learn, so little desire to learn it (…)

    Meanwhile, SAG compels me to reveal that the arresting personage in the “video” is not me, but in fact my littermate Tidy. The bug is a female stag beetle and doesn’t have a name. The male of that species is, of course, the showier of the sexes. It grows hiliarous long jaws to use in mortal Kombat.

    Nebris, that girl’s got a really big picture. I read a paragraph of one of her posts, selected randomly, which contained this bit of refreshing honesty: “I’m an admitted racist, sexist, bigoted fascist nutjob.”

  12. Liz

    I’ve watched that little clip about 73 times now using Firefox on a Mac and nothing crashed. At least nothing involving the computer.

    The stag beetle at my house is named Brenda.

  13. Mandos

    But Mandos Mandos Mandos! I write this thing in Firefox! How can it be crashing?

    Nonono. It’s not your fault. It’s because I’m using an experimental Open Source codec for Quicktime of some kind, via mplayerplugin. I try to avoid commercial software when I can. You can blame the patriarchy for my refusal to succumb, and hence occasionally crashyness when someone tries to play around with amateur video. Usually it’s reliable. If I upgraded my software it probably wouldn’t crash as they’ve likely fixed the bug, but I’m afraid of messing up my computer, which contains my life—and I live on the wild side sans backups n stuff.

  14. sabele

    Just when I’ve taken your advice (instruction) to cease and desist on the IE – you say this! I blame the p… oh!

    Stll wrestling with downloading Quicktime so wondering what I’m missing.

  15. Twisty

    Sans backups! Jesus tapdancing christ, Mandos, you ARE a rebel!

  16. Mandos

    I know eh? Practically everyone I know is obsessive about backing up their work.

  17. Rana


    I don’t know which is better – the random foot-to-bug shot, or the credit at the end.

  18. Nebris

    The Ultimate Patriarchal Wet Dream: The Lingerie Football League. Try not to pop a blood vessel, Tia. lol There are pix on Yahoo, too.


    Malice is nothing but honest….

  19. ae

    Rana, as much as I loved the foot-to-bug non sequitur, I have to go w/ the directing credit! I am also a big fan of the test pattern.

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