Feb 07 2006

Because I’d Rather Be Napping

Crap. It’s another link post. I know, I know; you deserve a concise and witty treatise on menstruation or how to flip off assholes in Porsches. But I’m playin’ the chemo card now while I still can; in a mere six weeks I’ll be done with it, and then the only thing left to blame for my blogular sloth will be (besides the patriarchy) allergies. Allergies are very popular in Austin, and are used to excuse away all sorts of PMS-grade behavior. The entire population pretends that spores and trees and mold and earnest singersongwriters fill them perpetually with phlegm and malaise so don’t expect much from them, you’re lucky they even showed up. In St. Louis the ice-breaker question is “what high school did you go to?” In Austin it’s “how far can y’all hock that loogey?”

But enough about snot; it’s on to the links!

Several of you have sent in the link to Shakespeare’s Sis’s “why I’m a feminist” post. An instant classic! Not only that, it more than adequately addresses the question posed by a patriarchy-blamer in an earlier thread, viz. “what do you mean by ‘women are the sex class?’ ”

My sister Tidy Faster, fresh from wowing them at Sundance with her tour de force performance in my art film suggests this pretty funny video. It’s a sort of ouroburos scenario for dog aficionados. It doesn’t blame the patriarchy per se, unless you count the high probability that patriarchy had a hand in driving this creature mad.

A personage identified as Cassie Chan A Transgender Artist emailed me to express how pissed off she is about the 4 Blokes in Sydney who are auctioning on eBay a weekend filled with themselves and “a hell of a lot of laughs”. These Blokes look fairly dickless to me, but Cassie asserts it’s a clear-cut case of prostitution, and postulates that if a woman tried to auction herself off the same way eBay would put the kibosh on it tout de suite. Her position appears to be that eBay should lighten up and let the ladies advertise, too. Of course, eBay is a tool of the patriarchy.

And Jodie discovers that even CuteOverload has gone over to the Dark Side, melding sexism with cute in a new section called “Cats & Racks.” Quoth Jodie, and I second that emotion, “Yuck.”


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  1. JRoth

    OK, but as an anti-sex patriarchy-blamer, surely you’re not pro-prostitution – even fem-powered, pro-chick prostitution. So it can’t be bad for ebay to be anti-prostitution, right?

    Oh, wait.

    They’re STILL just a tool of the patriarchy. Duh.

    Never mind.

    BTW, I heard that frisee didn’t evolve naturally. My understanding is that it was developed by a consortium of all-male military academies and Hooters waitresses who claim to be empowered. Just a tip.

  2. Twisty

    JRoth, et tu, Brute? Show me the post where I write “I am anti-sex.” For the luvagod.

    Your frisée rumor is only partially correct. It is actually imported from inside the brains of the commenters who make shit up and ascribe it to me.

  3. morgan

    That dog. Hahaha. *wipes a tear away* That made my day.

    The cat thing…yarg…not cute. Not cute at all.

  4. Miss Smartee Pants

    Whooohoo! And finally the ‘next blog’ button pays off. Love it, love, love it – – – links and all! Thanks for a great read and get well soon.


  5. JRoth

    Sorry, Twisty, er, Julius. I was trying to reference your post on sex-positive feminism. Rereading it, I see that my reference was so clumsy as to be exactly wrong (at the time I read the post, I’m pretty sure I got your point. Time, memory, decay). My apologies.

  6. anne

    Speaking of links… how about this gem?


    Yeah, Hollywood is liberal. Sure it is. That’s why the men are all clothed and the women are all naked. Yep.


  7. jc.

    Isn´t being a “transgender artist” like totally dependent on the existence of the patriarchy?

  8. Twisty

    I am no expert on transgenderdom, and so have many questions, and one of them is yours.

  9. Ancrene Wiseass

    Yeah, the CuteOverload thing is really annoying.

    Even more annoying are the majority of the comments on the post. I made a protest, asked that the category be removed, and said I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the site on my blogroll any longer. I promptly got flamed by some assmunch who continuously hectors anybody who makes a negative comment about the category (which is clearly both exploitative and just plain tacky). This fine specimen particularly likes to end all his comments with “let’s just get back to the cuteness, okay?” as if he’s the most reasonable person in the world. Yet, I notice that he keeps trolling the comments on that post in order to yell at more people. So he appears not to be getting back to the cuteness, at all. Hmm.

    You know, it makes me feel like a bad patriarchy-blamer, but I just decided to leave it alone and take the site off my blogroll. I don’t see the potential for anything productive coming out of my attempting to patiently explain why “cats ‘n’ racks” is apalling to a bunch of people who just like hyperbolically e-screaming at others, making insane conjectures about anyone who objects being a “prude,” and so on. That shit just makes me too tired.

  10. jodie

    Ancrene, I had to take it out of my favorites. Just can’t go there anymore. It made me tired, too.

  11. Ancrene Wiseass

    Thanks, Jodie. It’s nice not to be alone on this.

    And, by the way: Dammit! ‘Cause I really liked getting a daily dose of cute baby animals.

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