Feb 16 2006

Wry Commentary In Need Of Its Own Page

“I’m holding out for classes on how to sport around town with my hair on fire. I’m sure it will never be totally pain-free, but if I strengthen my core I could rock that look. ”

Redneck Mother on aerobics classes for the stilettoly-challenged


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  1. final repose

    I already added that comment to my list of all time favorite quotes. It makes me laugh out loud. It’s perfect.

  2. kcb

    I am humbled. Now I must go sign up for a continuing ed course on how to wear a ball gag without drooling on one’s blouse during sales-staff meetings.

  3. Teenagecatgirl

    Hell, at least you wouldn’t have to bother going to the hair salon.

  4. Tammy

    Huh. Well that just cleared up so many of my shortcomings as a woman. So, it’s all my fault. Excellent, that’s going to free up so much time for me! Oh! But hey! Wait. I’m Canadian. Maybe I’m different? Yeah, you’re right, prolly not.

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