Feb 26 2006

Hello, Saint Loo-ISS! Are You Ready To Rock?

Regular blamers will recall that I did time in St. Louis, and that there remains in my pus-filled heart the softest of spots for all my old river city homies. Which is why I am delighted to post this link from Frippy which shows the corrective measures they have taken regarding at least one of the repellent “ex-gay” billboards currently infesting that city. You go, girls!

By the way, Frippy, I worked at the Black Bear Bakery for a couple of months when it was still an off-the-grid guerilla operation on Manchester. Good times.


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  1. ae

    Best news I’ve had in ages. Rock on, Saint Loo-iss!

  2. binky

    A ladder isn’t really necessary, if you have small mayo jars full of paint and a good throwing arm.

  3. Adela

    Brief de-lurk to rile up trouble.

    Hey dears, over here we have economists disscusing polygamy:


    Who wants to go beat into them the difference between academic theory and reality?

    And Twisty I really wish there was a way I could ship you a yummies basket but I don’t think the tourtieres would survive.

  4. greymatters

    Creative guerilla billboard art is a fine tradition. Over a decade ago, one of the St. Louis florists put up a billboard next to HWY 40 in midtown pretty much showing just the legs (with two inches of a mini-skirt) of a woman with a caption that read something like, “You’ll like our stems”. There were flowers somewhere there, but you didn’t quite notice the flora, really.

    My then-gf and I and a handful of other friends spent an evening on our backs (so to speak) using our … stems as component parts of a sling shot that hurled paint-filled balloons at the billboard. Oh, and yes, we headed over to Attitudes (pre-Novak’s/post Starrs (sp?) days, of course) afterwards.

    The memories.

  5. greymatters

    BTW, I should mention that (IIRC) that others were successful in the despoiling efforts of the billboard before we were. But it was quite something of a thing to do at the time.

    I also forgot to say “kuddos” to the recent efforts. Billboards ought to be … interactive?


  6. LMYC

    My fave improved billboard is a picture if a really offensive car billboard, some snippy little European thing that looks like a toaster. The caption said, “If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched.”

    Someone spray painted on it: “If this lady was a car, she’d run you down.”

    Best. Spontaneous Art. Ever.

  7. Finn

    The billboard in question casts a shadow that nearly touches the building where I’m working right now. The neighborhood surrounding it is, shall we say, economically challenged… meaning in St. Louis, that it’s a really poor black part of town where the cops are too busy beatin’ down on drunks pissing in the alley to bother stopping anyone with the guts to climb the rusted ladder of an anti-gay billboard. It’s quite the juxtaposition in the morning as we bio-techies stream into the area from points beyond, driving Lexii past the bombed out red brick and brownstone formerly stately homes and businesses now squatted in by homeless cyclists with the long orange flags and 67 lbs of aluminum cans. They call it the biotech corridor because it’s a narrow channel just wide enough for the mayor’s entourage to squeeze in, do the quick-smile and get the fuck out before someone smashes the window and takes the stereo.

    I agree with the other poster who said that billboards should be interactive. Leave the ladder until we’ve all had our say.

    I blame Jesus.

  8. Grace

    With all due respect, Finn, Jesus (the actual 1st-century Palestinian, not the modern NRA Jesus) would LIVE in that neighborhood, and share the drunks’ Mad Dog 20-20.

    I know what you mean. But can we quite confusing the Christ of the Gospels with his deluded followers?

  9. Twisty

    Let’s face it, Grace; maybe Jesus the historical figure was a standup guy, albeit a little off his nut and a bit dismissive of his mom, but nowadays the only Jesus who counts is the white, blueyed male mascot of racist misogynist assholes. What would Jesus do? Apparently, bomb Baghdad, torture prisoners, rape bitches, and kill fags.

  10. Grace

    Nope, Twisty, sorry, ain’t gonna fly. I refuse to let the hippie of Nazareth be coopted by right-wing fuckwits, and I refuse twice over to let the people who actually live by his values – y’know, all that un-American commie stuff like peace and love and feeding the hungry and stuff – be deluded BY the patriarchy into thinking that NRA Jesus is the only or the real one. Mother Jones (motherjones.com) has two really great articles up right now about the Christian left. And if people like you and your allies on this blog start believing that the Christian left doesn’t exist, or that “Christianity,” let alone its founder, is actually represented by spittle-spewing, anti-intellectual red-state sexists, then the patriarchy really HAS won.

    I’m certainly not going to annoy everybody by constantly referencing Christianity: unlike some church folks, I’m able to string together three sentences without “witnessing.” If some commenters don’t gratuitously provoke other commenters by eliding Jesus with the patriarchy, I’ll never feel the need to mention his name. But I would hate to have to stop reading your deathless prose because I felt that this blog was actively hostile to anyone who dares to take Matthew 25 seriously.

  11. Twisty

    Grace, this blog–by which I mean me–is not actively hostile to anybody who isn’t a dipshit. We’re happy to have you. I mean, if there really is such a thing as a Christian left, I want to hear about it.

    Of course, if you’ve read the brochure, you know that I’m an athiest myself. Of course, I don’t hold the 1st century mystic dude personally responsible for modern Jesusbaggery, and it is generally understood by most patriarchy-blamers, I should think, that Jesus-the-hippie deserves the same props as any other basically-harmless-to-benevolent historical figure. Still, this isn’t a Christian blog, and it’s not a particularly PC blog, and it’s not a blog that doesn’t openly mock literal interpetations of Christian (or any other) scripture, so unless we’re discussing the 1st century Roman Empire, I’m not going to require that commenters make the distinction between hippie-Jesus and the guy of the same name—you call him “NRA Jesus”— who became a ghost and takes sides in stupid wars and tells world leaders to fuck people up.

  12. Grace

    Fair enough.

    I always forget how bizarre the idea of the existence of a “Christian left” must seem to some people, given that I grew up smack in the middle of it, the daughter of the Sunday school lady at a homeless-people-feeding, anti-nuke-agitating, whale-saving, borderline commie parish full of gay people, nontraditional families, people living with AIDS, etc, where women priests were a basic part of life and it was odd for one of the two lay leaders not to be openly gay.

    We do exist. We just aren’t out there demanding that everyone else conform to our moral values or burn in hell.

    Anyone curious is welcome to email me off-thread.

    (And sorry for the previous blank comment.)

  13. kathy a

    this article says that the groups targeting teens to relieve them of homosexuality actually harm them and can be sued:

  14. sashe mishur

    This is a great blog.Love your take on things and how you write Twisty.

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  2. arse poetica

    This Is How to Do It

    Attack, counterattack. That’s the name of the game, friends. This is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. We cannot let hatemongering go unchecked. [via] P.S. The spray-painted text in the 2nd pic reads: Right-wing scum, your time has come!!!

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