Mar 06 2006

Crappy Web Host Alert

The company that hosts this site, BlueHost, is cheap, yes. When will I learn that you get what you pay for? For though it costs but little, the BlueHost, it is becoming increasingly unreliable. The blog has been down all morning, and it may stay there. If worse comes to worst, I’ll repair to my summer residence at the old TypePad address until it gets ironed out.


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  1. Mary Sunshine

    Hi Twisty,

    I *totally* recommend these people:


    They host one of my websites. Owned and operated by a woman in the SF Bay area. She posts regularly to alt.www.webmaster.

    I’m glad it was just your host! This morning I thought your website had been hacked.

    Allis (the owner) can scoop your site from BlueHost, and set up the DNS nameserver changes, too. Master geeks they are there, and totally reliable. BlueHost need know nothing.

    Bon Courage!


  2. karenology

    Twisty, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about DreamHost (and incidentally, nothing but bad things about BlueHost!). They’re having a sale going on right now. You should check it out!

    I signed up with HytekHosting, because they had a ridiculous Christmas sale, and I’m pretty happy with their service and speed of response. If cost is a big issue I’d check them out too.

  3. Ron Sullivan

    (Aside) MFS, is that you?

  4. Pinko Punko

    We’re hosted on the moon or in someone’s garage. It’s not really clear.

    I nominate this comment for a ‘Baggie for “Least Helpful Comment Still On Topic”

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