Mar 08 2006

Going Out On A Limb To Blog Against Sexism

It’s Blog Against Sexism Day! It’s Blog Against Sexism Day! Time for the Airing of Grievances!

It’s also International Women’s Day, a little break from the monotony of International Men’s Year, the day we set aside for pretending to take women seriously. Let’s take the temperature of the World Wide Web on this topic, whaddya say?

Independent Online South Africa is running a blurb about Germaine Greer begging Australian women to get pissed off about a sexist car commercial. The blurb makes Greer seem a little crazy.

A UK news site called 24dash.com announces “a series of programmes celebrating the achievements of the fairer sex.” These programmes, it turns out, are cartoons narrated by Hollywood hotties like Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry. “The fairer sex”? You can’t make this stuff up.

The Director-General of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community says in an inspirational speech that women should be celebrated for their role in human development, because, in case patriarchy hasn’t made this crystal clear, “women are the nurturers of our children. They are the first carers and educators in our families. The human race owes its existence to women.”

From a Russian news service comes this charming summary of the day’s significance: “Russia and other former Soviet republics along with several other countries around the world are currently celebrating March 8, International Women’s Day, on which [are you sitting down?] men show their appreciation for women by giving them flowers and gifts.”

Not in Armenia, though. They cancelled International Women’s Day, and replaced it on March 7 with—I shit you not— “Day of Motherhood and Beauty.”

Sadly, Monsters & Critics tells it like it is, and reports that the UN Commission on the Status of Women shows the status of women is pretty much unchanged “despite decades of work.” In other words, globally speaking, women are still lower than worms in political, cultural, business and social spheres.

Except in Afghanistan! President Bush actually used the phrase “more equal” in a speech declaring his support for women in “new democracies” like Afghanistan, where—unlike every other fucking country in the world including his own– women are apparently “no longer denied basic rights and brutalized by tyrants.” It’s an International Women’s Day Miracle! Let’s get our patriarchy-blaming asses on a plane to Kabul toute de suite, where we will be welcomed with political power and the ability to dance naked down the street without getting the slightest bit napolied!


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  1. flyinfur.blogspot.com

    Just for you, I put some lies in my profile. :)

  2. When I was very young, whenever I read about women as the fairer sex, I thought it meant fair and reasonable. Quite the surprise to discover you didn’t need a brain to be fair.

  3. catgut.blogs.com/melfenblog

    C’mon Twisty, it’s HARD to celebrate a whole big sexy group of people and avoid restructuring society! I think this countries are all doing their best, given the constraints. What do you want, sweeping policy changes? This is International Women’s Day, not Radical Feminist Agenda Day. Armenia gets points for honesty.

    Incidentally, post-war Kabul recently opened its first 5-star hotel, in part to accomodate the planeloads of freedom-loving dames who will be arriving shortly.

  4. redneckmother.blogspot.com

    And a happy International Women’s Day to our sisters in Mexico, who can look forward to being denied their legal right to a safe abortion should they deign to be raped: “[S]ome public prosecutors have told rape victims that having an abortion would kill them.” Because while women get one special day per year (unless, you know, we’re mothers–then we get two), every day is Zygote’s Day.

  5. Thank you, Twisty. I appreciate your writing, and I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

  6. faultline.org

    I couldn’t bring myself to even do so much as stretch the truth slightly in my profile. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s just the kind of guy I am.

  7. In Italy, Int’l Women’s Day has the kind of sentimentality that Mother’s Day has attached to it. Women are given gifts of mimosa tree branches. I don’t know why.

    Still trying to think of something creative to put in my profile…

  8. Thanks for the compilation, Twisty! This blog is a constant affirmation for me, validates my anger, tells me it’s ok to say “Fuck No, you asshole.” I owe you, and all the sisters (and brothers) posting her. Thanks.

  9. beerandcarnations.blogspot.com

    Cool – my registration worked. Other than that, I got nothin’.

  10. I am now a registered Twistycrat.
    Where do I vote?

  11. i figured truth is stranger than any fiction i could come up with.

    i do believe i shall now go blog against sexism today.

  12. Today is International Women’s Day and in the U.S. it’s National Women’s History Month. So what does the History Channel and Biography Channel have programmed to honor our history? Well so far it’s been men and war. Men and war. Oh, and let’s not forget, men and war.

    February was Black History Month. What did I see every time I tuned into these channels? White men. White men. Oh, and let’s not forget, white men.

    Lifetime for Women is one of like 2 channels out of approximately 700 that has programming for women. All stations that did well last year received a raise. Lifetime was one of those stations that did real well. But when Lifetime went for their raise, not only were they denied one, but they were cancelled in many areas of the country.

    Hmmm… do you think white boys are trying to tell us all something?

    On a different note, I saw an interesting bumper sticker this morning. It was a quote by Sinclair Lewis which said, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” How prophetic. Oh well, who knows white boys better than other white boys?

  13. batchfile.livejournal.com


    this is my blog against sexism. just thought i’d share.

  14. Just looked over my email and someone emailed me this gem this morning.

    Apparently the new fashions for women are out for 2006. Check it out:


    Near as I can figure, the word “mommy” is being confused with the word “mummy.”

  15. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    Finally! Registration took a minute longer than expected, but that was a breathless minute too long!

    Twisty, nice to see you finally going out on a limb and calling out the truly hidden sexism and way in the background, barely coordinated efforts of patriarchy on this blog. It’s about time. ;-D

    Funny, I don’t have one minute to post on my blog, but I have time to come over here and go through registration, etc. Wait, was that a picture of Bert in the post below? Gotta go.

  16. My husband is in the Army. When David was in Afghanistan last time (2003), I asked him to bring me a burka. (Once the Taliban was ousted, some -not all- women stopped wearing burkas, but they were for sale at the bazaar alongside the carpets and whatnot.) It’s a lovely shade of blue, polyester, elaborately embroidered, and nicely pleated. Only five bucks. It is also too small, as I am a well-fed 5’8″ American woman.

    I had seen pictures of the Afghani women in their burkas, and wanted to experience a little bit of this thing for myself. As horrifying as it was to wear, looking at myself in the mirror in it was shocking. No one there. It was the blatant dehumanization that surprised me, I guess. Women live with that shit all over the world, all the time. It seems Napoli’s trying to bring it back here, too. Fucker.

  17. And by the way, how about the Oscar’s awarding the song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”??? Is that incredible? They are going to get major blowback from that, right, Twisty? I think the forces are mobilizing….

  18. colorlessgreen.net

    Registered. Yay!
    I couldn’t think of any clever lies. If only you could see me here, hanging my head in shame.

  19. gendergeek.org

    I couldn’t think of any clever lies.

    Me either. I feel like such a failure.

  20. saraarts.com

    There. I added some lies. You happy?

    I reserve the right to change these lies to other lies as the mood strikes. I don’t know if they are now or ever will be clever. Considering that Mercury is retrograde through 3/25, I consider it astoundingly clever of me to be able to type at all. (Go here if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and no, you don’t have to swallow: http://www.astrologyzone.com/tools/mercury.html, and then http://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/mercury_dates.html.)

    Sadly, I am unable to figure out how to view other members’ profiles, and unless there’s some magic button right in front of my Firefoxed face that I just can’t see, I imagine no one can see mine, either — no one but you. Perhaps I’m an idiot who shouldn’t be allowed near a computer. Or perhaps you should be flattered at being the exclusive audience for some extravagant fabrications.

    Either way, happy Women’s/Blog Against Sexism Day. I would’ve sent flowers, but you asked for lies.

  21. Here is a link to some statistics on how far we have come not including SoDak and Idaho in retrograde.


  22. There is no Women’s Day celebration here.

    There might be something on the weekend “when women aren’t working” huffed the reporter-person to the slog who had time to phone in mid-day with her query.

    So we’ve been deferred to the weekend have we I snorted, to which she hastily responded “but there’s some mention being tagged onto another event tonight.”

  23. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    Luckynl, those fashions are actually perfect for the new world we’re living in. The photo looked like a postmodern burkha. Omigod I just said “postmodern.” Somebody slap me.

  24. tigtogblog.blogspot.com

    Germaine often sounds demented, but whatever’s getting her cranky is usually something worth getting cranky about. At least advocating breaking dealership windows got a lot of publicity against the ads, so she’s not stupid.

    Utes (USAn:pickup trucks) are a rural/trades staple, and are being marketed to to “ocker” contingent aggressively.

    Ford utes got a strong reaction a few months ago with ads where free-range gazelle-women were irresistably lured to follow a Ford ute Pied-Piper like up a grassy hill. They followed that ad with the same two men in the same ute being followed this time by lots of canines. “Can’t we stop and pick them up?” says Ocker 1. “Nah mate, they’re dogs.” says Ocker 2. Ba-dum-tish!

    So Holden (Oz subsidiary of GM) decided to join the ocker fantasyland for their ad for utes: couple lying in bed, she asks “what’s your fantasy?” and he talks of how he’s like a bright shiny new 4WD ute to drive through rugged bushland. She asks “alone?” in a slightly hurt voice, and he says “Yep”. Cut back to fantasy, pan across to pasenger seat, wherein is arrayed a polished smiling glamorous sexbot, who goes to speak but is signalled to be quiet by Our Typical Ocker Bloke raising a finger to his lips.

    When I saw the first Ford ad, I said to Mr Tog “right, our next car won’t be a Ford, right?”.
    When I saw the second, I said “ok, we are never buying a Ford”.
    When I saw the Holden ad, I said “well, that’s it, we can’t buy Australian-made because they’re all sexist fuckers”.

    I can’t imagine I’m the only Australian woman to feel that way. Boycott Ford and Holden, sisters! Don’t buy one, sell one if you’ve already got one, don’t date a man who drives one.

  25. On the French lunchtime news yesterday the presenter (a woman) and a guest (also a woman) discussed the significance of the day and debated whether they felt more feminine or more feminist, both settling for more feminine, though adding that they were, nonetheless, for the equality of the sexes in everything…

  26. I just saw this today and I kind of wanted to scream. This seems like a good place to scream.


    What does he want? The right to force her to have an abortion? The right to just dump her and walk away? BBC has been covering some very scary reproductive rights related stories lately…

  27. I just got an email from my aunt telling me that Germany is going to import 40 000 women from Eastern Europe to work as prostitutes for the World Cup, building special sex booths that look like toilets with showers and condoms. There is a petition here.

  28. nobloodforhubris.blogspot.com

    I support Germain in her crankiness. One can never be too cranky. I blogged against sexism yesterday on blog against sexism day.

  29. International Women’s Day? Close the gender pay gap now!

  30. unimpressed.net

    Hmm. Will have to think up some interesting lies to add to my profile!

    The Director-General of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community says in an inspirational speech that women should be celebrated for their role in human development, because, in case patriarchy hasn’t made this crystal clear, “women are the nurturers of our children. They are the first carers and educators in our families. The human race owes its existence to women.”

    Patriarchy did acknowlege this, that is why patriarchy’s first and most defining act was to impose male control of social reproduction so they could reproduce patriarchy. They acknowlege this ever time they hysterically attack abortion and birth control for restoring some autonomy over social reproduction to women.

  31. Rape and DV sentencing to be slashed in the UK

    Controversially, the council will also set out grounds where ‘mitigating circumstances’ will be taken into account. They are expected to include cases involving ‘sexual familiarity’ between rapist and victim before the attack.That could mean a woman and a man becoming intimate with the woman later refusing full sex, only to be overpowered. Such ‘date rapes’, where victims know their attacker, are the most common form of rape.

    So, looks like a girl’s got to get herself Napolized to get a decent conviction. I could spit.

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