Mar 17 2006

Abortion Manual

I’ve got essentially bupkis to add to the South Dakota discussion, but when a spinster aunt gets this pissed she can’t put a sock in it.

By now you have been apprised of the remarkable DIY abortion post at Molly Saves The Day. Molly gives graphic instructions for setting up a Jane-esque underground abortion clinic and for performing the procedure. It is fairly disturbing stuff. At the time of this writing there are over 200 comments on the post, ranging from “you go, girl” to “it is irresponsible to disseminate this information” to “the best way to prevent pregnancy is to stop being a filthy whore.”

The saddest comments are the ones suggesting, with touching naïveté, that maybe now legislators will see the desperate and dangerous lengths to which women are willing to go to preserve that last shred of human dignity, maybe now they will lighten up on the compulsory pregnancy routine. These comments yank my chain because they focus the glaring glint of horror on the utterly misguided and somewhat looney faith some lefties still seem to place in their jackass government. These commenters seem to be unaware that legislators do not view women as human beings. They seem to believe that the jackasses are somehow benignly oblivious to the dehumanizing effects abortion bans have on women.

The dehumanizing effects are, in fact, their whole purpose.

As to whether you’d trust the advice of an anonymous blogger with no medical background on how to rid yourself of a parasite that your fascist government views as a handy means of controlling you, I would suggest proceeding with extreme caution, but at the moment I’m more concerned with the fact that Molly’s post exists at all. When the discourse shifts from “write your congressman” to the logistics of performing homemade abortions, it can mean only one thing. The shit is hitting the fan, girls. Sitting on our butts is no longer an option. Now that the Supreme Court is loaded up with Jesus’ buttboys, the extremists have declared war. Moron Missouri’s moron legislature of psychotic morons has decided that poor people, i.e. women, shouldn’t have access to birth control, and violent South Dakota-spawned abortion bills are sprouting across the jesosphere like fungi on rotten logs after a hot rain.

See here, you misled optimistic lefties who believe your elected officials are capable of seeing reason! Your government has no love for fetuses or babies, and it never has. It has only an abiding fear and hatred of women, and a psychopathic compulsion to brutalize you when you deviate from virginmariness. Patriarchy’s desperation to subjugate you with coercion and punishment is the only explanation for these vile abortion bans. I know this because WOMEN DO NOT CONTROL INTERCOURSE.


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  1. I won’t say that it is irresponsible to disseminate this sort of information.

    I will say that reading a manual is extremely different from the actual experience of performing what is, essentially, a surgical procedure without experience in handling body tissues of actual living, breathing people.

    I think that it is good to put knowledge in the public domain because it will be there for people who have the actual hands-on skills to know what to do with it, and the training to understand when things are starting to go wrong and how to manage complications. Lets face it: abortion training is rare in medical school these days.

    In other words, don’t try this at home. Do make copies for our sisters and brothers of courage who possess the skills to perform the outlined procedures and train others.

  2. What’s with the morning-after pill in the States?

    Perhaps Canadian women who can get it should do so on a regular basis whether they need it or not (including post-menopausal women) and start sending them south.

    An underground pill railroad.

  3. There are people who have been preparing for this and other eventualities, including trained abortion providers. There will be options, some of them safer than others.

    But there won’t be enough

  4. I don’t know what I would have done without my two abortions. Thanks Jebus I was able to find a provider, a ride to Illinois and $300 when I was a knocked up 16 year old in Bum Fuck, Missouri.

  5. There are two issues with Plan B:

    1. pharmacists are legally allowed in most states to deny women the morning-after pill if it offends their godbag “morality”

    2. it’s only useful if you *know* your birth control method has failed.

    And, kreepyk: amen, my sistah. I was older than sixteen and it was without a doubt the correct choice for me. Mine, too, involved coming up with $500 and crossing a state line. Of all the women I’m close enough to that they would confide this kind of info, about half have had one or more abortions. Every one of those harbors ZERO regrets.

    Sometimes I think that more of us who have had them should be open about it, but it’s so fucking hard, you know? Especially when you live in East Jesus, like I do. Would all of us coming out of the abortion closet help the cause at all? I just don’t know.

    For the record: I am in south mississippi and I am ready and able to drive anyone who needs it to New Orleans or Jackson for an abortion.

  6. You mean the abortion pill?


    Right underneath Dungeon Rape Suspect and Pregnant Woman Gets 100$ Tip on my ISP’s homepage.

    I swear to god, some days I just want to shut all the doors and never go out again.

  7. Oh, bleah. I misread the article. Whatever.

  8. I saw this blog posting thanks to Femniste a few weeks ago, after the SD legislature made their ‘mark’ on the world.

    The posts on the Molly board didn’t surprise me in either direction. I could see those lefties popping up, admonishing Molly for posting such information.

    Because all those dumb girls are gonna go out and do that, you are encouraging them Molly! How could you? And you are being so extreme Molly, are you angry Molly? We aren’t angry, we know that anger won’t help us. That’s just too extreme and now look at the can of worms you’ve stirred up. Oh you troublemaker you.

    Reminds me of my welfare activism days trying to garner support for the cause from the traditional resources of leftie activists. They would wring their hands fitfully, wipe their brows and then dismiss me saying, ” Welfare women are bad, don’t you know? Don’t you think you are being a bit extreme? I mean, some of the legislation is important. What are you worried about? I’m not worried, Clinton won’t sign that bill, he’s on our side I know it! He won’t do it, its too extreme! The country will never go that far! Are you angry? Why are you angry? You know people won’t listen to you when you are angry or when you make us listen to such horror stories, no, no, we can’t have any of that. We are happy and joyful and full of love.”

    Sure you are because you aren’t suffering under the weight of the patriarchy, the ones who do you don’t see.

  9. Yes Plan B. It’s different from the abortion pill. Its access in Canada is also difficult, with pharmacists wanting all kinds of details about when and what time and how many times in that period the girl/woman had intercourse.

    It’s a province by province issue, with Ontario and Saskatchewan I believe being the only provinces now which have barred pharmacists from demanding the woman fill out their prurient porn sheet. Other provinces use the porn sheet, or ask similar questions, but never tell the girl/woman she doesn’t have to answer the questions in order to get Plan B.

    Interestingly, Ontario stepped in to stop Ontario pharmacists from demanding the form be filled out after the Ontario Privacy Commissioner, a woman, filed a complaint herself.

    Following this bruhaha, the Canadian Medical Assoc. Journal, said to be one of the top five medical journals in the world, wrote a story about the pharmacists association and their porn sheet, and as part of the story sent out about a dozen women undercover to ask for the pill, and report how they were treated. The details were written up in the story, which the Canadian Medical Assoc, the owner of the Canadian Medical Assoc. Journal, ordered the Journal editor to pull. Journal editor John Hooey and his second ranking editor did as they were told, after some hassle, but they wrote about that! The shit hit the fan, of course, and ultimately, Hooey and his assistant editor, a woman, walked. Three replacement editors have also been taken on, and also walked, when they too were denied editorial autonomy. The latest issue of the NEJM discusses the whole shenanigans.

    All over the patriarchy’s demand to control a woman’s right to fuck.

  10. The PDF from the New England Journal of Medicine on the flap over Plan B in Canada. As usually women are caught in the middle in the big fight over who will screw us first: the medical profession, or the pharmacists assoc.


  11. In backward Ohio, our governor signed a law into effect this week….HB 287. This law allows doctors to NOT inform their pregnant patients of fetal disease, deformities, abnormalities, etc. if the doctor doesn’t want to….(ie the doctor is against abortion). AND, the women will NOT be allowed to sue the doctor after she gives birth to a mess of a child. So the mother is now faced with raising a retarded child, a deformed child, whatever.

    And I guess our legislature has another bill in the works that wants to outlaw abortion as well as going out of state for an abortion.

    Is it time to join the Pink Pistols and learn some self-defense?

  12. onejewishdyke.wordpress.com

    Someone please explain to me how a legislature can prohibit a citizen from crossing a state line for any purpose. I know we’re approaching fascism in the US, but as we’re not there yet, how can the government tell me that I can’t go to New York or California or Massachusetts any time I can afford the gas or a plane ticket to do so? I’m not being flippant here. I truly don’t understand how that can be illegal.

  13. It probably works like where suicide is illegal. It’s only if you fail that you can be arrested (obviously), so it would be if you were found out to have gone to another state to get an abortion that they’ll come after you.

  14. Lots of women did safe abortions on each other and on themselves in the old days. Not that I advocate it. It’s just that women don’t need to feel helpless. They can take care of each other. But certainly it is dreadful to make abortion illegal again.

  15. Someone please explain to me how a legislature can prohibit a citizen from crossing a state line for any purpose.

    Ah, you’ve made the first logical mistake, women are not “citizens” or at least not full citizens in the eyes of johnny lawmaker/enforcer.

    and remember they have the power to put a citizen under surveillance if they deem them to be about to commit a crime, not to mention the recurring anti-choice retorical theme that women who seek abortions are “mentally unwell” or morons of some literal kind or other, you don’t want to give birth to one of god’s little joys? here’s the latest in pregnancy straightjackets (in girly pink! squeee!) to try on while the men with the butterfly nets come to take you away to someplace where you’ll be safe.

  16. The horrible truth about power and oppression against a defensless or near defensless victim is that it not only punishes it´s victims who violate it´s arbitrary rules and requirements but that it punishes the oppressed arbitrarily irregardles of adherance to it´s rules of submission or not.

    Women are not only pyschopathicly brutalized when they deviate from virginmariness but even when they don´t.

    Power and inequality will always lead to random abuse of the underdog by those who are at the top of the pile.

    Good negroes get lynched, assimilated jews get gassed, honest poor people get nothing, good workers get unemployed and “good” girls get violated.

    I think women should stop voting for people who do not have their best interests at heart.

  17. pandagon.net

    Ugh, it’s necessary. I know that I won’t be having a baby. I can’t, I won’t. Period. But nor will I stop fucking. That is also out of the question. We need someplace to start if worst comes to worst.

    If there’s a hell, anti-choice asswipes will reside in it. They cannot abide that women should be free to marry who we want, or more importantly, not to marry who we don’t want. They can all go fuck a razor bladed cock.

  18. A word of advice:

    Please careful about admitting in writing that you’ve had an abortion. And also be careful about admitting it in public.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that Ashcroft was trying to subpoena abortion records. Just what do you suppose he was up to? I know The Supreme Court struck it down, but that was the *old* Supreme Court. Like Roe v Wade, it can be overturned.

    Given the controvery over abortion, I’ve always been a might bit suspicious of the question being asked on medical forms. I’ve never considered it in any woman’s best interest to answer it. Please don’t. It’s none of their business.

    As far as I’m concerned, we no longer live in a democracy. We live in a fascist police state and the Burning Times are upon us again. Just substitute the word “abortion” for the word “witchcraft” and get the picture.

    Another head’s up:

    Pat Buchanan was a presidential candidate in 2000, as well as in a few other election years. This asshole actually had the audacity to get up and say that the worst mistake America ever made was giving women the right to vote. Now if a presidential candidate felt confident and bold enough to say such a thing, then that should come as a warning. It is very important right now that women do not take their right to vote for granted. Because these boys aren’t fooling around. They have declared war on women.

  19. You offer a good note of caution, Luckynkl, but the choice is (as voiced above) very difficult. We will all need to decide whether or not we can speak up or stay silent. For my part, I would love for every woman who has had an abortion to be able to be vocal about it. How I wish I could gather together a cadre to hold up signs saying “I’m Glad/Thank God/Similar Sentiment for My Abortion” at the rallies.

    Of course my fellow Canadian commenters already know, too, that the legislative changes might not be so easy here, but we’re gonna need to keep our eye on the new Conservative patriarchs–not a bad idea to keep a stash of the morning-after pill for distribution among our ownselves, too.

    And maybe while we’re hunkering down we need to be planning how we want to rise back up. If they’re declaring war, no reason not to declare it right back. Feminist insurgency sounds good to me…

  20. You can tell your abortion story here:


  21. bitingbeaver.blogspot.com

    is an attempt to get people together and organize a sort of informational underground railroad, before it becomes entirely illegal to talk about such things.

    Also, the Ohio bill is the most blatantly unconstitutional thing I’ve seen since the Defense of Marriage Act. Only congress, not the states, has the power to regulate interstate commerce. Constitutionally speaking, a state can no more imprison a woman for going across state lines to have an abortion than they can for going across state lines and buying fireworks, or for going across state lines to Nevada and gambling.

    Whether or not that provision is upheld or overturned by our courts will tell us if we still live in a valid, but fucked up, constitutional republic, or if we are in an arbitrary autocracy.

  22. “It has only an abiding fear and hatred of women, and a psychopathic compulsion to brutalize you when you deviate from virginmariness. Patriarchy’s desperation to subjugate you with coercion and punishment is the only explanation for these vile abortion bans. I know this because WOMEN DO NOT CONTROL INTERCOURSE.”

    Perfectly said. The women who think that their “representatives” will NOW do something after seeing the desperation are misguided, dysfunctional codpendents who continue to enable their own victimizers.

  23. bitingbeaver.blogspot.com

    Ack! Didn’t close my link!

    Roe Depot is a forum in which people are trying to set up a sort of information repository/underground railroad for abortion while it’s still legal to talk about these things openly.

    As for the Ohio bill, it’s the most blatantly unconstitutional thing I’ve seen since the Defense of Marriage Act. Only congress, not the individual states, has the power to regulate interstate commerce. Constitutionally speaking, Ohio can no more arrest a woman for going to Illinois and buying an abortion than it can arrest her for going to Kentucky and buying fireworks or going to Nevada and playing slot machines.

    If the courts uphold that provision, we will know for absolute and utter certainty that we have no vestiges of any sort of constitutional republic left in our governmental system.

  24. Jesus. My husband wants to move to Ohio (his home state).

    This bill is raising the hair on the back of my neck.

  25. Tam, I wouldn’t move to Ohio any more than I’d move to Stepford.

  26. Every day in this country brings some new revelation of a collective insanity I never could have imagined just a few years ago. I’m so glad I decided not to bring a child into this world…

  27. Pony, thanks for the link to the “I’m not sorry” site. I read about a dozen of the stories, and several of them tell how a younger woman confided her pregnancy to her mother, and then learned of the mother’s earlier abortion. There are a LOT of untold stories.

  28. onejewishdyke.wordpress.com

    Dubhe, #21: Only congress, not the states, has the power to regulate interstate commerce. Constitutionally speaking, a state can no more imprison a woman for going across state lines to have an abortion than they can for going across state lines and buying fireworks, or for going across state lines to Nevada and gambling.

    That’s what I was getting at, not understanding how a state could make crossing state lines illegal. Then again, abortion is (tentatively) legal, and South Dakota just outlawed it, knowing full well that it will become a court battle. It’s not as if a state legistlature is prohibited from passing a law that is known to violate the constitution. It seems any can pass any law it pleases, and deal with minimal consequences of having it overturned later.

  29. Lucky:

    Oh my, yes, I know it’s dangerous to admit to having had an abortion given the state of the anti-woman movement. My Jezebella identity is as anonymous as I know how to make it – though a hacker on a mission could certainly track me down.

    However, if Mississippi turns into Gilead, my crimes against the patriarchy are easy enough to find out about without tracking down my reproductive record. It’s not like it’s the only thing they’d come after me about.

    This is on a much smaller scale the same dilemma faced by homosexuals thinking about coming out of the closet: it’s dangerous as hell, but then again, if everybody knew just how many gay people were around, they might not be so afraid and hateful. On the other hand, I can live my life without ever coming out about abortion, so I never, ever have to tell anyone I don’t want to.

    I was born before Roe v. Wade and had a conversation with my mom about abortion – after seeing one of those dreadful “Ya Mama was pro-life, Dawlin” bumper stickers.” She told me “everyone” knew where and how to get an abortion, at least in her world in the 60s. Obviously it was dangerous and expensive, but it was accessible. I was kind of relieved to know I had been a choice and not an irreversible accident.

  30. Going out of state for abortion is being framed the same way as statutory rape. Transporting a minor across a state line. The thin edge of the wedge I calls it.

  31. I was at work the other night and someone had left the tv on and as I walked past it a skit appeared which caught my eye and stopped me dead in my tracks.

    A woman and a man are sitting on the couch and the woman has an ept test in her hand and she more or less says, “Look, it’s positive.” With that, the phone rings and a voice says that it’s EPT Security and they understand there’s been a positive reading so the couple is to remain where they are, they’re sending someone right over. It then shows the woman and man sitting on the couch with two armed guards with machine guns, standing at both ends of the couch, guarding them for the duration of the pregnancy.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that picture about said it all.

    Gloria Steinem then came out and was introduced and she commented that the skit pretty much summed things up.

  32. windingroad.typepad.com

    jc said above that women should stop voting for people who don’t have their best interests at heart.

    They already have, jc, if they ever voted at all.

    People do not understand that what the Supreme Court gives it can take away. And the legislatures are comfortable banning abortion because this ain’t the Warren or even the Burger Courts anymore.

    Women do not vote. We spent 100 million dollars on nail polish last year, but did not register to vote in numbers that could take an election.

    The reason we have the legislatures and the courts that we do have is because women do not vote. And when someone is going to take away their rights, they really don’t believe that it is going to happen.

    I hope it doesn’t happen, but then again, we are in for people to get the government they really deserve, good and hard. Does it have to go back to home abortions and knitting needles and potions in order to get women to stop giving a shit about Angelina and Brad and go vote?

    They don’t get it and they participate in their own misery. They make themselves this vulnerable. The conditioned helplessness and the women lining up to defend the “poor women who don’t get it” are driving this issue.

    We are not helpless and we must stop acting like we are and we must stop enabling other women who think they are helpless.

    Make sure everyone you know is voting and if you have to drive them to the polls, do it. And give money to female candidates because they sure as shit can’t compete with the Jesus Christers if they don’t have money.

  33. bloodlesscoup.com/blog

    The Ohio bill referred to above (crossing state lines) is HB 228. It is chock full of nausea-inducing authoritarianism. For your blaming (dis)pleasure:

    (C) Whoever violates division (B)(1) of this section is liable to the pregnant woman, to the person who was the father of the fetus or embryo that was the subject of the abortion, and, if the pregnant woman was a minor at the time of the abortion, to her parents, guardian, or custodian for civil compensatory and exemplary damages.

    There you go ladies. A law, that if passed, shows that other people own your uteruses, and can seek damages if you sneak off an have an abortion.

    From Common Ground, Common Sense

    Anticipating that, Brinkman’s bill also prohibits transporting a woman across county or state lines for an abortion. Doing so would carry the same charge as an in-state abortion: first- or second-degree felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

  34. bloodlesscoup.com/blog

    Yipes. I think I might have forgotten a close tag.

  35. So can women seek damages from their spouses, fathers or sons every time they whack off and kill off all those millions of people that could have been?

    Well, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. I want in. Considering that a man kills off 120 to 600 million people that could have been every time he whacks off, just think of the possibilities of the damages we could seek! Even if we only asked for 50 cents a person (which, come on guys, is downright cheap) and even if he only whacked off only once.

    Can’t have your cake and eat too, boys. You claim that life begins with your sperm? Then so be it. Start coughing up that dough. We want retribution for our lost children from all you baby killing males.

  36. Hi. I’m new.

    I just scanned the Ohio bill, which I wasn’t previously aware of. (I live in Britain and it hasn’t been much reported here.) “Abortion trafficking?” My (or rather their) God. I’m usually a lurker on discussion boards, but I had to express how appalled this makes me.

    You really are fighting a battle over there. I had an abortion last year; it was simple to obtain, safe and free. No-one harassed me or threatened me when I entered the clinic. That this is not the case for women in America is a disgrace. That Roe V Wade may be overturned is a disgrace.

    I don’t know how aware you are that the common view of the US in this country is of a society increasingly dominated by religious gun-toting anti-scientific nutjobs who are intent on dragging the whole country screaming back into the middle ages. That’s not just a view held by pinko Guardian reading atheist evolution lovin’ lefties (like me), it’s held by practically everyone.

  37. And if any of you would like to emigrate when they succeed in establishing Gilead, feel free to come and sleep on my floor.

  38. Hi Livia. Thank you for the kind offer, but in that event I’ve already planned to lead an insurgent group based in a network of secret tunnels under the Austin Public Library system. The jury is actually still out on whether our country will go all “Handmaid’s Tale” on us; personally, I’m a little skeptical. On the other hand, our future as a third-rate, bankrupt, ex-superpower banana republic seems pretty much assured.

  39. I guess I should add, for the benefit of any government onlookers, that that part about an insurgent group was just a joke.

  40. “I guess I should add, for the benefit of any government onlookers, that that part about an insurgent group was just a joke.”

    Says it all.

  41. Janey

    I’m waiting for a law similar to the South Dakota law to be passed in Alabama.. It’s only a matter of effing time. When the time DOES arrive (and believe me, ladies, it will) I plan on setting up an underground abortion clinic like so many before me. Eat that, gov’na!

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