Mar 21 2006

This Just In

For some reason, I Blame The Patriarchy is a finalist for a Koufax Award in the Best New Blog category. Their server is overloaded, so if you feel like voting, you can spread the blame by sending an email to wampum @ nic-naa. net (subject: Koufax. Body: Best New Blog = blahblahblah, Best Group Blog = blahblahblah, etc).

I am endorsing Pandagon for Best Group Blog and Norbizness for Best Blog Commenter and Rox Populi for Most Humorous Post and Pharyngula for Best Expert Blog. And Tennessee Guerilla Women for Best State/Local Blog. I was endorsing Chris Clarke for Best Writing until I discovered two minutes ago that I’m nominated for that one, too. So, although he writes better than I do, screw him!

See why I hate awards? They turn me into a shrew!


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  1. norbizness.com

    Shrewz R Tiny!!1! Me win Best Commentor! Free JacknthaBox tacoz 4 every-1!

  2. Congratulations on everything, oh awesome one! I loved the pictures. I’m not blaming today.

  3. I checked out a couple of the other nominees. You should be a shoe-in.

  4. Congrats on the nomination.

    Love the comments and phone shots of the local eating estabs. they help me a lot.


  5. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    Twisty: Best of luck on your nomination! I will of course vote for you, o best of all the best.

    If any fellow blamers here feel like visiting the Koufax awards’ site for “best state/local” blog, Tennessee Guerilla Women is also a finalist. We blame with the best of ’em from our corner of the world, and heaven knows there’s plenty of blamin’ to do down here.

    Thank you Twisty —

  6. Twisty

    MzNicky is correct about the Guerilla Women. If I had my blaming wits about me I would have mentioned it myself. In fact, I’m gonna add it to the post.

  7. tonypatti.com

    It’s haaaaaard to vote! Wah!

  8. faultline.org

    and here I was all poised to vote for Twisty for Best writing. Again.

    Might still.

  9. fatladysings.us

    Congratulations! Wonderful work – glad to see it properly recognized. By the way – it seems like your link from Wampum isn’t working. I guess they are really getting swamped over there. Anywho – Best of luck!

  10. superbabymama.blogspot.com

    I’m was just *sniff* thrilled to be nominated *sniff, sigh, sob*

  11. This, friend Twisty, is a marvelous validation. Your diligence, wisdom and pure spink (better then spunk) is an inspiration to many. So, enjoy the ride…whatever the outcome. On second thought, if you don’t win, I propose a major pout-fest. The revolution is on the way, regardless.

  12. pandagon.net

    Good luck! I endorsed you mucho, since you deserve it.

  13. These nominations are but a tiny nod to the wonder that is Twisty.
    If there was an award for “blogger w/the most devotedly ardent fans who happen to be reasonably intelligent themselves” it would go to Twisty without a doubt.
    Check out Chris’s musical tribute to Twisty on his Creek blog.
    I adore both of them!

  14. I thought I would share some good, if unrealated to this post, news. I would email it, but my computer refuses to do so. Sorry.


    Cecilia Fire Thunder, President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation(SD), sayth thus, “I will personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction.”

    Also I’m voting for you now. Good luck!

  15. Hooray for Cecilia Fire Thunder!

    Hooray for Twisty!

  16. Re the Planned Parenthood clinic on Oglala land:

    What a great idea. However it’s not a done deal; she’ll have a fight on her hands from the rez patriarchy.

  17. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    QRaccoon: Thanks for this link and story! I’m going to write a short post about it for Tennessee Guerilla Women.

  18. I’m so grateful to someone in an online community for reminding me of the wonderfulness that is Twisty/Blame the Patriarchy. Gawd, how could I forget?!

    I hope you win – if not, I second the major pout fest as suggested above.

  1. Creek Running North

    Profound gratitude

    Even better than being a finalist in the Koufices is the fact that people I greatly admire are saying incredibly gracious things about my writing. Take my friend Twisty, for example, who took time out from puking in her last week of chemo to write: I w…

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