Mar 29 2006

It Burns!

hideous sculpture makes me wanna hurl
“Pro-life” sculpture of—that’s right—Britney Spears ready to take it up the ass while giving birth on a bearskin rug.

“Why the sporadic posting, Twisty?” you ask. I’ll tell you. It’s because a couple of readers sent me this godawful thing. When I saw it the first thing I did was, I stared at the monitor with my giant mouth open. Then I made broken, gurgling noises. Then I snapped. I ran out into the street screaming like a mimi. My neighbor looked up from her gas-powered leaf-blower, observed that there was blood shooting out my eyes, and said, “What’s up, Twisty? A sub-par Oregon merlot again?” And I said, “Shit, almost! I’ve looked into the abyss, and the abyss looked back!”

My neighbor walked me back into the house, gave me an ativan, and put a cold cloth on my forehead. And I’ve been lying on the couch ever since, having spasms.


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  1. colorlessgreen.net

    Are they quite sure it’s pro-life? The only that makes me want is a lifetime of abstinence and a barf bag. More babies? Hell no.

  2. I wonder when Britney’s going to sue them. Plus, didn’t she have a C-section? I thought I read that somewhere.

  3. I reacted the same way. I would very much like to know if there are any women anywhere who are not repulsed by that object. I mean could they anve objectified bleghh. sorry, I have to go outside again.

  4. it seems like a joke. is she on a bear-skin rug? and is that really a good way to get a baby out of there? it looks like the very precious baby would have some climbing to do.

  5. Twisty

    Not to mention the dry cleaning bill for that rug.

  6. angryforareason.blogspot.com

    Could you all stop posting this please? Every blog I go to I have to run to the bathroom to vomit. God.

    To answer questions with info I got from other threads: 1) she had a planned C-section and 2) that apparently is a birthing position some people use to avoid epistomies *shudder*.

    Excuse me, I need to bleach my eyeballs AGAIN.

  7. grannyvibe.blogspot.com

    Yes the damn thing is every fucking where. But at least so far as I’ve seen, nobody is showing it from the, whatdoyoucallit, the birdseye angle.

  8. Twisty

    Il n’y a plus de nouveau sous le soleil. And remember, you get what you pay for at I Blame The Patriarchy.

  9. blog.hissycat.com

    nobody is showing it from the, whatdoyoucallit, the birdseye angle.

    Let’s call it “the money shot”! I think that’d be fun. I hear baby Sean Preston is crowning. Yum yum.

  10. aldahlia.net

    What I don’t understand is just how exactly it’s supposed to be Pro-Life.

  11. Ahhh, the heroism! Staying sexy and non demanding in the midst of childbirth. Truly a credit to her sex.

  12. threecoyote.com

    That is indeed a birthing position, one that can be more comfortable and effective than lying on one’s back. So naturally generations of male ob/gyns have required the birthing woman to be on her back, with feet in stirrups, working *against* gravity. But don’t lets get me started on this. I’ll rant.

  13. blog.hissycat.com

    Oh. You have to read the PR release that accompanies it. But you also have to realize the PR release is part of the Artwork. And that all of the conversations in the blogosphere are part of the Artwork. It’s very clever, ha ha ha.

    (But I somewhat seriously think this is satire. I mean, I do think it is satire, but– don’t throw things– I also start laughing whenever I look at at that picture.)

  14. blog.hissycat.com

    Whoopsy, crossed wires! The “you have to read. . .” was meant as an answer to aldahlia’s question.

  15. The look of serenity on her face just kills me!

  16. It’s satire. The guy who did it was also semi-infamous for making imitation “death masks” of the baseball player Ted Williams, who has been (apparently against his wishes) cryogenically frozen. Also, apparently Britney Spears actually had a C-section.

    Yeah, I had to find these things out from somebody else too. The coathanger-lovers are so insane these days it’s hard to tell the really-out-there parodies from the really-out-there actualities.

  17. I came home and opened IBTP to this. Am I being punished?

    I had to use someone else’s computer with That Other Browser this afternoon. Twisty I apologize, I apologize. Make it go away!

  18. I’d like whatever drugs she’s having.

  19. I was wondering if this would come up at IBTP. It is indeed of the eyeball-removing ilk. Twisty, please take more photos of luscious food; I cannot bear to open to this page tomorrow when I come back to work if I have to see this horrificus again. Please.

    And I must add… have any of you seen this?
    If it doesn’t come through… it’s a race. In stilettos. Which, whether it’s raising money for a good cause or not, is just stupid and ankle-endangering.

    I blame – you guessed it – the patriarchy.

  20. nobloodforhubris.blogspot.com


  21. I know the position is impossible. But could someone explain the hands over the bear’s ears? Is there going to be screaming?

    Not the position for Katie then I guess.

  22. lapplander.blogspot.com

    The same artist did a sculpture of Ted Williams’ frozen head. Tune your irony and satire meters accordingly.

  23. redneckmother.blogspot.com

    But could someone explain the hands over the bear’s ears? Shhhh! Don’t wake the bear!

    Jami’s right — the baby would need a ladder to get out.

    What’s truly creepy to me about the position depicted here is that it’s not the way a real woman would labor on hands and knees but is pretty close to the way one might have to go chest-to-knees if there were signs of a potentially fatal (for the fetus) umbilical cord prolapse. Brrr.

  24. The scary thing to me is that even if the artist was being satirical, the people promoting this sculpture don’t seem to be.

  25. defaultbunny.livejournal.com

    when i first stumbled upon this gem on my news portal, i was happliy muching away on a glorious multi-grain bagel with tomatoes and basil. After spitting said bagel all over my monitor and follwing it up with a couple of dry heaves, I thought I’d share the love.

    At first, I thought it was pornography (for pornography’s sake, ‘cuz it’s obviously fucking pornography) and I was all like “oh ho! Brit’s gonna git her knickers in a twist over this!” Then I realized what I was actaully looking at…

    Its been a few days now and I’m still attempting to constuct a succinct analysis of that piece of crap and the supposed motivation behind it. I’m pulling out my cognitive dissonance card and calling “satire” on the artist’s part.

  26. Nope, nothing new under the sun here. Skinny, nicely muscled body, except for the the big inflated breasts and in this case the big inflated belly. Not a combination actually found in nature.
    This is just a variant on porn-bodies – hairless, tight, thin, smooth sculpted bods with very large gravity-defying breasts. Not found in nature either. They’ve just added a pregnant belly to the whole horrifying frankensteinian freakshow.
    What the heck was that sculpture made of? Whatever it was, it was a giant waste of material. I admit I haven’t followed the satire aspect of it but I don’t consider that an excuse for this abomination.
    This damned image keeps popping up in the Yahoo news sector of my computer screen and it has been really messing with my days.

  27. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    Like I said to Bitch | Lab, that godawful thang was effectively on the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, recently. And the plot was that this right-wing semi-Catholic woman was dying of cancer. The roulette wheel bestoke that it was either her or the baby, so initially she was willing to die for the baby to live. But then, behold an angel doth appear and bestoke” Woman thou mayest live if only thy partake of a casaerian and trust in modern medicine and its esteemed knowledge!”

    Yet the women was unsure. Perhaps it was only a demon which spoke thus to her in the garbs of an angel of light? For, didn’t our Lord in heaven proclaim verily that it is a woman’s joy to suffer and to risk one’s life for Him in cloudy altitude up Yonder?

    Ah! The tension! Ah the whininess of purest desperation!! What could be DONE???

    Sticking by your guns, that is what. No white coated male of the modern era may inject my spine, procaimeth Stephanie. For, it is the spine of the Lord — and he alone, has no spine!

    Thus did Stephanie endure the pains and trials of labour, enduring not just her own pain, but also threatening the death of the baby and herself.

    But! T’was for a good cause — the best.

    The husband, too, came around to seeing the point of this misplaced femininity — smiling foolishly, beyond his rage, in order to proclaim the utterance of pure convincedness which all of us sadists really wanted to hear: “I have faith that Stephanie can do it!”

    And so and behold, the spinelessness of Deity was someone denied (or was it re-supplied?) by Stephanie’s own spine — and that day, everybody had a spine, even a patriarch, and low and behold it was written and it was said, and so it was true.

  28. That is indeed a birthing position, one that can be more comfortable and effective than lying on one’s back. So naturally generations of male ob/gyns have required the birthing woman to be on her back, with feet in stirrups, working *against* gravity. But don’t lets get me started on this. I’ll rant.

    In my guise as the Physics Fairy, I’ll point out that the position depicted is also working against gravity.

  29. fatladysings.us

    Does it get much worse than that? The sculptor obviously was thinking in extreme pornographic terms. I shudder to think what his fantasies must be like. I don’t give a damn about the supposed birthing position – it’s the sex angle coupled with it that I find disquieting.

  30. norbizness.com

    This is the part of the sculpted slideshow where a 40-foot satellite dish implanted by the aliens comes out of Ashley Judd’s ass. I mean, that is clearly Ashley Judd, not Britney Spears. I’m still unsure about the symbolism of the bear in the re-animation petri dish.

  31. onejewishdyke.wordpress.com

    That is Ashley Judd! I knew it didn’t look like Britney, but I couldn’t place the face until norbizness posted.

    I’m all for whatever birthing position is comfortable for the mother, and I’ve decided that there’s no way in hell that I’m going to have my feet in stirrups, giving birth into the freaking air and hoping the doctor grabs the baby. But that pose does not look it could be good for anything but bad porn.

  32. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    It doesn’t just burn, baby burn, it fucking pulls your insides out, literally. I’m a second-wave “breeder,” so trust me, I know.

    “…except for the the big inflated breasts and in this case the big inflated belly. Not a combination actually found in nature.”

    Actually, it IS a combination “found in nature”—that of the distorted-via-fully-pregnant female body.

    Lissen, kiddos, us old-time feminists have had to deal with the various male-dictated, sexually fetishized (of course!), “correct” positioning of the childbirthing female anatomy for decades. Not to mention at least a half-century’s worth of overpaid celebrities’ suddenly newsworthy “discoveries” of the wonders of childbirth and new-motherhood-as-career-move media-whoring.

    Fuck it all, and may I additionally advise any current mother-to-be who may, like I did in the ’70s, have stars in her eyes and lofty fantasies about Lamaze and “natural” childbirth and so forth: Fuck that shit too, and make sure your ob/gyn has every drug known under the sun available and at the ready. Just do, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  33. Right you are, MzNicky. Except avoid amnesiacs, which make you forget the pain, except you don’t really forget it and as a consequence feel crazy.

  34. liberalserving.typepad.com/liberalserving

    I must go touch it…

  35. MzNicky: by “not found in nature” I mean that most woman swell up more evenly when pregnant, not just in the belly and breasts.
    Puffy face, puffy hands, puffy everything. Not just porn-standard monstro-breasts.
    The combination of hot thin hard body with pregnant belly and huge breasts is not commonly found in nature. The overall swelling is not normally limited to the swollen areas depicted here.
    Sorry fellas.

  36. climactericclambake.blogspot.com

    As many times as I’ve seen this blogged, Twisty expectedly delivers the best commentary. My spouse already knows he’s in for a Twistyism when I howl with laughter and say, “You’ve got to hear this!”

  37. There’s more in the story (click on the photos). From the story:

    “An appropriate location for permanent installation of “Monument to Pro-Life” by Mother’s Day is being sought by the gallery.”

    How about the bottom of the Grand Canyon? No….wait….

  38. vociferate.wordpress.com

    All fours is a birthing position, all fours with your dainty feet off the floor and your arsehole pointing to the sun is a porn position, nobody gives birth like that.

    I’m with jjg, the bottom of the sea seems like a good place to me.

  39. Bertie, food, ANYTHING but this! Please? I’d rather look at the corset piercing than what looks like Britney/Ashley giving birth on the floor of some colonial British men’s club. You see? My brain has constructed an entire bizarre narrative around the sculpture. I am clearly hurting, and I need to see Bert, or a taco. Or even fetish shoes. Help me.

  40. saraarts.com

    Wow. Even the girls at Go Fug Yourself didn’t show us the side view. Uh, thanks, Twisty. Yeah. Thanks a lot.

    This deserves an emoticon: ;p

    Meanwhile, I don’t know much about Ms. Spears except what we can all surmise, that most certainly had to have had a caesarean because otherwise her body might have been too much changed by childbirth, and that would meant the whole courtship body she’d had before was just so much false advertising devised to nail down a husband. And how would that have been right or fair?

  41. I likes a bear with big ears, it gives me something to hold on to, hyuk hyuk hyuk. My friend gave birth standing, with her head in a sink, the (male) midwife didn’t complain as I think she would have ripped the sink off the wall and killed him with it at the time. She had the imprint of a tap on her forehead for a week.

  42. Now that pretend Lesbianism and SM are boring, johns most frequently request pregnant women to rape. In strip clubs, pregnant women make more money.
    Pregnant porn is hot! I knew of a stripper who waited til she was six months to get an abortion cause she was making too much money.

    Someone else mentioned Katie Holmes, how Tom Cruise wants her to be quiet for her childbirth, with no drugs. That fits in with controlling and fetishizing women’s reproduction. This P.O.S. called a statue is supposed to be the moment of crowning…That’s when the woman naturally screams loudest.

    Someone else had the good question — how is this “pro-life”? A real celebration of the birthing process has nothing to do with controlling women and forcing them to make babies. But that’s not with this is. This fits perfectly with the “pro-life” movement– fetishized pregnancy and controlling women.

  43. I was just consulting my Women’s Health Book (similar to, but not actually, Our Bodies Ourselves) and it describes the following birthing positions:

    laying down, sitting (“near squat”) and vertical squat.

    This sculpture is not a vertical squat. Like others have pointed out, gravity is working against the woman in this position. Lying down isn’t the best position for a woman to birth in, but what is depicted in this “sculpture” isn’t, either.

  44. You’ve seen it, now you can’t unsee it!

  45. You know what does give birth like that?

    Cats. I can just hear the artist’s explaination now: “I wanted to show the wild woman in her natural feral state – the beauty of breeding in all its animal glory. She’s on the bear rug as a demonstration of her predator skills and after birthing, she will cut the cord with her teeth and lick her new fledgling from top to toe. This intimate ritual of bonding is deeply satisfying to all women. Within a day or two she will be ready to hunt again. What a magnificent beast is woman!”

    Anyway yes another big ugly monument to patriarchal control freakiness. It’s tough to make pro-woman sculptures because how are you going to depict someone walking up the office plaza steps to work in a stylized and fetishized way? Maybe the whole patriarchal deal is masterminded by hysterical artist types who know – and they’re right – that the arts are going to take a tremendous blow from the de-objectification of women. Fucking Christ, the number of jobless coture photographers alone!

    You know, nobody’s interested in the fucking father during these things. He doesn’t even appear at all. The only thing that suggests him is the fucking baby. I don’t know, that seems a little weird now that I think about it. Where’s the father? Why isn’t he involved in this? Why isn’t he involved in this in the social mind?

  46. How the hell is that supposed to be “pro-life”? That’s just disgusting, and makes me even less inclined to give birth (if it’s possible for me to be less inclined to do so).

    More Bertie, more Bertie!!! Must. see. more. Bertie!!!

  47. educatinghercules.blogspot.com

    If Britney is the new pro-life centerfold, then where does K-Fed (*shudder*gag*) figure in their righteous fantasy? If the godbags really want their daughters to emulate Britney, they better be careful what they wish for.

    That sculpture is just gross and it misrepresents childbirth in a myriad of ways, particularly Britney’s. BUT I feel the need to speak up in defense of natural childbirth. It truly can be an intensely empowering experience. Of course, like any other experience, it can only be empowering for a woman inasmuch as she is allowed to be in control of her body’s experience (are you listening Tom? Katie? Run away Katie!). I’m not judging women who opt for drugs, but let’s not knock natural birth, either. A natural homebirth places a LOT more power in the woman’s hands than most any hospital birth.

    And midwives are awesome people. Just awesome.

  48. fray-chicago.blogspot.com

    The press release to go with this is the best part… look for the phrases “lactiferous breasts” and “water-retentive hands”. Huh? Water-retentive? There is no end to the creepiness of this press team.

  49. joolya.blogspot.com

    I am cracking up at my desk right now, seriously. I thought, “No way could this be real …” But …

  50. nebris.livejournal.com/profile

    I posted this in my Live Journal under the title “The Iwo Jima Monument of Prego Fuck-Me Babes”. I imagine someone will eventually combine the two. *laughs*


  51. joolya.blogspot.com

    SaltyC, that is one of the most horrible things I have ever heard. Talk about backlash against feminism – the fetishization of the pregnant female. Ew.

  52. “The Iwo Jima Monument of Prego Fuck-Me Babes”.

    Cringing at where the flag might be ‘placed’.

    [Sorry, but it doesn’t look at all like Britney.]

  53. what-it-means.blogspot.com

    At every blog that’s posted this, all of the comments are either “She had a C-Section!” or “No one could give birth like that!” or “That’s ugly!”

    Well, DUH.

    Which is more ugly: the cult of celebrity, the sexbot persona that Britney shills under the coercion & opression of the patriarchy, and the absolute absurdity of the Right to Life movement OR this sculpture which boils all of that down into a succinct visual punch in the face?

    People must be taking this so seriously because we expect no less from the illogic of the Forced Birth contingent, who not only wants to outlaw abortion, but also birth control and child care. The reinstatement of Mother as the primary function of women is their final goal. So, what less likely candidate for the role of Mother than an over-sexualized, “barely legal” pop-icon? It’s the dreamed-of reclamation of a lost uterus to the cause of righteousness.

    The cooked-up press release is no different from something you’d read in The Onion! Hillarious!

    As a contemporary artist and sculptor, I feel like I should be running around defending this. I hate it, but it’s actually kind of clever. It’s ugly, but the ugliness comes from where it fits in culture and society. See my own blog for a bit more writing on it.

  54. redstatefeminist.blogspot.com

    funniest post I’ve read in ages. I’m crying with laughter.

    that stupid statue is great in its awfulness. or awful in its greatness; i’m not sure which.

  55. Just for the record, I gave birth to one of my kids on hands and knees but, as someone points out out above, not with arms outstretched and ass in air (thank you very much), but with arms up on a bunch of pillows and back thereby slanting down toward ass, which was practically on the floor. VERY good birthing position. Homebirth, baby.

  56. members.cox.net/thevixen/Cayenne/1.html

    Yes as Erin #39 says “Bertie, food, ANYTHING but this! Please?” Even Bertie’s food –processed through Bertie. I don’t see how that looks like Britney Spears, either. Maybe the artist was counting on nobody looking at the face?

  57. bigbalagan.typepad.com

    Its a visual epitome of patriarchal appropriation of woman:
    1. available for penetration, through either lower orifice
    2. available on a bearskin rug (where’s the fire?)
    3. as fully accessible as possible
    4. facing away (assuming you’re not the bear) so that any expression or communication is unregistered
    5. giving birth
    6. enduring pain without complaint (don’t listen to Tom Cruise on that one)
    7. petting the bear affectionately while doing so

  58. Poor Britney.

  59. It seemes to me that the fathers place in this preggy porn obscenity is as the viewer.

  60. I think it’s satirically brilliant that the artist made this horrifically sexualized “pro-life” sculpture of Britney Spears, and very few people have bothered to notice that it’s clearly Ashley Judd’s face (nice call, norbizness). I personally find this sculpture hilarious, but I don’t think everyone else is familiar with Dan’s “Self-Portrait Variation” and the Ted Williams pieces. The guy’s a hoot.

  61. Sorry for the bad link. That self-portrait is at http://www.firststreetgallery.net/show03-04a.html.

  62. oralhygienequeen.blogspot.com

    This is sick, sick, sick. And I didn’t see it anywhere but here, so, Twisty, I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you. My eyeballs are bleeding as well. And I say this as someone who has given birth and had an amazing, sublime experience (despite all the pain and hard work) and I think women should birth in whatever position works. But no sculptures of birthing celebrities (dare I say bimbos) that are transparently sexual (why the fuck is she pointing her toes? pure porn). This is so icky.

    I would not consider this “pro-life.” That’s weird.

  63. Bears are huge in native religion/culture. Not only the coast aboriginals mentioned here, but also among the boreal forest natives, Cree and Dene. Huge import. Their power is awesome, (one is to be filled with awe toward them) respected and yes, frequently connected to women in a spiritual way denoting power.



    “This work appears to incorporate the Bear Mother myth of the Northwestern Native American tribes such as the Tlingits and Haida (popular for the totem pole and potlatches).

    The Bear Mother was a human woman who married a bear and gave birth to bear children. Years after her marriage, her brothers met her while out bear hunting. It was soon learned that the fate of her bear husband was to die at the hands of her brothers, but instead of killing the bear without dignity they decided to wait and create a ceremony in which a death song would be sung during a ceremonial combat wherein the bear would allow the humans to kill him. After this incident, the Bear Mother went back to live with the humans, and thus the Bear Clan came into being. “

  64. kathymccarty.info

    It DOES seem likely that this is meant to be a humorous piece. Yet it is so horrifying. Does anyone really know if it is meant to be, um, straightforward, or hilariously bad on purpose for our amusement?

  65. KMTBerry

    Click on the link I gave and do a word search on “bear”. The artist “may” be doing a very bad riff on Leyba.

  66. “I personally find this sculpture hilarious, but I don’t think everyone else is familiar with Dan’s “Self-Portrait Variation” and the Ted Williams pieces. The guy’s a hoot.”

    The guy’s a prick.

    Let’s see a picture of him naked on a bearskin rug with his bottom facing skywards. Then I might have a good laugh.

  67. Oh, geez, lighten up. This is absolutely rib-cracking hilarious. I think the perfect home for such a sculpture would be that big-ass fundie church in Colorado. Right in front of the altar, or whatever passes for an altar (low prots don’t have those, do they? I have no idea).

    Quit retching and reflect for a moment on the stupid fundies’ embrace of this pornographic joke. That should quell the outrage right away! It did for me!

  68. The corridor outside Bill Napoli’s office?

  69. A midwife I know pointed out that this position, though not ideal for birth, was perfect for coitally inducing labor.

    Apparently a good hard rogering will start things right up if you’re having a hard time getting into gear. There was some stuff about orgasms causing contractions and semen making the cervix dilate and what-not — I’m just trying to imagine the at-term woman who’d really be in the mood for sex…

  70. nobloodforhubris.blogspot.com

    I confess. I saw this last night, and thought, wow, what a concept, finding this funny statue and saying it’s Brittney Spears Giving Birth. I thought that Twisty sure brings snark to a new level. haha.

    Then I saw in the paper this morning that the statue really is of Brittney Spears Giving Birth and I am SO having problems with being part of the reality-based community. I mean, really. How can there be snark when reality is inherently so much snarkier.

    I must suffocate myself in the nearest bearskin Brittney rug. Really.

  71. Orgasms do cause uterine contractions in some women. Not all women by any means, and it’s the minority of women who have vaginal orgasms, aka from “rogering” even in normal rogering circumstances. (All female orgasm originates in the clitoris).

    And it’s probably a minority of men who’d survive long enough to get it up if they came near any woman in labour.

  72. Sibyl wrote: “I’m just trying to imagine the at-term woman who’d really be in the mood for sex…”

    (raising hand) – Me. Both my labors started that way. I know other women who swear by it as a way to either start or move along labor. I thought it was from a combination of contractions from orgasm (however gotten to) and some hormone in jism. Also nipple stimulation (self, midwife, or partner) can help w/ distracting from pain and keeping labor going.

    When I first saw the picture (it was posted on bagnewsnotes), I thought it was a sculpture of some anonymous pregnant woman getting ready for sex from the back, or else woman swaying hips or doing the recommended “cat arch” for back labor (but with the rug???).

    I did not have painless labors, I am a big fan of “gas and air” (mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen), but some women I have met really *enjoy* laboring and birthing and even do so by themselves.


    I don’t like the sculptor’s political agenda, and he certainly did not get the position very accurately, and I *hate* the bearskin thing, but besides that, it’s a nice change from depictions of women as suffering the “curse of Eve” in birth.

  73. Thanks Twisty for this priceless post. Priceless in that each time I read it it retains its food spewing hilarity.

    Just wondering-are pro-lifers really jumping on this porn for the cause?

  74. “Oh, geez, lighten up. This is absolutely rib-cracking hilarious. I think the perfect home for such a sculpture would be that big-ass fundie church in Colorado. Right in front of the altar, or whatever passes for an altar (low prots don’t have those, do they? I have no idea).

    Quit retching and reflect for a moment on the stupid fundies’ embrace of this pornographic joke. That should quell the outrage right away! It did for me!”

    No, because I don’t give a toss about the fundies, not in this case anyway. What bothers me is that a woman’s body is being used in this way. Are we not supposed to give a shit becasue it’s Britney Spears? We all hate *her*, right? It’s like being back at school, we laugh at the woman and the guy who used her gets a great big slap on the back. What a hoot.

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