Apr 04 2006

Important Announcements

Ceviche with a glob of guacamole and a Mexican coke at El Chile, consumed during the kids’ immigration legislation protest

1.Tom Delay announces his intention to announce his intention to resign!
2. I’m thinking of changing my name to Dewy Faulkner.
3. Those annoying “most popular outgoing link” pop-ups on everybody’s blogs are giving me obstreperal trouble.


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  1. alphabitch.org

    I’m with you on #3. What the hell? It’s making me nuts.

  2. Too bad for Tom. Now its off to some high-paying, do-nothing positions on corporate boards, and status as a wise “elder statesman” on our T.V. screens in about five years (a la Newt).

  3. Damn, that dish looks mighty tasty. Better than my morning Cheerios.

  4. faultline.org

    Those annoying “most popular outgoing link” pop-ups on everybody’s blogs are giving me obstreperal trouble.

    Damn straight. It’s high school all over again. Who ever thinks of the introverted links? All those popular, outgoing links get all the dates, the cheerleading squad uniforms, and the great summer internships with the patriarchy. Meanwhile all of my links are listening to Nine Inch Nails and giving their parents attitude.

  5. saraarts.com

    Re #3, I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s a pop-up blocker in Trend Micro PC-cillin, which I have on all the time, so I’ve never seen whatever newfangled nonsense to which you refer. Also, when I visit sites I’ve been to before that I know have lots of slow-loading stuff in the sidebars (especially ads, most of which I also blockwith filters), I usually hit the “stop” button in Firefox before it loads. I strongly recommend this practice to others with lots to read but not much time.

    I blame the Patriarchy for pop-ups.

  6. Dewy Faulkner… love the sound of it.


    Did a quick Google search and found that there was a semi-famous male bodybuilder named Dewey Faulkner back in the day.

    Of course, that might add to the mythology.

  7. Sara: They aren’t popup windows so much as they are mouseover tooltips on all the links. It’s insidious.

  8. saraarts.com

    Wow, Arianna, I have not seen this. Very happy about that. Sounds gross.

  9. hattie.typepad.com/hatties_web

    I don’t know about those pop ups. Chris is right. Some of my favorite blogs get no hits at all.

  10. kathymccarty.info

    The only place I have seen those things is at BlackAdemic. I find them totally not helpful (hint: I can tell by the NUMBER OF POSTS how POOPULAR the thread is…duh!!!!!!!)(with C O U N T I N G).

  11. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    I don’t get #3 either. Whose links? Yours? Ours? GAH.

    Must have been code written for the consumerism sites. I blame the Patriarchy.

  12. If you’re using Firefox, you can install the Adblock and NoScript extensions and it should take care of most all your Javascripted woes.

  13. majikthise does it, and I’m not sure why, I see them and wonder if I should care for some reason.

    Though of course I always seem to want to click on the “12th most popular outgoing link” for some reason, I reckon it has some sort of occult meaning, but my witch doctor insurance is all paid up! It’s so confusing… :(

  14. nomorenuts.org

    If Twisty is changing her name to Dewey Faulkner then I think we should all change names. I have always wanted to be Victorien Sardou!

  15. blog.3bulls.net

    I think the guac infested ceviche should be in soft-focus but the Mexican Coke should be delciously bathed in bedewed* goodness.


  16. Ok. You’re Victorien Sardou Falkner.

    I’ll be Virgine Duplicity Falkner.

  17. Using Camino 1.0, getting none of the annoyances described above around here.

    So I had a look at majikthise.
    They’re neatly done and not so bad as the black and yellow ones here that tell me that the Logout link will “Logout of this account” and that the Morsel Institute link will let me “view all posts in Morsel Institute”. Which tool tips are a redundandancy of a most homely aspect in such a quiet grey and blue room as IBTP’s.

    But I agree with R. Mildred. What use are they, those ratings for popularity?

    Gee I am annoyed by the opposite in web design though:
    Web Pages That Suck calls the thing Mystery Meat Navigation

    The team also highlights the absolutely most nauseating bit of flash design that I’ve yet encountered.
    Recent chemo pukers are advised to approach it with caution.

  18. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    Hey I just discovered if you put a sex “tag” on your post it will get lots of traffic. Lots of folks searching the blogosphere for sex tags (rolls eyes). Imagine their disappointment when the “Women I love” post was actually about abortion in South Dakota . . .

  19. saraarts.com

    (gasp) Pinko Punko, you said “ceviche.” I am awash in impure thoughts.

    I haven’t had ceviche in 11 years.

    I blame the Patriarchy.

  20. Twisty

    Are you saying, Darkymac, that these things appear on this blog, too? Holy crap! I didn’t authorize that!

  21. Twisty

    I think it’s a function of what browser they’re using and how they have security and privacy set. I’m using Firefox set tight, and I run Adaware and a full system virus scan DAILY. I also don’t surf more than three or four sites without crashing my browser and starting over. For example, I surf a couple Blogs, crash, surf a newspaper, crash. I also don’t use Outlooking the Express. It’s Bill’s in’it? Anyway, I get none of what the others have complained about, not here or anywhere.

  22. Howdy Pony,
    I know nowt of this Adaware and virus and crash and defence talk.
    I drive a Mac and so I just get in, turn the key and select Drive.
    We ride with the top down and no seatbelts or helmets in our Macs.
    This is because of the roadworthy engineering and the small target that they present to snipers.
    My Ma told me with her dying breath to eschew Microsoft.
    Well, what she really said was is all that digital septic flapdoodle just so the boys can play patience, but I knew what she meant.

    Camino is the Firefox that runs on native OS X architecture and it is a whooooosh to get around in.
    Not to mention that it has a much more attractive name.

    In my experience the wee yellow square cartoon balloon tool tips come with both Windoze and OS X. Not knowing any Linux distros I cannot include them in the summary.
    In Windoze they are all over the operating UI but can be turned down with various tweaks however I haven’t found the switch for them in html or xml OS X. And I’m not sure that I don’t find them useful otherwise and therefore don’t fancy finding the switch.
    Blocking scripts, ads and popups appears to have no effect on their ubiquity.

    Howdy Twisty, I was commenting on the yellow description tooltips that are summoned by your source code as titles for links on your pages. I see them in Firefox and Camino and Safari running in 10.3.9.

    For example, from your template source code – and in this example I’ll replace the html carets with [ to avoid the example of html getting lost in the html.

    [a href=”http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/category/1/” title=”View all posts in Patriarchy-blaming” rel=”category tag”]Patriarchy-blaming[/a], [a href=”http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/category/morsel-institute/” title=”View all posts in Morsel Institute” rel=”category tag”]Morsel Institute…

    the title tag calls for those noisome yellow cartoon balloons.

    But so far none of them rates any of your links as “nth most popular”, extrovert or introvert.
    Thank heavens.
    And I’m not really complaining about the yellow ones on your site.
    Just regretting a little bit because the reading is such an easy-on-the-eye ride otherwise.

    My inept point about the majikthise tooltips was that they are the same colour theme as the web page and not that black-on-yellow sticky note look and therefore not intrusive and thus eminently ignorable.

    Apologies for the bung link to the Mystery Meat Navigation page.

  23. Touche !!

    So now I see what the “MAC” is in darkyMAC. I dig. MACs and Caminos–such class. I plod along on this rig given me by one who upgraded to a MAC. I’m getting there see? Just a hare’s breadth away. The Paranoia ™ browser settings and virus destroying moves were taught to me by a nephew-geek.

  24. Howdy back Pony,
    So now I see what the “MAC” is in darkyMAC.

    Well it wasn’t.
    But if you like it, who am I to spoil the party?

    ***puts stick into Drive and shows dust to dented but well-armoured recreational utility vehicle***

    all the best to you.

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