Apr 21 2006

L’État c’est moi

Kindly go and watch the 1946 filmstrip on despotism at Redneck Mother, and find out—as if you didn’t know—what Louis XIV, Wal-Mart, and homophobic godbags have in common.


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  1. Wow, Twisty – very powerful. I especially noticed the pledge of allegiance – there was no mention of being “under god” in this, the original version. Thanks for posting this.

  2. kathymccarty.info

    These are very perilous times. How could everything have gone to such utter shit in ten short years? Well I guess that means we could get things back in track in that amount of time too. Of course we would have to seize all the fortunes of the top 1% to pay back the national debt.

  3. Well, shit.

    Have we really lost that much ground in the last 60 years? Can you imagine such a film being made now?

  4. Last saw this on Slacktivist about two years ago, it needs to be hot potato’d around the Blogovoid cosntantly I feel, forever.

    Oh and things didn’t go to shit in ten short years, it was more like about 5, see this is an example of pre-mcarthy hearings americana, before the reds got under the nation’s bed and the patriarchy wearing its facist mask got the Kinder, Kiche, Kurche narrative injected straight into the heart of heartland politics, evermore.

    It took 50 years, and no one noticed until now, because it’s now impossible to ignore.

    Oh Greatest Generation, what the fuck did you let happen to your daughters and grandchildren!?

  5. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    Apres moi le deluge.

    Couldn’t get the video to work!

  6. cypress.typepad.com

    Erpi Films.

    yes. that seems the right name for them.

    the voice over tone is fascinating. thanks for this.

  7. slycivilian.blogspot.com

    i was actually quite surprised to see the provenance at the end…Encyclopedia Britannica. it’s no government job, but likely got play in schools, etc.

    before that, i could have sworn it was a union, wobbly, or other lefty production that might not have gotten so much reach.

    we have lost ground, haven’t we?

  8. dnki.net/family/dave

    I got introduced to this a couple years ago when our local access cable station shut down and TV3 was reduced to one guy loading tapes in a closet at City Hall. He had acopy of this; it’s in the public domain; we got to see it several times per week.

    It’s remarkable to see how far we have fallen into the Dark Side. We’ve been driven by fear, anger, and greed into throwing away our liberties, trashing the Commons, and turning our backs on civil society. And now the Bushies have given the future a debt burden that our kids will be stuck with until the frickin’ country implodes.

  9. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    I spied Harold Lasswell’s name in the opening credits. If I recall my grad studies correctly, Lasswell was a communications theorist at Yale who studied propaganda techniques and made films, such as this one, for the US government. He was mainly concerned with the way media manipulation and symbols can direct political behavior. If I recall my grade-school days correctly, I saw this film in maybe fifth-grade civics class.

    Do they still teach civics in grade school?

  10. vera.wordpress.com

    MzNicky, that’s right, Harold Lasswell was a political scientist and democratic theorist at Yale. He was leaving around the time I arrived there as a graduate student. He was one of the “three L’s,” if I recall corrently — Lasswell, Lane, and Lindblom. Yale was the place to study democratic theory, in those days. (Apparently Robert Dahl, another democratic theorist, is still there as an emeritus prof. He must be 93 years old.)

    My daughters both were taught a fairly radical brand of civics during their middle and high school years, so perhaps there’s hope. They’re both radical, come to think of it, especially my older daughter who is a radical feminist artist. How they do grow up!

  11. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    vera: Indeed they do. And all their lives, my spawn have been subjected to civil libertarianism/radical feminism around the dinner table, as well as via osmosis. Nicklet XX, I’m proud to say, is a no-bullshit rising patriarchy-blamer, and Nicklet XY, I am also proud to say, is a fine example of young manhood what’s been brought up as a no-bullshit patriarchy blamer as well, now that I think about it. Hey, maybe I did do something right during my breeder years.

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