Apr 28 2006


Can anyone identify this poor woman, named here only as “my girlfriend”? I need to send her a link to this blog, stat.

NOTE: you are not complicit in anything by clicking this link. It’s fake. Sort of.


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  1. nomorenuts.org

    First in line here to say: Ewww!

    I have to go to work this afternoon, otherwise I’d be sticking this woman’s face on milk cartons and mailboxes all day. Oh, and I think she looks like a Nicole…or maybe a Jamie.

  2. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    OMFG the poor thang!

  3. Oh NO! And now I clicked there, and added a click.

  4. redneckmother.blogspot.com

    I dunno. Perhaps she’s been thinking for a while about leaving him for a certain gal (whom she plans to make their third) and this is her bassackward way of leading him to believe the incipient dumping will be the result of his foolish web prank.

    Or maybe I’m giving her too much credit. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Blame Squad that could kick in the door — like those guys in Minority Report — just before a woman fails to blame the patriarchy?

  5. bitingbeaver.blogspot.com


    Gah gah gah. And you linked it?? GAH i say!

  6. nomorenuts.org

    And, hey, where’s the warning label on the link to this hurl inducing site?

    And talk about an ethical dilemma for a blogstress! To link? Or not to link? Is it nobler to shout from afar and let “Nicole” suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous low-end patriarchal enterprises? Or is it a crisis so time sensitive that we must take arms and sail into her sea of troubles and hit the shores of that web page, if only to say we end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    that her flesh might soon be heir to???

  7. bitingbeaver.blogspot.com

    Also seems like he completely fucking cheated. Clicking on the “in writing” link just reloads the page and adds another hit. I clicked like six times before I figured that out.


    I am seeing so much fucking red right now over this.

  8. It’s just a shot in the dark, Twisty but you could try:

    trophygf at imatool dot com

    or some version thereof. But also, never under-estimate the ability of guys like Dan to utilize Google Images in order to attain photos of hawt chicks to place on their websites with such self-serving descriptors as, “my girlfriend.”

    I hope the woman in question reads IBTP (or that her grandmother does), becomes awares of this nonsense and files some sort of lawsuit against Dan. And then all sorts of folks can tell her how the use of said photo was not exploitative, that she should be flattered (and therefore empowered) by its use, and what’s a smart girl like her doing letting her photo be posted all over the internet anyway?

  9. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    I hope she leaves him for the other woman.

  10. Well, the counter indicates over 4 million hits, so it’s not as if Twisty’s linking was going to push things over the edge.

    Not that I believe it. I clicked on the page, and then went back again two seconds later to see if the counter changed, and it was dozens of numbers higher. Are there really that many people looking at this? (Or maybe it was all twistyites.)

  11. OMG!! This could be my daughter… in about 18 years. I need to take some asprin and lay down.

  12. nomorenuts.org

    Blume: “the counter indicates over 4 million hits”

    Ya, probably from Dan and all of his ring-fingered chums pushing on the “refresh” button while they yank on themselves.

    I’m stopping for Pepto-Bismal on my way to campus.

  13. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    Well, she did get one thing right: her boyfriend is an idiot.

    That’s it. There’re a lot of smartypantses on this site. Y’all teacher-types and curriculum creators please get an “Our Bodies Ourselves”-cum-“Sexual Politics” going for the grammar school set. The earlier this starts, the stronger our foundation, and the more redundant our message (as in, from many sources), the less room for this sort of bullshit.

    And while I’d love to go w/ the idea that this menage-a-blah was the gal’s idea, no can do. Why involve the guy? Why not speak up? Why engage in a porn fantasy? Why “let” your “boyfriend” (not bloody likely) post your picture all over the interwebs? I blame the patriarchy.

  14. badmetaphor.net/blog

    Ack, edit out the link please. Don’t give this guy any more hits :(

  15. joolya.blogspot.com

    Ah! I added a click!!! Shit … it’s already past 2,000,000 though, so I guess the damage is already done.

  16. I saw this a couple of days ago and sadly went to the site and added to the sitemeter. Is she misguided and needs our help or is the last laugh on him? I hope it’s the latter. Nothing like gearing up for a hot threesome to find the door gets slammed in your face.

    BTW sad about the spam crap. i don’t mind registering at all but you know for those people who happen by occasionally to add their two pence worth it’s a shame. Is it spam problems or trolls? I thought WP was quite good for spam catching. If it’s trolls then that’s sadder. And I am seeing it more and more. Especially on feminist/women of colour blogs. hate it

  17. nomorenuts.org

    Ya, hitting that link made me feel like a lab rat or a chicken hitting a bell in order to score some blame flavored cheese. Blech!

  18. Twisty

    The irony of posting the link had not escaped me. But a patriarchy-blamer’s work isn’t always pretty.

  19. DeviousDiva

    I get nothing like that. Never no matter where I surf. Are you using Firefox for your browser? Completely spam and cost free.


  20. saraarts.com

    “Blame flavored cheese” — Funny, Annie.

    Sorry, though, I refuse to click. Sometimes blissful ignorance is the only way I can get through my day.

  21. myaimistrue.com

    Blocked by the proxy servers at my work. Category: Sex.

  22. genderberg.com

    I feel the need for an anti-patriarchal coinage to describe the growing cultural meme of men trying to get their sexual abuse of women partners agreed to with fucking contracts that are supposed to somehow mitigate the coercive assholishness of the contract-presenting man instead of magnifying the prickitude the very act of presenting such a signed-sealed-delivered document displays.

    I like, freytractingtraynortracting in dishonor of Linda Boreman’s contract-happy pimp Chuck Traynor.

  23. You know – I don’t think that girl is really his girlfriend. Not that she is necessarily a random picture from the net, either. This to me looks like the sort of nasty prank: a woman “disses” you (ie, refuses to go out with you or breaks up with you), so you post her picture along with an announcement that she’s agreed to a threesome. And, so guarantee that a lot of people see it, you announce the threesome will only take place if you get 2,000 hits.

  24. Please ignore my multiple typos.

  25. genderberg.com

    There should have been a space and an “or” between freytracting and traynortracting.

  26. Yeah, I blocked from the website too. Can someone give me a summary of what it’s about?

  27. He posted this poor woman’s picture on a website and said that she’s agreed to have a threesome if he gets 2,000,000 hits on the website. He asks people to help him get to 2,000,000 hits.

    He’s now at 4,000,000 .


  28. climactericclambake.blogspot.com

    Summary: He’s an idiot if he think he can make a website that gets 2 mil hits. The bet is if he doesn’t, he admits he’s an idiot. If he does, she’ll take part in a threesome with him. He calls himself Dan and her Kim on the site. Whois says the contact is Kevin Hanson at metersystems@gmail.com in Scottsdale, AZ, apparently located in a parking lot between the “Just a Few Bucks” and “Tallyho Coucktail Lounge” on E. McDonald. Sounds spiffy.

  29. Sam there coulda been a few other spaces, or commas, there, too. Nevermind. I get it.

  30. genderberg.com

    Yeah, I botched that post up a couple of minor typological ways. I’ll stop posting for today since my fingers are betraying their desire to stop typing.

  31. genderberg.com

    and of course by typological I meant typographical. ugh and tgif.

  32. wolfangel.calltherain.net

    Well, I somehow suspect that this “ultra-binding contract” can be unbound by simply breaking up with the guy.

  33. bitingbeaver.blogspot.com

    Is an “ultra-binding contract” like a “super-duper precedent”?

  34. kwillz.blogspot.com

    “This of course is an ultra-binding contract.”

    So he’s from South Dakota, eh?

  35. Sam

    Take care of the fingers. And the mouth.

  36. Manxome

    So what colour were his eyes? WhoIs?

  37. Pony,

    Whois is a database containing information about the owners and technical contacts of all registered domainnames (in theory). If you’re on a Mac or Unix machine you can type this command into a terminal and get lots of potentially useful contact information about for any domain you care to check on:

    whois http://www.helpwinthisbet.com

    There’s whois software for windows, as well, but you’d have to download and install it. I found something called win32whois and another called JWhois. I can’t attest to the quality of either, but JWhois is probably a safe bet since it’s based on code written by the reputable GNU group.

    The data in the whois database isn’t perfect – many people resell domains or provide partially bogus information, but it’s a useful place to start.

  38. This is very useful. Thanks Perinteger. I think this is more doable for me than the t-shirt stencil gig.

  39. Amber & Ron

    Balloon or t-shirt it will have to be done here. The exchange and customs on anything from the States into Canada is unbelievable. For example, I ordered a cd needed for my work. It was $29. By the time I had it in my hands it was over $100.

  40. The loser probably downloaded her photo from Myspace.com. If she is real, she probably sat at her own terminal clicking furiously, in the hopes that if she got someone else in her bed, she might actually have a good time.

  41. Oh too brilliant Carol. For you, a prize. Click on “Listen”


  42. joeblu.net

    FYI… this was circulating at my college recently…can’t remember how many IMs I received with only the link. Also, this is not the original site (what can I say, I clicked it the first time). It had a slightly different name, the girl was different…

    I think this is a dupe page.

  43. fray-chicago.blogspot.com

    Ugh, ugh, and we all go look and click. I just went over and the idiot is now at 6 million, if the counter is actually legit (which I’m beginning to doubt). Twisty, could you not have copied and pasted the text, to prevent us going over there and gagging because we now feel complicit in this stupidity? Geez.

  44. nomorenuts.org

    Amid my depression-based hyper-blaming procrastinational funk I certainly couldn’t mash the blame button hard enough or fast enough, but there does seem to be a hoaxie scent of, dare I borrow the term, “assholicity” to this guy’s site. Cripes! Still, even if it’s just some sophomoric little prick prank passed around campuses as a method of scoring brews from buddies rather than lays from pretty girls in need of a Blame Squad intervention, it’s still the raw material for blaming…the very idea of the classic asshole fantasy sex “prize” deserves to be blamed early and often. But then again, we did that yesterday. UGH! I’m gonna hit the blame button now, even if I know it won’t do any good. Sigh. What’s to eat? Drink?

  45. feminista.com

    Now I’m depressed.

  46. Can anyone tell me why iTunes does not have Joan Jett & The Blackhearts’ version of Crimson & Clover available for download?

    This is the sort of thing I’d like to know. In a world where dickwads launch pointless web experiments, a world where rednecked knitters can churn out colorful comic panels likes it’s nuthin’, a world where we all support each other with our bandwidths, why – WHY – can’t iTunes offer the Joan Jett & The Blackhearts version of Crimson & Clover for $.99 just like they do versions by every other dog and pony show to come along since Tommy James & The Shondells?

  47. nomorenuts.org

    Puffin, will this do? http://joanjett.vcanet.org/ I’m like the oldest fart on the planet or something and I don’t have an ipod, so I don’t know what sort of files you need. Oh well, might help, can’t hurt.

  48. Twisty

    “I think this is a dupe page.”

    It doesn’t matter if the people or the scenario are real. That somebody thought it up is real enough.

  49. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    Yeah. It’s a “dupe” page aiight. Feh.

  50. lapplander.blogspot.com

    You know what? I hope dude gets his wish. Then he can have the menage experience, only to discover that the girls are gonna ignore him . . .


  51. politblogo.typepad.com

    You know what? I hope dude gets his wish. Then he can have the menage experience, only to discover that the girls are gonna ignore him . . .

    I’m given to understand that this is a well-known male fantasy.

  52. nomorenuts.org

    Right, Mandos. There’s really no way to punish the patriarchy, save Revolution, which our blog host seems to be mapping out.

  53. politblogo.typepad.com

    I think the blog host is more thinking along the lines of the Matrix. The Revolution has itself been made into a male fantasy…

  54. Ouais Mandos,

    I think the blog host is more thinking along the lines of the Matrix. The Revolution has itself been made into a male fantasy…

    *The Revolution will not be blogged.

    *apologies to Gil Scott-Heron.

  55. joeblu.net


    True. Absolutely blameworthy. If anything, wanted to spread the awareness that this has been done more than once (even worse). Sorry for not being clear earlier.

  56. wolfangel.calltherain.net

    I am rather reminded of Augment Lauren, a blog possibly by a university student posting pictures of herself hoping she will get enough money for breast enlargements, and possibly by an adult trying to dupe dudes into giving her money.

  57. faultline.org/place/toad

    Mandos, here’s the version some of the rest of us are fantasizing:

    “Hey, let’s go do this in my bed! More space and no bedbuggers. And wait till I show you what I’ve got in my fridge!”

    “OK. Bye, Wotsisname!”

  58. politblogo.typepad.com

    Ah, OK. That makes more sense.

  59. Puffin, that’s actually one I’ve been wanting, too (I only have it on mixed tape). Here’s the link to request songs for itunes:


  60. She looks like every single girl that goes to my community college. In fact, I think she’s in my psychology of women class, and I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to meet at her house next weekend to talk about lesbians in the media.

  61. Twisty

    They’re letting lesbians into the media now? Great Scott!

  62. Yes, like two or three. Enough so that the other members of my psych class really, like, really want to EXPLORE that. And ask me questions like, “What do you think of Ellen, Edith?” And I say things helpfully like, “Well, I think it’s EXCELLENT that two-syllable female ‘E’ names are getting play on the teevee! Power to the non-Elizabeth-based ‘E’ name!”

    Of course, then again, in this same class I got into an argument (with lots of screaming, not limited to my side) about the existence of the glass ceiling with my professor — namely, that it exists, and to think it doesn’t exist is, well, indicative of the inappropriateness of trying to teach of women’s studies course where things like “glass ceilings” might come up once or twice, but hey, I’m just a crazy dyke feminist, so everything I say is crap.

    If you think THAT’S bad, oh man, I gots way scarier stories. Community college and women’s studies is not the world’s perfect civil union. I guess it’s not helped that I live in the self-proclaimed “porn capital of the world,” but, you know.

  63. I live in the same town as those folks. Shiat! I’m tempted to make a poster w/ that woman’s photo that says, “Do you know this woman? If so, please bring her this flyer and ask her to visit blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com . Now!” Picture it plastered all over town. Sweet.

    I agree with Edith… the woman pictured looks like pretty much every blonde college girl I know. And I teach at two universities. Hmm. I’d love to forward this thread to all my WS students and make them respond to it as part of their take-home exam. “#3: After reading ‘Intervention’ at _I Blame The Patriarchy_, explain why, from a radical feminist perspective, the situation of the woman pictured calls for an intervention. Use at least 5 radical feminist readings from our textbook to support your argument. (20 points)”

    Finally, I want to say that I’ve been reading your blog for a while and just adore you, Twisty. I’ve never before posted here, tho. The link’s hometown connection scariness finally got me to delurk and register. Yay.

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