Apr 28 2006

The Lone Cojone Hones His Bone Alone

As if you didn’t know.

This is a test. We have no joy. Anyone out there use WordPress and MacJournal’s “send to blog” feature?


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  1. calmbeforethesand.blogspot.com

    Nice^. Anyway, regarding events of the recent days, an open letter.

    Dear Twisty, and Various Other Esteemed Blamers of the Patriarchy:

    Forgive me. I have transgressed. Things I recently have said in ignorance have caused great offense, and for these I abjectly apologize. No single event has driven me to this statement; rather, I have considered it (and my actions) over several days. If I have done wrong, please forgive me, as I assure you no wrong was intended. I like to think I hold myself to a higher standard than I have recently set. Evidently I have done both you and myself a great disrespect.

    Again, I humbly apologize for my words of late and the offenses that they have caused. All I ask in return is your considered forgiveness, and that you please, in the future, be patient with me. If I say things out of ignorance, it is only because I do not know better.

    Sincerest Thanks,

    M. Freeman

  2. politblogo.typepad.com

    *shocked silence*

  3. myaimistrue.com


  4. nomorenuts.org

    pissin my pants here, good grief!

  5. climactericclambake.blogspot.com


  6. He still doesn’t get it. He’s calling us ball-busters who only like men who are wimps.

  7. Mandos, reduced to silence??
    The mind is hereby boggled.

    Call me quacked but I detect a note of sincerity in Freeman’s letter. Let’s assume it so and forgive the fellow. Good intentions should be worth something.
    If in fact it was meant in jest, then forgive him anyways. Being forgiven for a jab tends to deflate the jabber and elevate the jabbee, n’est-ce-pas? (since this blog appears to be becoming Franglish-ish…)

  8. climactericclambake.blogspot.com

    Robin, I tell my kids that an apology doesn’t have real meaning if it doesn’t include owning up to just what it is they are apologizing for. “I’m sorry, because”, not “I’m sorry, if”. I have no tolerance for adults who don’t get that.

  9. nomorenuts.org

    Ya, “I’m sorry if…” is really code for “I’m sorry you were too friggin’ stupid and bitter and insensitive to accept my alternative view of things. Please forgive me so I can try and learn your ways.” or some crap like that. Whatever, freeman tires me. I’m going to make a salad.

  10. Robin: n’est pas.

    This is a dude who revels in PORN. Or did you forget? PORN is to women as gas chambers are to Jews.

    Reality check your sympathies.

  11. Pony,

    much as we may scorn the Freeman, let’s not go too quickly to the gas chamber analogy.
    Drawing too straight a line from Freeman to the Nazis may be a stretch, and doesn’t serve the memory of Holocaust victims.
    N’est-ce pas? (look it up…)

  12. When you forgive pornographer you forgive the gamut; you don’t get to pick. Rape of seniors in nursing homes, porn made of rape of children as young as babies, women having water hoses shoved up their rectums and the tape turned on full at gunpoint, while what Free Man hears is “more more please do it again” from the woman.

    Ally yourself with whomever you want Robin.

    {Pardon my typo. I’m trilingual with one of the langues being Michef.)

  13. nomorenuts.org

    Here’s my *advice* to all who believe themselves to be misunderstood anti-heroes of the world’s social inequities and cultural contradictions. It’s a line from an old John Wayne movie, maybe “Hondo,” I can’t remember: “Heroes must stand pain.” I don’t know how to type that snickering, snorting sound that spontaneously discharges from me whenever I remember that line, but if I did I’d insert it here.

  14. Twisty

    Yeah whatever, but seriously. WordPress and MacJournal 4.0. Anybody?

  15. Pony,

    I am not being an ally or sympathizing. You should understand this.
    Forgiveness does not make an ally of the accused, or release the accused from responsibility. It doesn’t sympathize with the accused’s crime. It’s more about being in a place to carry on without being tainted by a bond of anger with the accused.

  16. Oh for fuck’s sake, are no breaks to be given around here?!?

    Look, the guy has humbly and abjectly apologised. He has referred to his statements as transgressions made in ignorance, independent of ‘ifs’. He admits to not knowing any better. He’s been put through the wringer here and on his own site and been called all manner of names for it. Just settle down already*.

    I realise that this site is not meant to be a feminist primer, but here you have the opportunity to enlighten an interested party in ways he may never have imagined. Rather than unequivocally aligning him with the Hefners and Hitlers of the world and declaring that he has no opportunity to change or be forgiven his ignorance, why don’t you take the high road for once, recognise a bit of honest sincerity when it bows and scrapes at your feet and at the very least stop lowering yourselves to name-calling?

    I mean, he’s not nearly in the league of ‘Tool’ as that Gisher guy, or the one who hates Swedes.

    *by ‘settle down’ I am in no way, shape or form referring to anyone as ‘shrill’, a ‘harpie’ or any of the other inflammatory epithets that regulars to this site seem to read into dissenting comments. I am simply asking everyone to take a deep breath and move on. Talk about Bonobos or something.

  17. Freeman, it’s important to remember: Don’t beer and blog.

  18. nomorenuts.org

    Re: No joy in Twistville

    Sadly, I’m a cast member in the IBTP version of The Little “Read” Hen. I’m only qualified to help read/eat the blog. And Mac’s got it all over me. I’m a wannabe who barely knows why she wantsta be what she wantstabe.

  19. Mags:


  20. faultline.org/place/toad

    Sorry, Twisty, I’m strictly an end-user and I don’t use either of those.

    As for Freeman, I don’t think it matters much whether anyone here forgives him or not. He can pay attention and read up and learn for the rest of his life (as we all do) and figure out how to be a decent human being. As we all do. He just needs to step away from the power first; it makes this static-y noise that tends to drown out what we all need to hear.

    In his case, it looks as if that power shows up thus, here: He’s used to being listened to, maybe especially by women. To people with this privilege, it’s the order of the universe, and having it change is like a reversal of gravity. It’s both a measure of how much they’ve been able to take for granted at the expense of the people they’re standing on, and a thing that takes some time to figure out. If he lands on his ass a few times in the process, well, we all have our bruises. If he lands on anyone else’s ass, he’s getting some practice in apologizing here.

  21. I do not myself, know the webstuff of which you speak Twisty and so cannot add anymore than, ‘uh, no I haven’t heard, go ask her over there.’

    As for Freeman, I think only time will tell if that’s a real shit-hat he’s wearing into the room today.

    You see Freeman, us women here know all too well the flavor of true deprecation, since women get specialized training in that art to serve the patriarchy from a wee age.

  22. Hey Freeman, I’m down with that. Good start.

  23. hattie.typepad.com/hatties_web

    Oh, for heaven’s sake! He’s just a kid. i didn’t realize he was only 23 until I looked at his blog.

  24. You looked at his blog? I didn’t even read his shit here. Why would I go there?

  25. saraarts.com

    Sorry, Twisty. I use neither. Good luck.

  26. Twisty if none of the Blamers can help maybe Perinteger?

  27. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    Sorry, Twisty, don’t know the answer to the tech question.

    freeman, you’d be well-served to really read Ron Sullivan @ #20. You can lurk, you can de-lurk, you might fall on your ass, but you can make a good faith attempt to be a man who advocates for feminism. With enough humility, smarts, and stamina, it just might be possible.

  28. Pony,

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I’ve not used macjournal and don’t have ready access to a machine running OSX for testing. I’ve got at least another year of use out of my personal laptop before I can really justify buying one of those promising looking Intel compatable Powerbooks.

    This may help Twisty find some help, though – it looks like Macjournal has a fairly active free
    support forum. A reuiest posted there may turn up some helpful results

  29. Great Flying Spaghetti Monster – I think my ration of typos is actually getting worse. Wouldn’t have thought THAT possible.

  30. It looks like the problem was solved. With things tech, as with knitting, I also have no clue. So you looked like the dude to me!

  31. Mags,
    While offering the opinion that others are being unreasonable around here won’t usually get you a cup of STFU. Telling people to “take the high road for once” earns you a brim full cup of STFU.
    Never will I accept interaction with any who can justify torture. Never!

  32. vera.wordpress.com

    Twisty — I don’t use MacJournal but I am part of a group working on Flock, which is a browser based on Firefox. Flock has a built-in blog editor with a “send to blog” feature. Chances are someone at Flock has used (or at least tested) MacJournal’s feature. I’ll see what I can find out.

  33. Twisty

    Vera, you are a peach.

  34. mythago.com/blog

    PORN is to women as gas chambers are to Jews.

    Good job propping up pornography.

  35. angryforareason.blogspot.com

    I think women are human. Can I have a cookie now?

  36. BK,
    No cookies, but you can have this. It’s from Chris.


  37. angryforareason.blogspot.com

    But I want a cookie.

  38. I agree with the others. Freeman’s appology is a smokescreen.

    (Warning, serious thought went into accepting his appology, and I am pointing out the ONLY way I will/would accept an appology from a TROLL, Twisty if I went off the deepend here, feel free to delete etc.)

    I have been taught since birth … Well when I started talking, that an appology isn’t one until you admit what you did wrong, and you feel contrite and you do NOT ever repeat it again. Otherwise the appology is shite.

    I’m a high testosterone male with a 160 IQ. AND I’m a diehard feminist, AND I have a certain soft spot for pornography, so you figure it out.

    First this implies (read that carefully, IMPLIES) that you are lord and master, and basically we are all dumbfucks. K?

    So you appologize by saying “I am sorry for insulting your intelligence and your ability to spot a troller” K?

    Next it outlines our entire existance with men. We are objects to you. We mean nothing. Men come and go with quite frequency, and never are we given any kind of Credit, Acknowledgement, or seen for our FEELINGS in the same manner that Men are!

    Pornography is a way to train young girls that they are owned by MEN! Men such as YOU! IT teaches our young men and women that sex means NOTHING. That sex is bad, and not allowed to be a fullfilling act. It teaches them that they can treat women with disrespect and they will get SEX. Do you understand that YET? It’s the basis of our DEBASEMENT.

    Do you know what “Play” is in a child’s mind? It’s practicing and teaching the brain what social, mental, and physical NORMS are in our society. That’s play.

    Now you think about every 11 – 14 yr old BOY and GIRL who see PORN. And you tell me honestly that it doesn’t affect how they grow UP. Your LYING if you say it doesn’t.

    You are not a feminist if you watch and support PORN. You a blankity blank blank ENEMY. Period. Your appology means exactly NOTHING.

    Seems to me like a poor attempt to justify and glorify stupid behavior by men, while proving to part-time soccer-mom divorcees that men really are pigs.

    This assumes, (read that, ASSUMES) that we are the ones who have to PUT UP with your behavior because it’s required by the patriarchy. See that? Very Insinuous, in our lives, growing up we are trained, socialized, and traumatized by the idea that we will be OWNED. So, you coming in and generalizing all of us under one umbrella. This pissed me off.

    I was taught that my name would change. Now your man, you IMAGINE having your SOUL identity removed from you and DISCOUNTED. As if you NEVER LIVED. **this is one I have personally LIVED through. MY name was TAKEN in the divorce of who I Had become. I was an empty shell. NOTHING left inside.**

    YOU don’t have to change your name to be recognized as a Married MAN.

    I am in no way YOUR property. Nor is any other woman you have ever come in contact with. WE ARE NOT PROPERTY! Do YOU GET THAT?

    YOU say “I am sorry for insinuating, and assuming the people here are Property!”. End of story.. tyvm drive thru..

    That is MY rant. You don’t get points off for trying to be NICE. You either Are, or you aren’t. NO in between.

    Loosely Twisted

    Radical feminist

  39. tonypatti.com

    Dear Loosely Twisted,

    I really liked your post rejecting Freeman’s apology. At the very least he’s an insincere drama queen, at best he’s in denial.

    The idea that men can be called feminists but have nothing to offer but to shut up and get out of the way is also interesting. Personally I have always thought it was beholding on me to get a clue and become a better, less Patriarchal person. And that fits.

    Whether or not it’s an exhausting and harrowing labor to speak up and educate people about your own feminist-loving ways, it still should be done, since just introducing the idea is enlightening, if frustrating at times.

    But to return to the core values of the IBTP FAQ, it goes without saying that it’s stupid for men to offer up advice to women on what they oughta do to be more like them. And that’s another argument in support of feminist men standing down.

    I like reading Twisty because I learn and it’s very much fun to laugh and see bugs and learn recipes. I have a very pronounced weakness for the occasional Oscar Wilde/P.G. Wodehouse type constructions encrusted like carbuncles into the fabric of her discourses.

    I think feminism could be target marketed to happy men in love with their wives and small baby girls very effectively. The idea of raising a girl is a little daunting in some respects, and the stronger advocacy for your own little baby girl’s rights is a natural fit for either parent.

    Unfortunately feminism is not a product and can’t be marketed in the same evil ways. But that’s typical of the kind of meaningless help men would have to offer, and it’s well known that by intrinsic functions of instinctive distinctions men tend to masculinize every effective action they perform. Or something like that.

  40. All excellent points Loosely Twisted. Thank you for making that post. It speaks for me too.

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