May 08 2006

Humanitarian Pedophiles in Liberia

I’ll be off spinster aunting all day today, so in the meantime, please enjoy this uplifting news from Liberia, where aid workers are trading food for sex from starving little girls. So are UN peacekeeping soldiers, government officials, and teachers. You may revel particularly in this mind-blowing remark from a Save The Children report.

“Sex with underage girls by humanitarian workers continues openly,” the report stated. Employees of non-governmental organisations “are carrying out awareness on sexual exploitation, HIV and Aids,” one camp resident said, “but during the night hours they are the same people running after these 12-year-old girls.”

Of course this shit is nothing new. The price of survival in cultures dominated by male supremacy is always human dignity. It happens wherever there are helpful male authority figures lording it over the traumatized downtrodden. Here in the States, for example, a Georgia judge was recently arrested for trying to get a couple of teenage girls drunk. Raping children is the time-honored right of patriarchy enthusiasts the world over.


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  1. Its too early in the morning for this.

  2. selfresurrection.blogspot.com

    Let me guess, by nondescript “humanitarian workers” they’re implying women are chasing underage boys or that there’s no such thing as a female humanitarian worker? Granted, I’ve heard arguments in the past that there ought to be more women in the military and NGOs such as these, not because they’re equally qualified, but so men in these groups won’t “have” to exploit native women. (Why, yes, we ship a carton of domestic oppressed women with every overseas effort. We’re progressive like that.) Wouldn’t it be nice if our male “humanitarian” workers were obliged to wear chastity belts, enjoy curfews, or underwent temporary chemical castration? We could argue that the chastity belts are for their own protection, after all it worked to persuade women historically…

  3. damninteresting.com

    Yes! Required chemical castration for work in the field, and curfews as well. Tell them it’s necessary to prevent them from catching dreadful diseases from the rampaging twelve-year olds. They can’t control their own sexuality, so it must be controlled for them for their own good.

    Why don’t they ever believe this when it applies to men?

  4. “You can rest assured that if any guilt is identified at the end of the day, action will be taken to terminate that relationship immediately and steps will be made to make sure that those people do not find themselves in these positions of power that they can abuse again.” said Greg somebody of World Food something.

    More from the same story:
    The United Nations promised to put safeguards in place after sexual abuse in the refugee camps of West Africa was first revealed four years ago.


    If. At the end of the day. That relationship. Positions of power.

    They’ll find the one or two men who are responsible. You can rest assured. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    It isn’t just one man who does this. It isn’t just the men of the right. It’s the men of the left too. It’s the privilege of being male.

  5. It is beyond horrible. What can we do about this?

  6. This just makes me sick. And when it’s all said and done, not a damn thing will be done about this.

  7. barlyru.blogspot.com

    Just when you think the world can’t get any shittier.

  8. It’s a very old problem in africa, I know of it having gone on before in the congo, sierra leone and quite a few other places, there’s usually a civil war which fucks up the nations food distribution infrastructure and crops, which causes the local merchants to jack up prices to make ends meet, and so families in the war torn countries start sending their daughters out to whore for the peacekeeping forces to earn enough to feed themselves.

    If you’ve ever seen that episode of blackadder with “kate – short for bob” where the father is urging “bob” to become a whore instead of dressing up as a man to get a paying job in london well… it was more accurate than a sane mind should readily accept.

    So these young girls are getting wedged between two patriarchal exploiters, one who has some, infinitesimal really, excuse for exploiting the girls and the peacekeepers who are just fucking little girls because the patriarchy informs them that they get sex-on-demand for being born with a penis.

    The rebuilding of the country and/or the ceasation of countries like america (and most of the EU as well) fuelling the civil wars that lead to the local patriachy sending these little girls out at the UN patriarchykeepers.

    So there’s yet another reason not to purchase blood diamonds, blood gold and Oil (and to be anti-nuclear power, where did you think the really cheap uranium came from? War torn countries with sizable uranium deposits, or Africa as I like to call it).

  9. badmetaphor.net/blog

    So disgusting. It reminds me about this article I once read that referred to a novel written by a self-styled “sex-tourist,” who went around exploiting child prostitutes in Asia. He claimed he was helping them out of poverty by paying them for sex, you see. Golly, what a SAINT.

  10. Just when you thought it was safe to stop hating men …

  11. Oh, but I’m sure some jackass has already defended this by claiming that it’s okay because these prepubescent girls “choose” to trade sex for money, or food, or whatever. I mean, it’s not like these aid workers are forcing sex on the girls. Therefore it’s just hunky-dory.


  12. proactiv.netfirms.com

    I totally agree with what you’re saying. I wish more people felt this way and took the time to say what is wrong in all of this. This is not my oppinion only but also thinks christian service

  13. Uh Molly? WTF?

    You link us to a site that promotes porn?

  14. Twisty
    • Molly, I’m regret to say, is spam. So disenheartening. Unlinked!
  15. Just delete molly-spams entire post, why not?

    Anyway, men love vulnerable, virgin, worshipping little girls the world over. Then someone finds that they are fucking eleven year olds in uganda or something and everyone puts their hand over the mouth and gasps “Why me! Mary-sue, please get me a glass of water, I feel a bit swoony!” says the lady in crisp white at the bridge party. “What an unpleasant subject, let’s not spoil our afternoon now girls.” and so they played on and forgot about the little girls next door or half a world away.

    And so it goes. Some soldier or boy has gotten the idea from some older assbag today already that little girls are the best for getting off, better than a porn mag and certainly better than a bitch.

    Its a patriarchy, no one cares, no one will look and nothing will be done.

  16. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    Someone needs to turn a camera on these fuckers.

  17. Of course the most disturbing aspect is that they went there to HELP. Not even context disrupts raping of children. Would they behave this way HERE? Yes.

    If I manage to get a CD of this program, which I was unable to see because I don’t have TV, I will mail it to someone on list, who can mail it to someone else, who can mail it to someone else.


    Monday May 1, 2006 at 10pm ET/PT

    Turquoise waters, bright sunshine, and an 11-year-old child prostitute-as likely to be a boy as a girl-by your side. Not a typical postcard from Acapulco. But as Montreal filmmaker Diego Briceno-Orduz reveals, a bit of cash and some sly, careful wording can buy you a child to complement your holiday.

    Souvenir Kids investigates the dirty world of sex tourism in Acapulco, a popular tourist destination that has, in recent years, become a paradise for pedophiles-even some from Canada.

    In 2003, nine Americans and three Canadians were arrested in Acapulco during an enormous police crackdown on child prostitution and pornography. The documentary follows some of the young boys who fell victim to the accused “sex tourists”, and the fate of some of the men charged. A sad, shocking and complex picture emerges: of police pressures, compromised youth and court ineptitude. The filmmaker powerfully demonstrates that in spite of the tireless efforts of childcare workers and advocates, no verdict can undo the damage done to the children.

    Souvenir Kids exposes the harsh realities on the streets of Acapulco, where the souvenirs that are bought and sold are not just postcards and trinkets, but the dignity and self-esteem of teenagers living on the margins of society.

    Souvenir Kids is directed by Diego Briceno-Orduz, and produced by Yanick Létourneau of Peripheria Productions in association with CBC Newsworld.

  18. “where aid workers are trading food for sex from starving little girls. So are UN peacekeeping soldiers, government officials, and teachers,”

    I cannot come up with a word to describe my disgust after reading this. I really hate the patriarchy. Really. Hate. It.

  19. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    The irony of referring to these disgusting criminals as “humanitarian workers” is just too much. Can there be anything more vile than looking at a hungry child and seeing only an opportunity for rape? That is about the sickest thing I can imagine.

  20. So do you suppose these people go there to help and are like “hey, little girls!” or do they go there purposefully because they know there will be children to rape?

    And this idea that men HAVE to have sex is just ridiculous. What, they will explode? Sex is not a right.

  21. Either way all men are rapists. If they can, they will. It may not take the form of physical rape, but there’s always the threat isn’t there, when we live in a rape culture? So we respond to the threat, and don’t, for example, go walking after dark alone no matter how safe the neighbourhood. I hike alone in the bush. I have never feared bears, or wolves, or rampaging elk; but my heart chill if a man came along the trail toward me. No matter how strongly I walked or how directly I looed at him. We both knew I depended on his grace. And we all know, just because a man gives it here, an hour later he can take it away with someone more compromised. A wife or daughter perhaps. Or a hooker. We live in a rape culture. Fine western clothing and educations, and fine western privilege and entitlement taken over the water to Africa don’t prevent it either.

  22. hattie.typepad.com/hatties_web

    What about the much admired Paul Theroux’s adventures as a Peace Corp worker in Nyasaland (now Malawi). This pedophile is a rich and honored writer who lives in Hawaii. He loves vice and prostitution, and they have been good to him, enabling him to have lots of consequence free (for him) fun and to write about it for profit.

  23. A colleague once said she couldn’t believe that anyone who was a good writer could be evil. She obviously hadn’t read Theroux, Palast, or P.J. O’Rourke.

  24. Someone asked what we can do about this. After correctly pinning the blame on the patriarchy, raising people’s awarness is the first logical step. Did you all realize that a recent episode of South Park dealt with this theme?

    “The Return of Chef” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Return_of_Chef) features a group of white male assholes who are members of the Super Adventure Club. Their “super adventure” is travelling the world and having sex with as many children as possible.

    Despite the fact that The Daily Show has been doing a better job airing news than the “real” TV newscasts have, I assume most South Park viewers considered the Super Adventure Club an absurd hilarity with no basis in truth. However, when popular culture intersects with reality, it can be a good starting point for conversation about social issues–especially with people who spend more time watching television than thinking critically about the world around them.

    I hate to pin my hopes on South Park (gah), but maybe “The Return of Chef” offers one tiny foothold for conversation about child exploitation for those of us who care to raise awareness of and fight against it.

  25. p.s. Regarding my point above, that most South Park viewers likely considered the Super Adventure Club hilarious: Some blogger named Al Barger sure did. From http://blogcritics.org/archives/2006/03/24/010757.php :

    [T]he attacks in “The Return of Chef” are absolutely malicious. The brainwashing Super Adventure Club is an organization dedicated to traveling the world molesting children. This was pretty funny. They were particularly witty in classical South Park manner in the explanation of the beliefs of the club’s founder. See, he believed that he had achieved immortality by molesting children, with a pseudo-scientific explanation dissolving into religious gibberish that sounded like L Ron Hubbard.

    “Pretty funny” indeed.

  26. msn

    I agree whole heartedly with the idea of chemical castration and chastity belts for those going into the field. Plus I think if the ones that commit the acts are caught they should have their penis’s cut short and their forheads tattooed with I RAPE CHILDREN for good measure, finally let the mommas have the control of the rest of the punishment.

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