May 13 2006

Geek Week: The Thrilling Conclusion

Desperate to Blame The Patriarchy at work, but your fucktarded company thinks it’s too sexy for your shirt and blocks it from your delicate young eyes? Yearn no more! Paste this into your box and smoke it:


You are now cleverly utilizing the Google translator to translate I Blame The Patriarchy from English to English. Since it’s Google, it’s probably not blacklisted by your firm; it merely acts as a proxy. Of course this works for any website.

What a geeky turn the old blog has taken lately. BlameCon, comic books, the true dimensions of light-sabres, the Onion, The Ellipsis Wars of 2006, and now dorky Google hacks. Lucky for you I am not fluent in Klingon.


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  1. Why translate IBTP straight to English when you can first make a stop in Portuguese?


    “I make responsible the patriarchate” has a nice ring to it, no?

  2. Yeah well EVERYTHING here now has “a nice ring to it”. Check around.

  3. Dagnabit, I can’t write two sentences without using a cliché. I should have just pasted the URL and ran.

  4. Somehow, everything was “translated”. The whole damn blog. Made for some interesting reading. AFTER I managed to get in because even the sign-in page was pseudo Portuguese.

    I think Twisty did it. Mother’s visits do tend to be unsettling.

  5. i thought this was punctuation and correct grammatical usage week, and my worry has been whether my habit of non-capitalization in informal correspondence would throw me into moderation hell. fortunately, i am self-employed, so my boss is ok with what i read at work.

  6. Ahh Geekerotics. Remember that Buddhist guy that claimed IBTP was a purveyor of intellectual porn? Is it too late in the day to agree with him?

    I request a post on whether inverted commas, or scare quotes as they’ve come to be called, are the lavender menace or the lavender herring of feminist grammars. I call for a peevish pussy parse on that.

    yrs, B. Dagger Lee

  7. BDL, did you actually write “peevish pussy parse”? Giggling, and trailing off meaningfully.

  8. Blog against Cryptofacistantidisestablishmentarianalismanglogrammaticalnormativity week anyone?

  9. Artemis:
    I said it, I demonstrated it, I meant it. Seriously.

  10. politblogo.typepad.com

    Lucky for you I am not fluent in Klingon.

    I presume that you are going to correct this shortly [trails off meaningfully]?

  11. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    Damn I lurve you Twisty. There, I said it!!!

  12. castironbalcony.media2.org

    Alas, we have MailMarshal which is like the Tower of Sauron. It just laughed at your google trick, Laughed!! (Kniff worked for a few days, but then the Tower of Sauron found it, too.)

  13. What’s funny is that the site itself is not blocked where I work, but the English-English translation gets caught as avoidance, and is blocked.

  14. Lucky for you I am not fluent in Klingon

    As found on a linguistics blog’s links

  15. I blame the patriarchy at work, and our firewall has never yet blocked this estimable blog. Management in these parts fancies itself progressive. There is, however, a considerable Klingon-speaking population.

  16. shatterlands.com

    HA. that won’t work here. i just tried it on sequential tart (which is a webzine about comics, but, you know, from the shocking perspective of liberated wimmins), and instead of being blocked on the basis of nudity (huh?), it’s now blocked on the basis of “anonymizing utilities.”

  17. Twisty

    Ah, well. It was worth a try.

  18. faultline.org/place/toad

    “Utilized”? “Utilized”???! Yeeeeaerrrrghhhhh! Hooorrurgh! Reaaaaaaghhhhchch! Yeeeuulccchh!

    Dang. I’m going to have to go brush my teeth now.

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