May 22 2006

Jailing Rape Victims and Other Delights

Larry's Spinybacked Orbweaver
Larry from Houston, who I suspect found me through my bug-geek website and is therefore of unknown patriarchy-blaming status, provides today’s unrelated illustration: a moody photograph of a spinybacked orbweaver. I never get the red ones around here, so you can only imagine my excitement.

I am delighted to present a few items from my inbox for your blaming delectation.

• This CNN headline, sent in by blamers Sandi and bminer, pretty much says it all: “Teen jailed for her own safety, prosecutors say”. A 14-year-old girl refuses to testify against some perv who molested her, so a judge has ordered her jailed “indefinitely” while the perv is free to roam the streets of Akron. That judge has clearly been smoking oregano/studying Sharia law. And you know, in Libya, the US’s newest blood brother, they lock up rape victims for indefinite periods all the time, also citing the womens’ “safety.” And who can forget the Illinois judge who threatened to throw a 16-year-old in the hoosegow for refusing to watch a video of her rape?

You know what I’ve got here? I’ve got a broom handle with “fucktard rape-victim jailers’ asses” written all over it.

• Blamer Summer found this popular lose-weight-win-a-boyfriend Japanese video game “interesting and appalling.”

• How is a patriarchy-blamer like an Oprah fan? One topic of which neither party ever seems tire, although perhaps for different reasons, is sex-slavery; Blamer Catherine submits this item about a UK BDSM cult based on 60’s sci-fi novels set in a dominate-the-chicks society (what’s fiction about that, I’d like to know?). The leader of these insterstellar sex-dorks was moved to tell the BBC, “… [T]he majority of women in our organisation are obviously slaves because women have a submissive streak in them.”

• Blamer LCGillies points out the moron sexism in this NY Times blurb about an ancient female Peruvian mummy found to have been buried with weaving materials (“helpfully pointed out,” observes LC, “as wimin stuff”) and “war clubs.” Archaeologists’ minds are blown! What the heck is that chick doing with both girl stuff and dude stuff? A 5th-century Andean woman certainly couldn’t have had facets.


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  1. norbizness.com

    There’s only one explanation for our warrior-princess Mesoamerican mummy: she must have read some sort of inspirational wall-carving about “having it all” recommended by the extremely influential head of some sort of wall-carving club.

  2. Akron is only 40 miles southeast of me. It’s enough to make any self-respecting blamer want to set down her weaving and take up war clubs.

  3. The BBC story could be Exhibit A for your (and my) contention that BDSM is innately dorky. As far as the Times article is concerned though, I admit I couldn’t find much to object to. Gravesites in any culture are more reflective of cultural norms than the individual personality of the deceased; and in most (though not all) cultures, pointy-tipped weapons don’t fall within the bounds of what’s judged to be of feminine concern. Apparently that’s what their previous knowledge of this particular culture told them, and now they’re surprised to find out differently. (I personally would be very surprised to find a six-gun and a whiskey bottle in my great-great-great-grandmother’s grave in East Texas.)

  4. Cass has a great point about the comparison of this grave to the baseline of what has been found in other Moche culture graves so far. But nonetheless, this line from the article deserves to be singled out for special ridicule:

    “Was she a warrior princess, or perhaps a ruler? Possibly.”

    (1) Is a “princess” somehow not within the definition of a female “ruler”? So why the “or” ?

    (2) When this story came up, did the author *immediately* think of Xenia, or did it take a while to come up with that insight?

  5. alphabitch.org

    Ooh, fabulous orbweaver pic. Thanks, Larry from Houston!

  6. People buried with gender-inappropriate grave goods keep turning up. Men with female jewlery; women with chariots and sheilds. Cass has a point, but isolated burials with non-standard-gender burial arrays have turned up in so many cultures that you’d think that archaeologists would have got over the surprise by now. Somehow ‘exceptions to the rule’ seem to mess with their heads way too much. Interesting, yes, but not scary.

    It’s always deadly dull places like Darlington that hide the weird shit. Boredom does strange things to the mind.

  7. The Peruvian mummy story reminds me of when Swedish archeologists once found a stoneage grave of someone who apparently had been a great hunter; the grave was full of such things as weapons and fishing tools. The archeologists thought that it had been an unusually small man. After they had analyzed the remains it came out that this actually was a woman who had bore about 9 children.

  8. When did archaeologists start stealing their stuff from first-season Buffy episodes?

  9. I assure you, even the kinkiest kinksters look down their noses at the Gorean crowd. they give us normal perverts a bad name.

  10. okay, i’ve read it sevaral times and let it go, but i am tired of reading about “fucktards.” while i realize that some people think “retards” are less-than-human, i say it is the same mindset, the same kind of slurring, that perpetutates the patriarchy. please, twisty, cut it out! (and most of the time fucking isn’t even bad.) hows about something like “yucky people”?

  11. I am delurking at long last to echo Antiprincess with regard to the Gor crowd, a seemingly endless source of spew-worthy, misogynist, insecurity-ridden compensators. They’re fun and easy to demolish, but that’s about the best I can say for them.

    Also: I love Twisty.

  12. superbabymama.blogspot.com

    I am enraptured by the discovery of a camera-wielding bug geek. And one who appreciates dragonflies! My day has now been made. Thank you, Twisty.

    Oh and that other stuff’s pretty cool too.

  13. When the patriarchy did most of its research on sexing skeletons, it limited itself to dead young men (cannon fodder from WWI and II). Therefore, if the skeleton doesn’t look like an early 20th century youth, the chances of the archeologist getting the gender right are kinda iffy. If anything they rely heavily upon what else is in the grave to help.

    Unless of course you believe the patriarchy that insists that there is just miles and miles of difference between men and women and even bones are totally obvious.

    Bore about 9 children? Where is that coming from?

  14. “Was she a warrior princess, or perhaps a ruler? Possibly.”

    What is with the phrase “warrior princess” anyway? Couldn’t a woman warrior be something other than a “princess”? No, of course not: because she’s a she, she has to be girly. And what’s girlier than a princess?

    And re: “fucktards”: check out Twisty’s FAQ.

  15. Betsy wrote: Is a “princess” somehow not within the definition of a female “ruler”? So why the “or”?

    I don’t want to defend any monarchy, but a princess isn’t a ruler, a queen may be. My middle name is Zenobia, after the warrior queen of Palmyra; people have asked “like ‘Xena’ the warrior princess?” and I’ve explained “no, like Zenobia the warrior queen”. So that’s my own little pet peeve, no disrespect to Xena or Gabrielle (or Betsy) intended.

    I’ve just refreshed this page; I agree with what CafeSiren said.

  16. Twisty,
    After being moved by that gorgeous pic to visit your varmints website, I noticed pictures of both dragonflies and damselflies. I’m guessing I shan’t be the first to enquire about this, but are there also knight-in-shining-armour flies? It’s only fitting…they could be the insects that foolishly attempt to mate with the damsel flies, only to become dinner to the dragonflies.
    Ok, looks like I need another glass of wine…

  17. Libya has the right idea, actually. Say, why don’t we jail all men, for women’s safety? All of them. Then we let each out only after we’ve figured out who the “good” ones are. If we can’t figure out due to conflicting information, like perhaps his co-worker saying, “He makes lewd comments to me every goddamn day,” and his wife saying, “He’s a really good man! He just has a hard time at work!” then we will, sadly, have to keep him jailed until we can sort things out.

    Blame button.

  18. Libya has given me an idea. Why don’t we imprison all men for women’s safety? We can then review their cases, one by one, to see whether or not we should release them back into society. If we get conflicting information, like if one man’s co-worker proclaims, “He makes lewd comments to me every goddamn day,” while his wife says, “He’s a really good man!” we will, unfortunately, have to keep this man behind bars until we can sort things out.

    Whaddaya say?

  19. Using muscles either intensively or repeatedly causes sort of a stippled texture along the surface where the muscle attaches to bone. For example, when I was a young volunteer at the Smithsonian we had a skeleton with lots of stippling along the bicep & forearm areas that indicated this person did a lot of kneading.

    Women whove had children show lots of stippling along the inner front of the pelvis, generally theres more of it with each successive kid, but Id guess its pretty damn hard to tell the difference once you get past 6 or so.

    By the way Twisty, is it my computer or your server that doesnt like apostrophes today?

  20. Twisty

    “Fucktard,” Jonk, is derived from “bastard,” not “retard.” It’s in the FAQ, I think. O why did I bother writing that thing?

  21. norbizness.com

    The ONLY thing I learned from the FAQ is that YOU hate MENTALLY RETARDED people, and I’M on the WRONG blog. And I think I saw that bug on some Legend of Zelda game.

  22. Hogan, dude. You think you’re sooooo hot. Like we should all be awed by you cuz you can put a ball in the net. (Gimme season and ep, Hogan.)

    Norbiz, they are not bugs. They are not insects. Spiders are arachnids. They have eight legs. Insects only have six. Why does everyone make that mistake? (Again: gimme season and ep, Hogan.)

    I’m not good at much, but I slay at Slayer-quoting. But now I am going to sleep, on account of I reckon I’m really tard.

    (PS: Twisty, speaking of tard, I babysat an 8 month-old border collie last week. Oooh, run, run, catch, fetch, run run run! We were both tard as hell. Hi to Bert, mk?)

  23. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    If she doesn’t conform to what is thought to be known about the originative culture, then she might well have come from a subsection of that culture. Taking the cue from what we know about present cultures, while the official culture may well be patriarchal in both its essence and expression, there may be aspects of its historical expression which are not the same. Guerilla war, for instance, has found women in very combative roles.

  24. I was about to say what antelope said; but there is quite a bit of debate about pelvic scarring and childbirth, so now it’s hedged about in much more uncertain terms (ie ‘may indicate having children’)

    The sexing of skeletons is getting better, as is the aging – this is a lot to do with the Spitalfields cemetary, where skeletal remains could be linked to coffin plaques giving name and age. There is still a skew – compared to DNA, ‘visual’ sexing of skeletons gives a percentage of women to be men.

  25. ozma.blogs.com/hah

    Love the facets complaint.

    It’s always very funny to go to museums and read the copy on exhibitions of graves. There’s just so much love for dead kings in museums.

  26. “Inca Mummy Girl” was from season two Buffy. Yes, I thought of that episode the second I read the description of the mummy. I am a big nerd. But not so big a nerd as to join a BDSM group based on Gor. Gah!

  27. The word fucktard makes me think of a leotard with a dildo in the crotch.

    Hey wait a second. Bastard is okay? A person is a lowlife because their mom was not married? No way does that promote patriarchy.

  28. Oh no! If “fucktard” is derived from “bastard” (and I don’t remember that part from the FAQ), then I’ve been reading it wrong in my head all along. Because I’ve been reading the “tard” part the same way that syllable is pronounced in “retard”.

    If I try to say it more like the “tard” in “bastard”, it ends up sounding like “fuck turd”. Which I guess gets the point across, too.

  29. ““Fucktard,” Jonk, is derived from “bastard,” not “retard.” It’s in the FAQ, I think. O why did I bother writing that thing?”

    I can’t seem to find a verion of the FAQ that actually answers the questions right now, it just lists them.

    As for fucktard not being derived from retard, I can find no other place on the internet that would agree with you on this.

  30. “-ard” is generally (not always) a pejorative suffix (as “bastard”, “dotard”, “coward”, “laggard”, “sluggard” and “wizard”, which was formerly pejorative); one could, if one wished, use “fuckard” and remove the question of derivation, but if Twisty says she derives it from “bastard” (which is not generally used as the specific insult meaning “illegitimate child” these days, but as a generalized insult, whereas “retard” is a much more specific insult and therefore, I believe, more offensive) I am inclined to believe her.
    One loses the wonderful emphatic “t” if one changes to “fuckard”, but I think it hisses better.

  31. Fine. Let’s just call them all “fuck turds” and be done with it.

  32. I recall reading somewhere that, in the bad old days of archaeology/anthro, they “sexed” skeletons according to their grave goods — in other words, bodies/skeletons buried with spears were sexed as male, while those buried with domestic implements (or with nothing) were sexed female — then went on to make conclusions about that society’s gender roles based on their “findings.” And weren’t we all astonished to find that gender roles were remarkably consistent across cultures both prehistoric and modern, and that they all looked like ours. Must be natural, right?

  33. oooh, I like Fuckard, or Fuckturd even

    As for the derivation, I still think that it is offensive. It’s basically saying “Uh I know everyone else uses the word ‘tard’ in relation to retard when using this word, but *I* mean it in a different way.”

  34. But it’s okay to use sex as an insult?

  35. OK, Spitard.

    And that’s my final offer.

  36. Hogan, dude. You think you’re sooooo hot.

    For I am Hogan, king of the cretins. All other cretins, bow down before me.

  37. I have a hard time reconciling that “fucktard” is derived from bastard as used here at IBTP. You wouldn’t really say “your bastarded company thinks it’s too sexy for your shirt” but one might certainly say “your retarded company thinks it’s too sexy for your shirt.”

    Maybe that’s just my reading of it, though, as I’m so used to hearing “retard” or “retarded” used in the exact same ways that Twisty uses “fucktard” and “fucktarded” that my mind can’t separate the two. I suppose it’s the same reason I ultimately wince when I hear some white guy use the word “niggard” or “niggardly.” I know it’s not necessarily meant in a bigoted way, but I still wish a different word could have been used. You know, because I like to be comfy and it’s all about me.

    But other than those brief thoughts and the decision as to whether I myself will or will not endorse the term, I don’t worry myself about it. Ain’t my pig and ain’t my farm.

  38. I’m with you, saltyC. Bastard, son of a bitch, bitch, all are direct insults to mothers and hurt my ears.

  39. reclusiveleftist.com

    I don’t want to defend any monarchy, but a princess isn’t a ruler, a queen may be.

    SarahZ, there are localities where the title of the sovereign is indeed Prince/ess.

  40. politblogo.typepad.com

    I believe one such is the Prince-ipality of Monaco.

  41. “I’m with you, saltyC. Bastard, son of a bitch, bitch, all are direct insults to mothers and hurt my ears.”

    For the record, I’m a bastard.

    Yep, parents never married.

    But I would say that bastard is in no way on the same level as son of a bitch or bitch. Mainly because the only reason bastard is an insult is because it implies that the *father* doesn’t own the child, because the mother is (almost) always know. Whereas Bitch and son of a bitch are directly insulting women.

  42. tigtogblog.blogspot.com

    I don’t want to defend any monarchy, but a princess isn’t a ruler, a queen may be.

    SarahZ, there are localities where the title of the sovereign is indeed Prince/ess.

    For the duration of Imperial Rome and for quite a few centuries after, prince was actually considered a superior title to King, as it derived from Augustus’ title of Princeps (first citizen) to distinguish himself from Dictators and Consuls and Rome’s long-banished kings. Kings were considered part of a more barbaric heritage, while princes were civilised rulers. Then things got all confused in the dark ages and European royalty accrued as many titles each as they possibly could, so the distinction became debased.

    Queen Elizabeth I was quite fond of referring to herself as a prince, because other queens and princesses were merely the chattels of kings, while she was a sovereign ruler.

  43. Good to know that my “illegitmate” son, AKA bastard, makes me a lower level slut.

  44. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    I love the Twisty Center for Varmint Research!

    Also, what Betsy said re: Is a “princess” somehow not within the definition of a female “ruler”? So why the “or” ?

  45. re: the usage of princess

    I stand corrected. I was going to blame Anglocentrism, but I didn’t even know that QE1 styled herself a prince. I like learning stuff, it makes me smarter somehow.

  46. “But I would say that bastard is in no way on the same level as son of a bitch or bitch. Mainly because the only reason bastard is an insult is because it implies that the *father* doesn’t own the child, because the mother is (almost) always know. Whereas Bitch and son of a bitch are directly insulting women.”

    I also think it’s because “Bastard” is rarely used to insult illegitimate children anymore. You aren’t a bastard because your parents aren’t married; You’re one because you park in the handicapped space, or whatever. The patriarchal meaning is secondary and is heading towards being an entirely archaic use of the term.

    “Bitch”, on the other hand, is still used in its original sense; It’s still used to insult women simply for being women.

    I’ve never really thought about it, but really, isn’t “illegitimate child” almost a more insulting term then bastard?

  47. so why do you use it?

  48. As creepy and horrible as this what women in the Middle East and the 3rd world are enduring, and as disgusting as a judge making his courtroom whatch smut and kiddie porn when not neccassary for the due process of law how do we know this 14 was raped?

    20 year old says no rape. 14 year old says no sex. She won’t testify against him when she ends up in jail???

    I smell consensual sex. This is what we get for criminalizing teenage sexuality. Man is free. Girl is in jail because she won’t put her lover on the sex offenders list.

    When is sex a crime? When is it a crime for a woman to say no?
    When is it a crime for a woman to say yes.

    Marital status discrimination used to mean not renting to unwed mothers and tormenting illegitimate children. Now morality based housing policies mean driving fathers and lovers out of INTACT families living together without a marriage license.

    I don’t like the age gap, but this is fishy. Is this statuatory rape? Who filed the charges? Where are the girls numbskull parents. If this was my kid that 20 year old would have a lot more to fear from me than the law and the court could take this up with us over the phone while we went camping in Mexico.

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