May 25 2006

Some Guy Has a Blog

According to his press release, Norbizness is hosting The Dean Martin Mildly Popular Caption-Blogger Roast to celebrate his third anniversary as a mildly popular caption-blogger.

“Nor-who?” I asked Phil, my secretary.

After Phil explained that Norbizness is “you know, that guy who can’t stop using the word ‘pwn3d!!’,” I sent him some hookers and blow to mark the occasion.


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  1. norbizness.com

    The hookers weren’t shaved and the blow got me high for like 12 seconds. Fire Phil.

  2. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    I thought Phil resigned last week.

  3. blog.3bulls.net

    I wouldn’t even roast Norbiz at his own weblog, even if to do so were to allow a million Taco-Americans to spring to life and additionally engender a humongous lifesize BLAME button, with which I could beep away at the patriarchy.*

    *I did roast him over there, but now I am working in another genre.

    One with a detectable molluscoiedian undercurrent.

  4. blog.3bulls.net

    I beleive Norbiz meant higher.

  5. blog.3bulls.net

    I detect something with the whiff of trackback spam on this post. OFF WITH ITS HEAD!

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