Jun 01 2006

Urgent Blamer Intervention Request, No.3

From fellow-blamer kelleybell:

Hi all,

this post is a request for help. The Ohio House of Representatives has legislation on the floor to ban all abortions in the State of Ohio. I am scheduled to speak before the House in the issue in two weeks, and would like to hear your views before I do.



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  1. anne

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Ohio has such legislation in the works. It’s still disheartening, though. The bill – as currently proposed – would not only consider abortion within Ohio a felony, it would also consider a woman who goes elsewhere for an abortion to be a felon too.

    It’s sickening.

    Thank you, kellybell, for bringing this to our attention.


  2. norbizness.com

    It’s there (HB 228), but it was introduced over a year ago and hasn’t gone anywhere. At least if the Ohio legislative tracking service and Google News search are working.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘trust me,’ but a large part of my livelihood involves legislative tracking. In any event, the 18 sponsors of this atrocity should be targeted for swift retirement, assuming they aren’t in safely gerrymandered crazy-districts.

  3. Why don’t they just can all the pseudo-scientific, pseudo-ethical excuses for vilifying women and come right out and say that it’s time for another witch hunt? I think America is just about ready for it.

  4. JJE007

    I always am upset by decisions which prolong or encourage life without respect for its quality.
    I take from the comments on the link that the quality of individual lives and the quality of our society will not be served by this “no abortion” initiative. To thinking individuals we have a population, especially a population with greed factored in, equation for destruction being pushed towards our place and it seems like an obvious violation of the separation of church and state…not that either one is sacred!
    I must also wonder when we will declare Capitalism a religion and begin to tackle its tax base/bias insanity.
    What is the goal of this legislation?
    I think that is where the argument begins and, hopefully, ends.

  5. Loosely Twisted

    Hey Twisty, did you get my email? or did it get thrown in the spam?

    I think we should do something along the lines of believing that we are apart of the constitution, reguardless of how males see us. We should assume (yeah i know) that the Constitution, Declaration Of Independance, and the Bill of Rights, includes us. It has to, we are considered Us Citizens. Atleast every time I fill out a Job application, it asks if I am.

    I pay Income Taxes, got to mean something right?

    So I believe I am a member of this United States of America. Which means I am entitled to all the benifits therein.

    I will fight for my constitutional right to my body. If that makes a lick of sense. Trying to tell me how to live my life? Is unconstitutional. Including whether or not I can have an abortion. Whether or not I get married.

    I guess what I am trying to say very inarticulately is that we need to fight the root of all this crap, and restore our sovereign rights garanteed to us by the constitution.

    And since we make up 51% of the US, maybe we should oh I don’t know. Use the 1st Amendment and redress the government for our grieviences of unconstitutional Laws!!!

    Make them answer us, why they feel the need to “own” us, when the constitution CLEARLY states that we “own” ourselves. Hold our taxes, protest peacefully until they answer.

    I wish I could say it better.

    Loosely Twisted

  6. kelleybell.blogspot.com

    I want to thank Twisty and all The Patriarchy Blamers for the outpouring of advice and support. The collective wisdom among you is humbling.

    I think it was Mark Twain who said that every writers first draft is a hunk of junk, so I am not discouraged.

    My knees may be shakin, and my voice may be crackin, but I know that I will not be standing up there alone.

    I’m gonna take all of your advice and create a speech that will stop these mutha’s in their tracks!

    Thank You, One and all.


  7. I don’t know, I think the speech is all over the place. It tackles too many issues, from animal rights to pollution to peak oil, etc.

    Loosely Twisted’s approach is more productive and focussed: The Bill of Rights, a set of amendments to the US constitution, is meant to protect people’s rights to control their own lives without Government interference. All rights not already reserved to the Government default to the individuals. If women are viewed as individuals in the US, we therefore are entitled to determine our own fate.

    Of course taking away the right to self-determination will have greater consequences on everybody else. But that speech alientates me, and I am more sympathetic to what the majority of Americans view as crunchy granola.

  8. Oh I just went to Kelly’s blog and saw that a couple dozen others already made that point before me. (and better)


  9. Kelleybell I mean.

  10. Does anyone remember something at the end of that Pledge of Allegiance that we said everyday in grade school….wasn’t it something about…’with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL?’

    I’m in Ohio as well, Kelleybell…..what a fucked up place it is. I’ll be at the State House when you testify.

    Ken Blackwell….who threw the election to W in ’04 and who is now running for Governor of Ohio (and since he is Sec’y of State, he gets to count the votes…gee wonder who will win?) says that abortion should be outlawed even if the LIFE of the women is in danger.

    I’d like to castrate him….I know I shouldn’t think nasty thoughts like that…but come on….he really deserves it.

  11. windingroad.typepad.com

    Thank you Kelleybell for this opportunity.

    I hope that you have the opportunity to tell Ohio that this isn’t about fetuses or babies. It is about controlling women. If it were about babies, then we would have free health care for pregnant women and their children. We really don’t worship the fetus. Unless of course it is an instrument for contolling women. Ask them where their daughters will do time? Ask them how they will get an abortion for them?

    There is a lot wrong with this world. We can fix all of it.

    You have an opportunity to really tell the truth–a single truth–that this is about the government requiring a woman to be pregnant. A woman’s body isn’t hers, it is the government’s. They want to own their very own woman!

    Be straightforward. Be simple. Get the all important sound byte. This is about controlling women. Don’t give into their arguments that it is for the children. This is against women.

  12. Doesn’t this shit interfere with families?

    I mean, it isn’t just teens and young women who get abortions. A fair amount of abortion clinic traffic is married, 35 year old women who simply cannot afford another child and feed the ones they have.

    Perhaps this can be spun in terms that wingnuts will find cognitively dissonant? Don’t know. The trick is to keep it to universal values we all supposedly subscribe to I guess.

    Thanks for going at this, KellyBell! You are speaking for many many others who won’t have the opportunity.

  13. Slade said, “I’d like to castrate him….I know I shouldn’t think nasty thoughts like that…but come on….he really deserves it.”

    Why SHOULDN’T you think nasty thoughts like that? He DOES deserve it.

  14. Anna

    I also agree that the population aspect (although a good argument) is probably not going to have much of an impact on the audience you are addressing.

    I think one of the most persuasive arguments about all this is that abortion doesn’t stop just because it is criminalized! All criminalising abortion does is put the lives of women at risk unnecesarily.

    I’m from Australia where the pro-life movement hasn’t got up as much speed as in the US, but it’s still there and gettting stronger. A book just came out here that documented women’s voices from pre-1970s Australia, who had illegal abortions (Lost: Illegal abortion stories). Women died to exercise control over their reproductive rights. As Helen Garner in the intro to the book said very eloquently:

    “It’s an awe-inspiring force, the iron determination of a woman who refuses to bear a child that she know she cannot mother. Down through the ages, no religious anathema, no legal proscription has been able to weaken the adamantine power of her refusal… Now that fresh assaults are being made on women’s right to safe abortion, testimonies like the ones in this book are all the more urgently needed. We must never forget how things used to be – in what brutal darkness a woman had to struggle, when the intractable circumstances of her life took from her the control of her own fertility, and forced her to carry out what Germaine Greer has rightly called her ‘sad and onerous duty’.”

    Good luck.

  15. Sound bite. Abortion should be a matter between a woman and her doctor.

  16. I like the government interference meme. Outlawing abortion means the government is meddling in:
    confidential medical treatment
    the most intimate of personal issues


  17. saraarts.com

    Kelleybell, I’m going to think about this for a few days and get back to you. Meanwhile, thank you for getting out there and doing this.

  18. Hey, mel…..I guess I’ve been in Ohio too long. The folks here give me the evil eye when I speak of castration. Now, where did I put those hedge shears?

  19. lentulus.com

    Why don’t they just can all the pseudo-scientific, pseudo-ethical excuses for vilifying women and come right out and say that it’s time for another witch hunt? I think America is just about ready for it. Not until it can be codified, corporatised & someone can turn a profit from it. American Witch, perhaps?

  20. amanda

    Now *there’s* a good PAC idea: Anti-Abortion, Pro Castration.

  21. kelleybell.blogspot.com

    Hey there fellow blamers, Kelley Bell here, chiming in again. I have finally posted a new draft of my speech to The Ohio House of Representatives against bill 228. (Which proposes a Full Ban of Abortion)

    I took all of your comments, put them in a blender and am serving it up with All American Hot Dogs and Apple Pie!

    The hearing is next Tuesday, so I hope you will all take a moment to help me fine tune this thing even more. It is running about 8 min right now, and I want to get it under 6 if possible.

    Revised Speech

    Thanks again to all of you for your wisdom and encouragment. (And hang in there, progressive change is on the way!)

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