Jul 05 2006

Somewhat Mesmerizing



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  1. salfordfeminist.blogspot.com

    Indeed! Ahh, more procrastination for me this week. Good luck next week, Pippa x

  2. Jackson Pollock? Seems too colorful for him.

  3. kakamak.blogspot.com


  4. flyinfur.blogspot.com

    Have you been painting the new space?

  5. This is even more fun that than face recognition thingimie.

    Good luck next week btw Twisty, and do take care.

  6. Hi First time poster to wish you a speedy recovery. As for the painting *i could do that*

  7. I blame the abstract expressionists. Stop the mezmerization!

    This is a mesmerizing piece of action painting. I’d definitely say it’s Jackson Pollock’s work. He used quite a bit of color, at times, even identifiable forms. The real tipoffs are: the overlapping strokes, the repetition of angle to create movement, that use of darkness and contrast in the defininion of space. OK. I made that stuff up. It’s because “pllock” appears in the “Properties” when I right click on the picture.

    I offer up another “Be well.” from the virtual peanut gallery.

  8. The properties state “twistypollock.” A Jackson Pollock, or is Twisty experimenting in Pollock-style abstract-expressionism?

  9. Twisty

    Maybe I wasn’t clear. Click on the picture, and make your own Pollock. Righty-o!

  10. Everything is as clear as irradiated mud when I make my own Pollock.

  11. ooh, that’s fun!

  12. “As for the painting *i could do that*”

    Hah! see!

  13. Sorry I meant *I* damm

  14. Hey, it’s cumulative!

  15. Man, I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to change colors. I am the biggest moron.

  16. Freakin’ cool.

  17. So, is that what the holga did to your spaghetti dinner?

  18. Thanks for the art…I’m an artist after all!

  19. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    Twisty, while I still have a chance I want to wish you a speedy recovery from your next big event. (you’ll blog from your hospital bed using a pencil to type with your teeth, right?)

  20. That is just fab. I just lost 1/2 an hour of ‘cramming for final assesment time’, but it was totally worth it!

    Take care Twisty.

  21. superbabymama.blogspot.com

    Looks like something my daughter created in Microsoft Paint.

  22. I just heard this and had to share:

    War is Menstrual Envy

  23. barlyru.blogspot.com

    Jack Goff- thanks for making me laugh! For once, I’m not the stupidest person in the room. Wait, I am actually alone in this room right now. Shit.

  24. Mine looked like bird doo.

  25. What does one say to a person they barely know who is about to go through an incredible ordeal? I guess the best one can do is to say good luck, and I hope all goes beyond the best that is expected. I hope you have loads of love and support, and that you find within you reserves of which you were previously unaware.

    The painting? Hang it in the bathroom. It is full of nice cool blue colors.

  26. witchy-woo.blogspot.com

    Good luck, Twisy. I hope it all goes well.

  27. I wonder if my customers would like a Jackson Pollack finish on their walls?

  28. War is Menstrual Envy! Oh that’s a good one! Thanks.

  29. At first I thought the artist was BERT. But Bert could probably do better than the one I did.

    Thanks, Twisty, that was fun. Good luck.

  30. Being a devout procrastinator myself, I’ve had more fun with:


    More than a mere time-waster, doing really mean things to this marionette is a great stress reliever for me as well.

  31. Hey, that’s kind of fun.

    Love the “War is menstrual envy” quote.

  32. kcsheehan.blogspot.com

    The perfect post-Faculty Self-Evaluation activity. Thanks, and be well.

  33. womensspace.org

    Hey, Twisty, my very best to you. I’m thinking about you.


  34. Hi Twisty! I am a new reader of yours – I enjoy this site immensely (apologies, I just had a spelling freakout with that last word). Sorry to hear about your health ordeal, and I give you all my best wishes. You have a lot of people thinking positive thoughts for you.

    I promise to do some quality blaming for you in the very near future!

  35. Twisty. good luck and best wishes for surgery and speedy recovery.

  36. Good luck, wishing you as easy and swift a recovery as possible.

  37. Be well. We care about you alot! Holler if you need anything…we will be very good Blamers while you do lots of good drugs.

  38. saraarts.com

    Good luck this week, Twisty. I’ll be thinking of you (for what that’s worth).

  39. Twisty, hang in there! Get well. I am thinking of you and chanting for you. You are loved, wanted and needed here. Until someone else has taken up the sword that you have, please hang in there.

    Heal heal heal.

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