Jul 26 2006

Wednesday Tot-Flipping-The-Bird Blogging

Photo by Tidy Faster, who apparently blames me for this eloquent display

The kid Rotel, to whom I am spinster aunt, succinctly expresses her opinion of the patriarchy and tofu-detractors.


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  1. doggedknits.com

    You should introduce her to the kids hanging out on BitchPhD’s banner. They’d get along like a house on fire.

  2. members.cox.net/thevixen/Cayenne/1.html

    Ok then, I’ll keep my tofu opinions to myself. I’m just glad the kid wasn’t packing heat.

  3. pony

    Is that blecccchhhh TOFU in that poor kid’s bowl? That explains it then.

  4. Hattie

    Cute kid! Is there a technical term for irrational hatred of tofu?

  5. Betsy

    (in suddenly throaty strangled-by-cuteness voice) It’s ROTEL!!! Rotel appearance!!! I am stricken.

    You should see me around my two toddler nieces. Heck, or when I’m *not* around them. I’m so smitten, I make up conversations and talk to them even when they’re not there.

  6. Betsy

    P.S. She looks like you, Twisty.

  7. kcb

    The Blame Squad starts ’em out right.

  8. feminist-reprise.blogspot.com

    C’mon now, if you’d taught her that, she’d be holding it the right way around.

  9. grannyvibe.blogspot.com

    Ok, that does it, I am off to make an official Rotel For President bumpersticker to put on my car.

  10. Lisa

    You have to start early with these young-uns before all the Britney Spears gunk sinks in to their wee brains. I salute you, Twisty. Now teach her to turn that bird around.

  11. pony

    Lisa children often get their syntax a bit scrambled. It’s usually straightened out by the time they’re six or so; or, it may be that this child is displaying early Fasterism.

    Just love that look because I can imagine it 20 years hence directed at some cringing whingeing member of the patriarchy as he tries to merge escape through the back of the witness box.

  12. saraarts.com

    Right on, sister Rotel! (And yeah, she does look a bit like you.)

  13. E

    Great work. Keep it up. Oh and how dare you point out the obvious and challenge the establishment ;-)

  14. CoolAunt

    The kid’s cranium is huge. There must be lots of smarts in there.

  15. QuinnLaBelle

    Have you read this article on tofu?

    “Should we worry about soya in our food?

    Whether you know it or not, you’ll probably be eating soya today. It’s in 60% of all processed food, from cheese to ice cream, baby formula to biscuits. But should it carry a health warning? Felicity Lawrence investigates

    Tuesday July 25, 2006
    The Guardian”
    ( http://lifeandhealth.guardian.co.uk/food/story/0,,1828159,00.html )

    “Mass exposure to isoflavones in the west has only occurred in the past 30 years due to the widespread incorporation of soya protein into processed foods, a fact noted by the Royal Society in its expert report on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in 2000. When the independent experts on the scientific committee on toxicity trawled through all the scientific data, they concluded that soya milk should not be recommended for infants even when they had cow’s milk allergies, except on medical advice, because of the high levels of oestrogenic isoflavones it contains.

    On breast cancer, they decided that “despite the suggested benefits of phyto-oestrogens in lowering risk of developing breast cancer, there is also evidence that they may stimulate the progression of the disease”. The lower risk of certain cancers among Asian populations might be due to other factors – their high consumption of fish, for example. They advised caution. On the effects on menopause symptoms, the evidence was inconclusive, the experts ruled. On bone density, the committee thought there might be some protective effects, but the data was unclear. The evidence on prostate cancer was mixed. Since isoflavones cross the placenta, the implications of pregnant women eating large quantities of soya were unclear. There was some evidence that soya-based products had a beneficial effect on the good HDL cholesterol but they were not sure that was down to the isoflavones. On the other hand – reassuringly – they judged that a study linking soya consumption to decline in cognitive function was not convincing.”

    There’s lots more and it’s all interesting.

    Me? I’m not the biggest fan of soy-based anything. Don’t see the point of meat substitutes.

  16. rotel is sooo talented! And giving the finger to the service staff? Well, let me just ask: are you saving for Harvard already?

  17. witchy-woo.blogspot.com

    There’s so much to be said for non-verbal language.

  18. pony

    Soy is a stimulator for endometriosis, fibroids and estrogen sensitive endometrial (uterine) cancers because it is a phytoestrogen.

    Soy as a crop is the largest single GMO crop in tillage today. It also requires heavy chemical fertilizer and pesticide use to grow, and is usually grown in areas that must be irrigated. For every meal of soy we eat agrochemical producers like DUPONT, EXXON, MONSANTO and BAYER thank us. Worst of all, these same companies which profit from manufacture of the ag chemicals that are suspected to be carcinogenic xenoestrogens also manufacture the chemicals used to treat cancers.

    It’s win/win. For them.

  19. yankee transplant

    Blaming knows no minimum age.

  20. Pony…I hate corporations, too. They play both sides…just like the arms dealers.

  21. pippi

    That look on her face cracks me up. It’s as if she wants you to know that she really means it.

  22. MzNicky

    First with the dogs, now with the toddler. What’s next, Twisty? A basketful of kittens? Have you at long last no decency? I hope not.

    I had a wonderful grilled tofu and cucumber salad last night. On a bed of fresh baby spinach it was splayed, with spicy peanut sauce on the side. I wish that place was open this early so I could go over there and have it again for breakfast.

  23. How could Tidy possible blame you? The child is obviously advanced for her years and shows great dexterity. Any mother should be proud, careful, but proud. However, she should use the following years to discourage the use of such displays in critical places like schools. This is not because I think that they are necessarily wrong but because she surely has better things to do than wait to talk to the Principal.

  24. MzNicky where is this place of the sublime salad? You’re in Nashville right?

  25. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    Jennifer: No, I’m in Knoxville. It’s the fabulous Stir-Fry Cafe. I don’t know if there’s one in Nashville.

  26. Due to work/school picking up I’m on a blog commenting hiatus at the mo, so I can’t take the time to fully contribute to the discussion of soy. I just wanted to mention that when we are discussing soy-products and their effects on human biology, we need to differentiate between fermented soy products (ie tofu) and non-fermented soy products (food additives, crappy soy-slice lunchmeat) because they behave differently.

    For the record, tofu isn’t a meat replacement, it’s a food in its own right. Please don’t denigrate the tofu with western meatcentric bias QuinnLaBelle.

    Also, welcome back Twisty. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  27. Due to work/school picking up I’m on a blog commenting hiatus at the mo, so I can’t take the time to fully contribute to the discussion of soy. I just wanted to mention that when we are discussing soy-products and their effects on human biology, we need to differentiate between fermented soy products (ie tofu) and non-fermented soy products (food additives, crappy soy-slice lunchmeat) because they behave differently.

    For the record, tofu isn’t a meat replacement, it’s a food in its own right. Please don’t denigrate the tofu with western meatcentric bias QuinnLaBelle.

    Also, welcome back Twisty. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

    ps. Sorry if this doubleposts, first was caught by the spamulator.

  28. Due to work/school picking up I’m on a blog commenting hiatus at the mo, so I can’t take the time to fully contribute to the discussion of soy. I just wanted to mention that when we are discussing soy-products and their effects on human biology, we need to differentiate between fermented soy products (ie tofu) and non-fermented soy products (food additives, crappy soy-slice lunchmeat) because they behave differently.

    For the record, tofu isn’t a meat replacement, it’s a food in its own right. Please don’t denigrate the tofu with western meatcentric bias QuinnLaBelle.

    Also, welcome back Twisty. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

    ps. Sorry if this doubleposts, first was caught by the spamulator, which is much more polite now.

  29. Arianna

    Tofu and soy milk are not fermented. The only easily available soy product in the west is tempeh.

    And for the record, I loved my tofu drink (recipe above). But I can’t/won’t drink it ever again. Soy screws with your hormones ladies and not in a positive way.

  30. Appologies for the factual error on tofu.

    The point still stands though that it is not a meat replacement and is a food in its own right.

  31. That Rotel is one thoughtful kid, isn’t she? That’s not a random flip-off, oh no, she’s got a reason for it. She’s put some effort into it. She’s gonna be a firecracker, that kid. Blame early, blame often! I wish I had nieces & nephews to be a bad influence upon.

    Pony and tofu-detractors: you want to eat meat, it’s your karma, it’s your colon, and I’ll leave you alone about it. I want to eat tofu, it’s my karma, my colon, so leave me alone about it.

    And to back up Arianna, tofu is by no means a meat-substitute.

  32. Jezebella you want to actually READ my posts about tofu. It’s not either or. It’s one is as mother earth destroying as the next. And if you’re a woman (I think?) you’d BETTER read my posts about tofu so you don’t end up saying “I didn’t know”. If you know and still disregard, you’re the same as a smoker in my book. Whatever have a great day.

  33. Oh, good: tofu wars.

    It seems like everything will kill you these days: meat, sunshine, fish, now soy. But I’m convinced that for (almost) every study, there is an equal and opposite study. I don’t believe soy is a miracle food, and I do think that overdoing any one kind of food can’t be good for you. But organic soy products can be healthful additions of protein to a diet, vegetarian or otherwise.

    And let’s face it: there’s a lot of shit out there that’s going to be killing us a lot faster. Patriarchy-induced embolisms, for one.

    (You see how cleverly I worked in patriarchy-blaming there?)

  34. Oh tres glib. Did you read my posts? Obviously not so I’ll briefly recap: This is not “tofu wars”. This is–tofu is a phytoestrogen and yup can be very dangerous to you if you’re a woman who has an estrogen sensitive cancer or genetic susceptibility to one. This is important, because since the WHI studies which debunked other forms of estrogen the soy producers have spent millions on marketing soy as a ‘good’ estrogen. For the rest of us, tofu is a crop that is just as factory farmed, destructive of land viability and as highly processed as any Kellogs product or MONSANTO crop. It is also the most GMO crop now in tillage. So know what it is you’re putting in your mouth. That’s all.

  35. Pony I think you’re being overly militant in your anti-tofu crusade. As CafeSiren says, this really is something that has study after counterstudy after counterstudy, and frankly tofu isn’t the problem here, soy additives and soy-based non-foods are the problem. Eating some organic (note, organic, so don’t even try the gm business on me) tofu as part of a balanced diet isn’t going to kill me dead. You’re making this sound like eating tofu is the health equivalent of smoking (hell, you even flat out said it further up), and that there’s a body of work as convincing is there is about the health impact of smoking, which there isn’t.

    I think we can all agree that deforestation to grow soybeans is bad, and that it is probably unhealthy the way soy is added to almost everything now (just like corn has been added to almost everything for a rather long time), and most of us can agree that the overuse of GMs in the soy farming industry is abhorent, but, according to wikipedia anyway, the majority of soy is grown for oil production, not tofu-production or whathaveyou, so go take your argument to people using soy oil and not the vegetarians and/or enjoyers of asian cuisine. Hell, if you really, really want a human soy related concern to flip your lid about, stop telling us adults what to eat and start complaining about soy phytoestrogen in infant formula.

  36. You really do sling the negative jargon Arianna. “militant” “crusade” “anti-tofu”. I’d be excused for thinking you work in an area subsicized or entirely funded by Monsanto et al. I am talking about soy, not only tofu, although I may have answered people who were concerned about tofu, with tofu. Thank you I know the studies. And I know who funds the studies.

    I guess you are not aware that organic does not exclude the plant being GMO. In fact, as with canola, there is really no commercial non-GMO soy seed anymore. De-forestation? Southern Alberta has never been forest. Bring it home Arianna, and bring it down. The militancy here is not coming from me.

  37. As I, at the moment, have neither an estrogen-sensitive cancer, nor a predisposition to them, I’m going to take the risk of drinking soymilk and indulging in a little tofu here and there. Why? Because I like it. Pony, why do you always sound like you swallowed the Worst-Case-Scenario medical textbook? Why do you always speak as though you are speaking to people who are ignorant, stupid, and furthermore stubborn?

    Oh, and actually, Pony, I’m a smoker. And I’m fat. Also, I’m Southern. There, has your head exploded yet? You, and anybody else, can kiss my fat, smokin’, tofu-lovin, vegetarian, Southern ass if you don’t like it.

    Ooh, also, in case your cabeza is intact: my boyfriend is the national guard! I like nail polish! I wear lipstick! Sometimes, I buy lettuce that has been pre-washed and packaged in plastic. I live in a city where there is no recycling. Sometimes, just sometimes: I eat a bag of cheetos. God, I know: I am a truly horrible human being. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

    I refuse to live the rest of my life sipping boiled & strained spring water and living on mushrooms, berries, and tree-nuts harvested from the national forest. Living is risky. Breathing is risky. Walking out the front door: risky. Being born: also risky.

  38. Look I don’t have time to fully rebut you Pony, because I’m on my way from my job at a teensy little female-owned property management company to university where I’m majoring in English and History, and I’m goin to be there all night.

    I just had to reply to your Southern Alberta/deforestation comment – the USA is the #1 soy producer in the world, followed up closely by… dun dun dun… Brazil. Soy growing is taking out huge chunks of the rainforest, but I thought someone so environmentally minded and anti-corporate, anti-soy as you would know that?

  39. I do know that Arianna and your comments are totally uncalled for. Look up thread for all that you think I don’t know.

  40. kathymccarty.info

    Wow, i don’t know if anyone is going to ANSWER me on this one, BUT: I had the IMPRESSION that ORGANIC soy milk and tofu were non-GMO. Hey, insteadof being such a passive fuck, I will go find out !! I will LET YOU ALL KNOW !!

    and Ladies, Ladies: No reason to get all het up at each other. Conventional agriculture and food processing suck. If you can, plant an organic garden, and buy organic. Sure it’s more exprensive, but it cheaper once you figure in the cost of your cancer treatment, (the one you (hopefully) WON’T have to undergo.) Learn to cook and thumb your nose at Monsanto and Wal*Mart. Don’t store food in plastic! Go get you some glass canning jars.

    Can we get GMO foods outlawed already? Sheesh.

  41. kathymccarty.info

    OKAY !! I have researched it, and all VITASOY ORGANIC SOY PRODUCTS are NON-GMO. I don’t know if ALL Organic Soy Products are Non-GMO, but Vitasoy is the biggest organic soy concern, and I imagine leads the industry. Well so that is ONE thing off of our minds.

    So Twisty, you can eat all the organic Tofu you think appropriate, and so can Arianna and Jezebella. And seriously, instead of getting mad at each OTHER, can we get mad at the FDA? For ALLOWING things to come to this pass, where one in eight women get breast cancer and all the fish in the sea are turning female, just because MONSANTO wants to sell a lot of pesticide and make a lotta plastic? Who ever decided it was OK to pump animals full of hormones, and how exactly is this cost efficient anyway? I am under the impression that hormones cost $$, at least they do when prescribed to humans.

    Government HAS A ROLE in regulating INDUSTRY and protecting THE CITIZENRY. They have FAILED MISERABLY and we need to let them know, let EVERYONE know, what has to change. I don’t think it is too much to ask that, once it has been determined that something CAUSES CANCER, that it be taken out of the MIX, so to speak. I think MOST AMERICANS, even Repugs, would agree, if they could just be made aware of the facts. Until then, we have to use our larger and better Progressive BRAINS to protect ourselves.

  42. KMTBerry

    I am veted member of an advocacy group comprising about 300 physicians and health policy advocates (primarily academics) who actively work to do just what you suggest.

    You cannot imagine how strenuously and stridently ours and similar efforts are fought by the right, who heavily invest in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Most of the U.S. cabinet, and all of GWB’s family have been on boards of these companies. It’s one continuous game of musical chairs between board members of Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

  43. Jezebbella

    I agree I may sound stiff but my intentions aren’t what you imply. I have had a brain injury and have had to rehab to speak and write. Of course, I’ve also always been an arrogant bitch anyway. It looks like that’s coming back too albeit without any actually effort on my part.

  44. I read this article in my uni’s paper

    the short version…moderation

    “But instead, the researchers said their review found that Western women eating low doses of soy appeared to have protection from breast cancer equal to or greater than Asian women with very high intake of soy. This would suggest that the benefits of soy reach their peak at a very low dose, but this effect is not supported by prior animal or tissue culture data.”

    good article, it talks about controls possible confounding factors. So no need to freak out and toss out the tofu.

  45. Whoops forogt the souy milk

    “For now, Trock says that there is no problem with adding soy to the diet since it has health benefits regardless of whether it protects against breast cancer. “The important aspect is eating actual soy-based foods like tofu, not highly purified isoflavone supplements,” he said. “Highly refined components of soy can have very different biological effects than eating tofu or drinking soy milk.”

    Instead of pill supplements for people who want to add soy to their diet, Trock suggests replacing some meats with soy foods such as tofu, soy milk or soy nuts.”

    Anywy that seems to be the latest.

  46. Pony – my brother had a brain injury 18 years ago, so now – and I say this with all sincerity – your mode of expression makes a lot more sense to me. Will try to take this into consideration and not blow up at you in future, but I can’t make any promises. Your language in this medium registers very high for condescension, which pushes my ‘kiss my ass’ button. And I still haven’t figured out where the safety is on the ‘kiss my ass’ response.

  47. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    Jezebella: When you figure it out, let me know. I can’t find mine either. Maybe it’s a fat Southern vegetarian smoker thing.

    And not to set off any more soy controversies, and recognizing the false dichotomy of it all and so forth, but: as you also alluded to, karma-wise, I’d rather take my chances with the eating of the tofu than with the eating of a senselessly-tortured-and-then-brutally-slaughtered-for-my-consumption fellow sentient being. Yeah yeah yeah I KNOW it’s not a question of EITHER tofu OR animal flesh. It’s just that my favorite Pad Thai usually comes offered that way.

  48. When you eat soy (and other plants) grown on farms you contribute
    to the deaths of millions of mammals in the fields where the crops
    are farmed. That doesn’t even begin to include the other animals
    which depend on them for food. Bald Eagles, for example.

    Since you so honourably don’t want o contribute to the death of s
    entient beings, you will want to become a Jain, eat only fruit from trees
    in the wild, and sweep your path when you walk so you don’t step
    on insects. You’ll also want to get rid of your computer because
    the industries which make them are environmental disasters
    and cause the death of millions more sentient beings (some of whom
    are bipedal).

    An interesting book:
    Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian Personality.
    G. Elengogen

    An interesting fact:
    Hitler was a vegetarian

    {with thanks to S.)

  49. Joke. Joke ladies. True but spoken with levity.

    Jezebella, don’t sweat it. I don’t give any quarter and don’t take any. No one gets out of hear alive (or something like that).

    If you want to tell me to kiss your ass, be my guest. Just also be prepared to get it back in spades if I think you’ve got it coming.

    Yesterday was your freebie. {smiling}

  50. Rotel has got the right attitude, and is well influenced.

    I however have so far failed miserably in my own spinster aunt duties, having nieces that are all pink and fluffy – much to the delight of their reactionary parents who believe that the infants themselves chose to be like that, and are proof that gender stereotypes are actually hardwired. Still, there’s chance yet.

  51. My own niece & nephew (two different parents) appear to be walking gender stereotypes as well. They both live in a different state, so I couldn’t say what parenting had to do with it. I just love the kids, and work on the day when I can be the cool spinster aunt who helps them say “fuck it all. I’m shaving my head and spending a year with the circus before I go to MIT.”

  52. guerillawomentn.blogspot.com

    Pony: Hey, we do what we can. Well, some of us do. I don’t swat flies or squish ants. I don’t eat animal flesh. Intent is everything, karma-wise. Which is what I was talking about.

    Yeah, that “Hitler was a vegetarian” is always a big laff-getter. By the way, the Dalai Lama is not. Oh, and also by the way, kiss my ass.

  53. Don’t worry, justtesting. Those kids may need you at a point down the road.

    Like what CafeSiren said.

  54. nobloodforhubris.blogspot.com

    I’m late to the party. Busy pushing the cause of adopting frozen embryos–thank God for all this hot weather, eh?

    1. Yes, soy is a phytoestrogen. It can cause problems. Are we arguing over this? Why?

    2. The Dalai Lama is not vegetarian. He is also not unaware of all that is involved in producing all the food he consumes — animal and and plant-based. Nor to the best of my knowledge is he ungrateful. Unlike some people I know, and many I don’t.

  55. What a beautiful child.

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