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Sep 30 2006

Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?


Blamer Phemisaurus gets the picture.

Sep 30 2006

A Few Remarks On A Few Remarks

Well, dip me in honey and bake me in a cake. Salon’s Page Rockwell and Ilyka Damen’s Ilyka Damen, swell writers both, have not only read my fluff piece on BUST magazine, they’ve demonstrated their discriminating tastes by honoring it with some critical analysis in their electronically published forums. What they write more or less …

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Sep 29 2006

When Eating Disorders Go Digital


A propos of the fat/thin discussion of a couple of days ago, blamer Rebecca sends the following communiqué. If you’re pressed for time, I’ll give you a synopsis: She blames the patriarchy for a consumer electronic woman-shrinker, and closes with a poetical expression of her acute sensitivity to and appreciation for Truth and Beauty (I …

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Sep 28 2006



A key element of ‘truly embraceable women’s culture’: Marcia Brady hair, and how to get it. The October issue of BUST rests on my table, next to an empty water buffalo yogurt container. I have to admit, buying it was a mistake. Because I am addled, I mistook the BUST for a Bitch. It didn’t …

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Sep 27 2006

Girls Sports: At Last, A Repository For Mediocre Boys


This photo of the Faster family patriarch demonstrating the combined soporific effects of the Walll Street Journal and my lime green recliner has nothing to do with today’s post. In fact, there isn’t a post today. What there is, is, a link to a news item, followed by a question. The news item, here, reports …

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Sep 25 2006

Patriarchy, 1; Teenage Girls, 0

As a new day dawns over the Twisty Bungalow, I ingest this cheery report* on an apparent upswing in the ratio of sex slaves to non-sex slaves within the Alameda County, California population of teenage girls. Yup, the sheriff’s department Sexual Offenders Tracking Unit, as part of the dominant culture’s ongoing effort to buttress one …

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Sep 24 2006



A. afarensis, as imagined at A recently discovered juvenile Australopithecine skeleton has been dug up, to which mouldy old fossil the New York Times warmfuzzily alludes as a “little girl.” The author goes on to refer to adult females of the species, who very likely swung from trees, as “women.” A. afarensis, swings—if the …

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Sep 21 2006

Another Bourgeois Crisis


Alien on his way to the Delta Quadrant, or model at a Michaal Kors show? You decide. Breaking news at the NY Times: fashion models may be dangerously thin. Well, knock me over with a feather. Here’s an excerpt, since free access to this gripping article will disappear in a couple a days. “At a …

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Sep 19 2006

And Another Thing, Vol. III


The author stands unaided at a Tex-Mex joint for the first time in 5 weeks. Foto by Stingray. A few days ago I announced that I’d be revamping the blog. Just to clarify: what you see here is not, at least at this writing, the finished product. This is the WordPress default. I began working …

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Sep 19 2006

Crunch For The Cure


What will happen to global consumerism if breast cancer is ever really cured? Luckily for SunChips, it seems unlikely that we’ll find out in the forseeable future. Sun Chips bag with crass advertising slogan found, amid other Austin City Limits Music Festival garbage (you’d think they’d held the thing in my front yard) in the …

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