Sep 19 2006

And Another Thing, Vol. III

The author stands unaided at a Tex-Mex joint for the first time in 5 weeks. Foto by Stingray.

A few days ago I announced that I’d be revamping the blog. Just to clarify: what you see here is not, at least at this writing, the finished product. This is the WordPress default. I began working on the new template last week, but got sidetracked when I unexpectedly discovered that I could walk without crutches (of course, by walk I mean hobble slowly and piteously, dragging my heavy black fracture-booted leg behind me).


This ambulatorical revelation caused me to spring (and by spring I mean hoist with superhuman effort the flabby corpus) from my futon prison with a glad cry, whereupon I was compelled to give more of a crap about going and finding a taco than about cascading style sheets (I found my taco and a sexay layday—see foto, above—at Polvo’s). This non-sedentary, taco-centric mood has persisted, resulting in the paucity of new improved blogular improvements. Sue me.


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  1. karenroadchronicles.blogspot.com

    Congrats on the upgraded mobility! That is quite a fierce picture of you. Very Texas.

  2. Happy you are out and about again. Avoid the dog!!

  3. Good destination! Love Polvos!

    Were you around in Austin back in the day when it was Seis Salsas? I don’t’ remember which iteration of Seis Salsas- maybe the third?

  4. Mobile Twisty!! hooray!! you look terrific in that very cool photo.

    i remember the Darth Boot well, myself. i remember too my skinny laig when the cast came off!! atrophy! A Trophy! sorry … that’s just the hard cider speaking

  5. thefemmedyke.com

    Not to be forward…

    but I am so in love with you.

  6. bigbalagan.wordpress.com

    motation oughta trump blogular enhancement any day. the search for the Ideal Taco, long known to Continental Philosophy, is of far greater moment tthan Cascading Stylesheets—a mere Empirical triffle of no ontological merit

  7. adairdevil.com

    This rules, Twisty! You’re moving! And frankly, standard design or no, your photos alone give the blog a distinct and awesome aesthetic.

    But even if all that weren’t the case, you are embracing the greatest beauty of all: tacos. The image of you starting to make it around on your own and enjoying tacos is sublimity itself.

  8. Hooray for mobility. And isn’t the pursuit of tacos a constitutional right? If it ain’t, it ought to be. But be careful and don’t overextend yourself.

  9. saraarts.com

    You look awesome, Ms. Twisty. Aren’t sunlight and fresh air perfectly delectable?

    Good to see you out of the house and vertical. Happy taco-noshing!

  10. Hobble away, Twisty. I am sure that the rest of us will find something to entertain ourselves with while you are out and about on the great Taco Hunt.

  11. This comment should have gone on a previous entry, but I’m having a delayed reaction. Ouestion – What is the one line of a song I can’t seem to get out of my head? Answer – “You’re a too-too-toooool. of the patricarchy”. ‘Nuff said.

  12. feminish.net

    Hey Twisty and patriarchy-blamers…
    I’ve just registered and this is my first comment, so please don’t bite!

    I was just wondering, Twisty dude,

    do you have a lomo or what?! Those fotos are awesome.

  13. myspace.com/gzur


    “No way that’s a word”, I thought, but of course the patriarchy does not deem words meaning ‘small’ worthy of knowing, since in the storm of phallocentricism they might mistakenly be applied to something we like to think of as NOT being small.

    Good to hear that you’re back on your feet. Now all you gotta do is stay there.

  14. Delighted to hear you are oot and aboot. In my humble opinion, paucity is an excellent word. Its use prompts short people to rummage through dictionaries. Any word that prompts the rummaging in dictionaries is an excellent word. My grandchildren have passed through the search for ‘naughty’ words stage, and have moved on to the trying to figure out if grandma is praising them or insulting them stage with dictionaries. Bwa-ha-ha.

  15. Glad to see the sans serif font back. Glad to see you back too.

  16. badmetaphor.net/blog

    Good for you for getting your priorities straight! You need every bit of that delicious taco-fueled energy in your patriarchy-blaming endeavors.

  17. vera.wordpress.com

    Dear Twisty, I’m rejoicing that you are able to hobble forth in search of tacos. I wouldn’t dream of suing you. In fact, I’d read you on the back of an envelope, without complaint, if that was the medium of your choice.

  18. buttercupia.blogspot.com

    hooray, my stern young up-dooed woman is back! I missed her. She reminds me somewhat of my elder daughter.

    gzur, paucity happens to be one of my very favoritest words. it’s one of them onomaetopoeicishlythings.

  19. “Paucity” is from Latin “paucus,” meaning “few, small in number.” (People who read classical music will have met its Italian offspring, “poco,” as in “poco accelerando,” speeding up a bit.)

  20. Twisty, what a joy to read your blog. I wish you continued progress on your way to full ambulation.

    I’ve been reading here for several months and have followed the “Think
    before you pink” thread in particular. Thumbing through a Canadian Living Magazine recently, I came across a two-page ad for Scotch-Brite sponges. Of course the entire first page was baby pink and overleaf was a picture of a pink sponge with magenta pink “ribbons” scattered over its surface. The caption reads: “Help “wipe out” breast cancer!” After some “facts about breast cancer in Canada,” the ad states that “Scotch-Brite is proud to create a future without breast cancer,” and, “a contibution will be made to the Cdn. Breast Cancer Fdn. from the purchase of each specially marked Scotch-Brite sponge.” When I tried to go to the website, nothing came up.(www.scotchbrite.ca) Maybe some of you are familiar with this ad?

    I am disgusted by this kind of newspeak. If only we kept our houses and ourselves CLEANER, we could lick this problem.

  21. I tried the website again and up came the 3M Corp. Just as all of you have been saying, big corps jumping on the pink bandwagon.

  22. Hi again. What a neophyte. I posted to the wrong thread. I’ll keep trying.

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