Sep 30 2006

Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?


Blamer Phemisaurus gets the picture.


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  1. I’d rather be fat than narrow.

  2. You have a really pretty face, though.

  3. karenroadchronicles.blogspot.com

    Well, at least the hair is less big, so its not all bad. Does HP have an overdrive device to keep saline sacks in tact while thinning the rest of our nasties out?

  4. Wow, that woman on the right needs to eat a nice big slice of chocolate cake quickly.

  5. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    The one-dimensional effect, which we can surely look forward to when competition for technological reworkings of women’s images sets in, can be flattering on some women. For instance, my ex-supervisor. I’m not sure that gradual erasure by width is very helpful here, though. It all depends on the subject matter.

  6. The original image doesn’t resemble any real, imaginary or celebrity person I can think of, but the slimmed image really looks a lot like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Maybe she can get her consciousness raised in IBTP the movie.

  7. No! We want MORE Twisty Faster, not less!

  8. saraarts.com

    I think her hairpiece looks taller.

    Antelope, “IBTP the movie”? Oooooooooh, what a good idea! (You know, without that Hewitt person.)

    This could sweep Sundance.

  9. “I’d rather be fat than narrow” is my quote for the day, Ms.Kate, thanks!

  10. alphabitch.org

    I think that she’d look even better — not to mention girlier — if she were saying something more along the lines of, “I really like you just the way you are, White Male Supremacy, but could you please move over just a teensy bit?”

    Way less threatening.

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