Oct 02 2006

Ixnay on the Oobsbay Update

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q and Conoco Station on Loop 360, the feed trough of which I darkened today with one of my pals. It was her first lunch out since her hysterectomy, which she had on accounta she inherited the fucking breast cancer gene, too. It just never ends.

I am delighted to report that, as of 7 PM Monday, 2,237 of you have somehow managed to refrain from sending me photos of your boobs. The number would be higher if I had realized sooner that I’d forgotten to put the Sitemeter code into this temporary blog template (yes, this is still the temporary. Don’t ask).

A special huzzah to the commenters, and two extra ones to the delurkers. Who knew there were so many different ways to describe the act of not sending a boob photo to a spinster aunt?

However, I feel the need to clarify one small point: Yes, I am extremely disturbed by Ms. Pollman’s Boobie-Thon. I don’t believe, as some people have suggested, that because they’re allowing “man-boobs” it’s somehow OK to objectify regular boobs (as the blamer knows, in a patriarchy all boobs are not equal). Neither can I imagine that “celebrating” boobs (I’d like to meet the person who celebrates a fucking ‘man-boob’) to fund yet another pink ribbon cause is not pretty fucking offensive to at least some actual mastectomy patients. HOWEVER, I am not endorsing a boycott of the Boobie-Thon fundraiser, or anything like it. Ms. Pollman is doing her thing, and I’m doing mine, and let’s leave it at that.


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  1. acunningplan.typepad.com

    I’m kind of surprised by your disclaimer about the booby-a-thon. You don’t usually take the “live and let live” road on your blog (I like your strong opinions). Especially not for something you find disturbing.

    What gives?

  2. Wait a minute–are you really on the hook for $2237? Were you anticipating, or are you really OK with, contributing that amount? I sent the Foundation $20 (which I guess really = $19 since a buck was to reimburse you) but wow, that’s a lot of money, and I really hope you’re not going to be missing meals or getting evicted or anything on account of this really magnificent thing you’ve launched.

  3. Twisty is on fire. So on fire she is Twisty squared. So on fire that we should twist up the letters in “Twisty” and call her “Stwity” or “Twitsy” in order to represent the exponential nature of her Twistyness.

    I’ve had a busy weekend and missed the fun, so I chipped in my own buck (or rather ten bucks, since that’s the minimum) to bcaction. Remind me not to spend several days without reading this blog. Heck, I’m down with the live-n-let-live (unlike teffie), so I’ll send in a picture of my man boobs to boobie-thon (or whatever it’s called) just for good measure.

  4. Twisty

    Teffie, sorry to disappoint you. Still, I wouldn’t call it a disclaimer. It’s just a clarification of my intent; my ideological position remains the same.

  5. foilwomansdiary.blogspot.com

    It was until Tuesday evening, wasn’t it? Please note that you have not received a photo of my breasts (nor has anyone else on this planet) so add a dollar to the total please. And I would have delurked yesterday, except your blog kept rejecting (*sniff*) my incredibly insightly and entirely unillustrated comment.

  6. I’m with rootlesscosmo. Let’s help Twisty out here.

    I just donated $20 to BCA, dedicating my donation to Twisty Faster. I realize that this is only my third comment, and I may get tossed out for being bossy, but here goes.

    Women, please pay for you own no-boob-photo and make a donation to http://www.bcaction.org/

    Since the minimum donation is $10, buy your own and chip in on other worthy no-show boobs out there. A $2,237 donation is too much for one person to have to handle.

  7. echidneofthesnakes.blogspot.com

    I could send you a very nice picture of my dog, Henrietta the Hound, instead. Though I will also be sending some money in your honor.

  8. This may be irrelevant, but what makes that particular barbeque joint “The Worst Bar-B-Q In Texas?” Or are they simply being ironical?

  9. Twisty

    Ironical. Not only is it the best barbecue you’re likely to find at a gas station, it is actually somewhat edible. And they have a totally pleasant green lawn out back with picnic tables. Unfortunately, if it’s your first time there, and they find out about it (they find out by asking, the devious bastards) they scream over the loudspeaker “WE GOT A NEWBIE!” and proceed to humiliate you with all kinds of obnoxious antics. I do not condone mixing public ridicule with lunch.

  10. rainy-day-musings.blogspot.com

    Is this the same Rudy’s as the one that used to be off I10, just west of San Antonio? I liked their spicy BBQ sauce. That one was called “The Cooked Meat Market,” if I remember correctly.

  11. Ms. Pollman is doing her thing, and I’m doing mine, and let’s leave it at that.

    In the past, I’ve seen Twisty denounced because all she can do is offer witty, scathing, criticism and no solutions. I don’t believe that that assertion is true, but I hope this brilliant act shuts these kinds of critics up for once.

  12. If I ever end up there, I’ll make sure to lie my ass off. Thanks for the warning!

  13. Last night I was too tired to not send a picture of my boobs. But I’m feeling a little more — dare I say “perky”? — this morning. So here’s my not a picture.

    I’d like to be able to put breast cancer on my list of charitable efforts, but the truth is, I can hardly afford the ones I’m already affording. I am grateful for the opportunity to give one of Twisty’s dollars to the cause. I assume that she would not have made the offer if she couldn’t afford it. Thanks, Twisty!

    BTW my daughter died of ovarian cancer. If you want to worry about cancer, ovarian cancer is the really scarey one. You can’t feel it, you can’t see it, and by the time you know you have it, it’s too late.

  14. saraarts.com

    Twisty, I sent a link to your “Anti-Boob-A-Thon” to many, many people, and in case they wouldn’t understand the whole issue at a glance, I also sent them a link to the Breast Cancer Action FAQ page on “The Politics of Breast Cancer.” Many of them have already written to thank me for these links, telling me how informative and useful they found them. To my surprise, several have even “come out” to me as having always hated the pink ribbon thing but having also felt unwilling or unentitled to say so.

    So, yes, everyone has to deal with this her own way. But I like your way and BCA’s way, and so do my really smart, sensitive, beautiful friends. Thank you.

  15. When my mom was in the process of dying of colo-rectal cancer, the lady in the room next to hers had end-stage ovarian cancer, and you’re right, katheburt, it’s scary indeed. Carol was so kind and gentle, she used to give my sisters and I truly thoughtful expressions of sympathy, despite the pain and despair of her own condition. In turn, I brought her lavender roses from my garden because it was her favorite color. I haven’t got many happy memories of this time in my life, but Carol is one of them. I hope they gave her a seat next to where the brownies come out of the oven in heaven, because she deserves that, and so much more.

    I cannot express in words how much I hate cancer.

  16. thepoliticalcat

    That’s it. I am SO mailing you pix of my boobs. Shoot, I’ll mail them to the boob-a-thon, too, though I doubt they’ll post ’em. You’ll soon find out why.

  17. faultline.org/place/toad

    Mroo, you’re such an iconoclast. Just make sure that’s all you break, hey?

  1. ThreadingWater

    Pink Porn…

    The more I learn about this issue of funding and pink ribbons and corporate sponsorship and the possible, yet largely unexplored environmental issues connected to rising rates of breast cancer, the less comfortable I am with sending my donations to a g…

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