Oct 02 2006

Scenester Coffee Shops of South Austin, Vol. 1


Behold the order-here window at Jo’s, South Austin’s scenesteriest walk-up coffee shack. How scenestery is it? Stingray bumped into Quentin Tarantino here last week.

What’s a fried pie? This is:


That’s right. That’s a sugar glaze. And there’s cream cheese in that thing.


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  1. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    Delicious and nutritious.

  2. sashaundercover.blogspot.com

    What are you, the Austin Tourist and Visitors Bureau? Now I need a fried pie. Who knew?

  3. Pie? OMG, Pie. I’m drooling. Dont tell Giblets.

  4. Quentin Tarantino? Maybe he would be so kind as to get a hard-on and then let us take a picture of it so to raise money for Breast Cancer research or for Vibrating Liz’s Lymphoma Cancer Research.

    We could dress it up like some dress up Barbie…I think it’s a keen idea. Fall is here so I suggest a darling little knit hat and matching scarf. Depending on ‘its’ color….we could go with a smattering of rusts and browns or (if redhead) a lush palette of burgundies and mauves. This could be a big fundraiser…’Dress the Dick.’

    I bet Quentin would be game….after all, didn’t he have something to do with ‘Pulp Fiction?’

  5. I’m compelled to finally de-lurk and say, Twisty, you have changed the way I look at the world and given me something to aspire to. Someday I hope to be half the Spinster Aunt you are. At 24 years old, I’m a little late to the blaming. As a previous poster said, you never fail to eloquently articulate ideas which have been floating around in my head that I am not able to put into words, or not the right words. I had to say thank you. You are indescribably fabulous!

    As far as the dressing-up of penises (penii?) goes, I’m afraid it’s been done. Vito Acconci, way back in 1970 or ’71, put on a piece called “Trappings,” where he dressed up his member in doll clothes. That’s not to say it couldn’t be re-done. Just that it was gross then, and would probably be gross now.

  6. Twisty

    It would definitely be gross now. Don’t let’s mention it ever again!

    Thanks very much for the compliment. O if only I’d known at 24 what I know now.

  7. Slade that’s a masterpiece

  8. faultline.org/place/toad

    Fried pie, mmMMmmmm. There used to be a barbeque joint in Little Rock that made chocolate fried pies. It was just chocolate pudding inside, but it was still good.

    Unfortunately we had an Empanada Incident* in our household many years ago, the nature of which pretty much guaranteed that I’ll never be able to talk Joe into attempting fried pies at home. There’s a scary fudge pie filling that would be really good in a fried pie, I think.

    Shitballs. Am I gonna have to drive to Arkansas again?

    *And we were only spectators. Imagine.

  9. Well it’s closer than Scotland Ron, which is the only other place that fries everything.

  10. kathymccarty.info

    For those of you who cannot get to Jo’s Coffeehouse in Austin, Gainesville Texas, close to Oklahoma on !H35 north of Dallas, bills itself as “THE FRIED PIE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD”.
    Last time I was there, Oh, Ten years ago, they did have fabulous fried pies there. Not as good as Jo’s though.
    If you get there early enough, Jo’s will sometimes have Apple, banana, cheese, and cherry fried pies. Sometimes chocolate and almond too, and sometimes peach.


  11. Deep fried, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Actually there is a lot of deep frying in Quebec and Alberta as well. Deep fried pies though, that merits some thought. I may have to make due with sugar pie with extra pie crust baked in, just as deadly and closer to hand.

  12. A sugar glazed, fried pie filled with creamcheese!? I never heard of such a thing. That’s just decadent. I need one. NOW.

    What the heck is an iced turbo?

  13. This reminds me to make sure that when I travel, I make sure to check out local delicacies. There’s still some regional variation left in the US of A, and I don’t want to miss out.

    Fried pies sure sound like they’d hit the spot right about now.

  14. The colors in the top photo are gorgeous.

  15. Nice pies, but you have to go a few blocks west for a fried twinkie.

  16. alphabitch.org

    Highly excellent signage on that establishment. Hell with the fried pies, I’d drive down there just to look at that window. And maybe have a “no egg” sandwich. But I’m not sure I’m up for a place so scenester-y that even Quentin Tarantino rubs elbows with celebrities.

  17. kitchentables.wordpress.com

    cream cheese? that’s fuckin’ amazing.

  18. saraarts.com

    Fried cream cheese with dough and sugar — oh, yeah, baby. I wasn’t using those arteries anyway.

    I also want to know what an “iced turbo” is.

  19. Joining PullTaffy in the below-25ers inspired by Twisty Faster. Though I don’t really feel too late for blaming.

  20. faultline.org/place/toad

    Pony, in Mississippi and parts of Arkansas they deep-fry dill pickles. Oddly enough, I haven’t had one yet.

    If I were in Scotland I’d try a deep-fried Mars bar. I’ve had deep-fried haggis hunks — stop that; haggis is nice, somewhere between boudin blanc and scrapple on the mild end of the sausage continuum — in Sebastopol California and wanted some more this year. Alas, that vendor wasn’t at the Celtfest this time.

  21. I’ve never understood why people get so bent over haggis. It’s just a kind of (bland) sausage. Now pakoras: that’s my idea of fried goodies.

  22. I’m partial to deep-fried, ice cream balls myself.

  23. I nearly ran over Elijah Wood as he was crossing the street by Jo’s two SXSWs ago.

    I’m now craving a fried pie and a coronary.

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