Oct 16 2006

Joe Thebeau Fan Club, Austin Chapter


Do you take your suburban existential crisis rock (or, as it’s known in the world of professional angst-ridden melancholic scenesters, “sexcrock”) with a shimmering powerpop glaze? And do you prefer it to contain nary a single sexist rockdude bleat or rawk cliché?

I thought so.

You need Escape Velocity, Finn’s Motel’s debut national release (on Scat Records), and the only record I know of that satisfies all the aforementioned criteria.

Topping the (not inconsiderable) list of Rock Geniuses I Have Shared A Stage With is the architect of Finn’s Motel, Joe Thebeau. I got pally with Joe a lifetime ago when, out of boredom, he joined the

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I was drinking in at the time. Even back then I sensed that he was slumming, but the full extent of his overqualification for the posture-rawk we were banging out remained to me obscured until I got a load of Escape Velocity’s virtuoso pop stylings. These tunes are so loud, soft, sad, and pretty that I blub like a baby whenever I listen to’em. Joe’s my new celebrity crush!

Clearly I’m no music writer, so I’ll rip off someone who is. Quoth the unimpeachable René Spencer Saller, writing in the Illinois Times: “A chronicler of suburban ennui and domestic disenchantment, [Thebeau] writes what he knows — dragging the trash cans to the curb in time for the morning pickup, daydreaming through his daily commute, longing for a way out of corporate purgatory and coming to terms with the possibility that there isn’t one — and therein lies his strength. Call him the John Updike of 21st-century power-pop.”

Fun fan facts about Joe Thebeau:
• he likes sushi
• he’s a member of the Cheap Trick fan club
• he’s a patriarchy-blamer

Listen to

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  1. suffragettecity.org

    Thanks for the plug-‘n’-link, Twisty. The Illinois Times Web site needs all the traffic it can get! Regarding your claim that you’re not a music writer, though, I beg to differ. Or maybe I don’t, come to think of it. You’re a writer, no qualifiers necessary, and if you wrote a three-volume history of lint, I’d read it.

  2. politblogo.typepad.com

    This is like some weird sort of mutual admiration society. I keep seeing these all over teh internets.

  3. I swear, I’ve been addicted to that mp3 for the last two weeks.

  4. Twisty

    What about “Eero Saarinen”? Somehow he’s captured everything I ever felt about the St Louis Arch in 90 seconds of pure poposity. And “Equilibrium” has become de rigueurfor the contemplative solo drive out to El Rancho Deluxe. I try to time it so it comes on right when I hit the top of the first hill in Blanco County and there’s 50 unobstructed miles of Texas Hill Country at my feet.

  5. Blushing.


  6. Oh geez I opened and played this at the __ educational institute __ computer I used this afternoon and I attracted a crowd. Of two. I am so cool. Problem is I was so confused about who it was. I thought this was Liz’ son Finn. “It’s Finn somebody” I said. Cool they said.

    I do seriously like it.

  7. I’ve spent the last couple hours listening to these four tracks over and over 1234 3241 2314. I think right now, the Dramamine is my favour ite. Check with me at 10 p.m.

    Free music. Free great music. Thanks very much.

  8. blog.3bulls.net

    OK TF, p’raps it is time to bust out the one page at that website where they make fun of bands’ photos, and how your band made that site?

    I say this for two reasons. One, that site was hilarious, but I don’t remember the name. Two, it is way awesome that you were in a band, we doth desire to hear more!

  9. This blog has the best search feature ever. I remembered the post PP was talking about, typed in “band photo” in the search (didn’t even have to press enter!), scrolled down, and voila:


    That web site really is hilarious.

  10. Twisty, about 2 months back, you suggested a book. It was about Michael Jackson and other celebs and I was poor then and couldn’t buy it, but I can now. Title?

  11. I bet you’re thinking of A Massive Swelling by Cintra Wilson. I put it on my wish list after Twisty mentioned it.

  12. oralhygienequeen.blogspot.com

    I concur: we desire to hear more about your band. (And hey, don’t sell it short: sounds like respectable punk-tinged power pop to me. I thought “If Team Dresch played an Ultrababyfat cover…” which is no insult, I assure you.) I want to know what instrument you played. I want some stories.

    And I definitely want to see your pic on the R&R confidential site. Just give us the “key=” number. Pretty please?

  13. Thanks, raging red. That’s it. I’m ordering it tonight!

  14. alphabitch.org

    Highly freaking excellent tunes. Shimmering existential powerpop indeed. Life is entirely good. Thanks, Twisty, for pointing it out & thanks, Finn (err, Joe), for the music.

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