Oct 27 2006

Snapshots from my trip to Dallas

foto by Twisty

As opposed to Condoms For Here. Just in case you’re driving down Walnut Hill and are overcome with the urge to boink.


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  1. You can find “Condoms for Here” over on Harry Hines. But really, I’m sorry to hear my beloved, white-bread suburban north Dallas is going downhill so.

    Did your travels at any point, dear Twisty, take you up I-35E, aka the Stemmons Freeway? And if they did, did happen to notice how (approximately) two out of three billboards there are for topless or “gentleman’s” clubs? And do you know that some certain females who were exposed to these billboards in childhood, and have been (coincedentally or not) under some kind of mental health care ever since?

  2. Should read: … did YOU happen to notice how (approximately) two out of EVERY three billboards there are for topless or gentleman’s clubs? And DID you know that THERE ARE certain females who were exposed to these billboards in childhood, and have been (coincidentally or not) under some kind of mental health care ever since?”

    There was a tear of nostalgia in my eye, but its gone now.

  3. Cass: Those billboards are also everywhere in Tampa, Florida. I have to avoid Nebraska Avenue whenever I visit, otherwise, you’re driving along a road of church-strip club-funeral home-used car dealership-strip club-liquor store.

  4. Dear Twisty,

    I have recently found your blog and printed off 13 pages for reference. The comments are interesting due to the observations you and the “bloggers” write.

    Would you be willing to provide me with an interview on your interest in comic books and their characters? Perhaps other bloggers would provide me with an interview?

    I’m writing an essay, due November 6th, and require, preferrably, a woman’s perspective. My essay is titled: “Comic Book Heroines: Why the sex, power and bondage?”

    If interested my email is: msdlmiller@telus.net

    Thank you,


  5. I was unconscious of them for years until one day, while driving up to see my parents, the scales fell from my eyes and I was almost nauseous. We don’t have any concentrations like that in Austin, though there are a few very ugly billboards out by the airport, and on the rear ends of taxicabs. Just one of the many tiny moments of disillusionment I experienced, on the way to learning all those nice men I saw everywhere in childhood weren’t necessarily what they seemed.

  6. Why is it that, out here in licentious atheistic buttfuck-loving California, I’ve never been assaulted by billboards for topless clubs? Not in the Bay Area, anyway. We have a few such venues, but they’re not the gigantic titty-palaces like I’ve seen in Dallas and Austin. Could it be that, when fundamentalist morality is not crammed down one’s throat, through law and sermon, the venues that allow people [men] to rebel against it withers as well? I accuse the something-something for not being able to enunciate that thought better.

    As a former resident of Dallas and Austin who pines for my homeland, I don’t mean to slander Texas in favor of California. But I sure don’t miss Billy Graham, blue laws, and “Expose: The Men’s Club.”

  7. kwillz.blogspot.com

    You should write for Leno. He could really use your help.

  8. Cass: Drive north on Burnet Rd. sometime, starting at 45th St. I drive that stretch of road daily, and it seems like I am seeing them all the time (“Megaplexxxxxx! or some such). Or maybe I’m just seeing the same one over and over. It features a picture of a woman from just above the breasts up. What one can see of her is unclothed. She has this wholesome “girl next door” look, which I find rather odd. Maybe the billboard company required it so that it would fit in with the anti-abortion billboards that also line Burnet Rd. This particular billboard is located right near the intersection of Burnet Rd. and Houston St., which happens to be the street that leads to McCallum High School, where I drop my daughter off for school most days. Maybe they are trying to get business and fresh meat models at the same time.

  9. witchy-woo.blogspot.com

    Condoms to Go? What does that mean? Is it as opposed to waiting for someone to come and deliver them to your stated address when you’ve placed an order by phone, like pizza? Can you not just walk in to any old condom vender’s establishment and buy them when you want to? Like a chemists or a supermarket?

    I don’t understand. I’m a Brit.

  10. Condoms to Go must be like those autoparts stores with the signs that tell you to take their products and use them somewhere else and not work on your car in the parking lot.

    Meanwhile, my 10 year old is hankering for the night when he is old enough and brave enough to slip out and alter the signs on the car inspection station next to the adult products store. It currently reads “Mass Inspection” (short for Massachusetts).

  11. Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok is pretty good, and, no, it is not a part of the notorious sex trade in Thailand, well not directly.
    The cabbage soup is very chewy.

  12. kathymccarty.info

    I TOO saw the “Condoms To GO” store in Dallas when I went up there to watch my friend Gina dive in the nationals. (We ate at a FABULOUS Thai place right across the street from CONDOMS TO GO. Oh how it chaps my ass to admit that DALLAS wins the Thai restaurant competition, because, you know, by definition DALLAS SUX)

    It got me to wondering if in Dallas, Condoms are considered too risque to be sold at the drugstore or HEB. So they have to have a seperate store.

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