Monthly Archive: November 2006

Nov 30 2006

Sod off, God! Week continues


Delicious grilled squash sandwich and slaw at the consummately Austin-y Foodheads on 34th: deep human need or mere habit? Yesterday’s post on my perennial pipedream of eradicating God for the good of all creatures great and small hasn’t sparked quite the controversy of, say, an essay on the feministo-ideological pitfalls of an intimate allegiance to …

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Nov 29 2006

God: can’t live with’im; can’t seem to kill’im

Writing in the Australian, Pamela Bone complains that when a bunch of Muslim feminists (Muslim feminists! What’s next, “gay Republicans”?) met in New York last week to fix an agenda for dispelling a couple of anti-Muslim rumors going around (that they’re terrorists, and that Islam oppresses women), the media gave it a big fat pass. …

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Nov 28 2006

Time for a wee snootchie


When Stingray and I tire of traipsing around SoCo arguing about which one of us is gayer, we like to look in at the Home Slice for a couple of Liberace cocktails. No one is gayer than Liberace. Prosecco, black currant liqueur, lemon twist, chubby little glass. You might think, if you were to come …

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Nov 26 2006



I gotta clear a couple things up. I’m afraid that what follows is something in the nature of a pontification. Just so you know what you’re getting into, here’s a synopsis: I. I reveal the true nature of the ‘bad feminist.’ II. Somewhat taken aback by the shoe-centric responses to yesterday’s post on femininity-as-humanitarian-crisis, I …

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Nov 25 2006

What I forgot to include in yesterday’s essay would fill a book


Woman demonstrates loyalty to patriarchal overlords through apparent voluntary compliance with Feminine Directive (Absurd Footwear Division). Hotel San Jose, Austin TX, November 11, 2006. [The first paragraph may express aspects of a non-sequitur unless you have read yesterday’s essay on torture and feminization] If the force required to feminize a fully-realized human man is considered …

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Nov 24 2006



If you’re anything like me — and why wouldn’t you be? — you’ve been whipped into something a froth by reports of “Bush’s mysterious new programs” targeting “Fifth Columnists” (supposed terrorist collaborators, disloyal fraternizers, kids who refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, what have you), AND how Halliburton has been awarded yet more contracts …

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Nov 23 2006

Thanks for nothin


The First Thanksgiving, Dominant Culture Version, painted in 1932 by JLG Ferris. Native Americans in feathery headgear? Check. Native Americans depicted as half-naked savages even though it’s fucking November in Massachussets? Check. Native Americans depicted in positions of subservience to Whitey? Check Women depicted in positions of subservience to dudes? Check. Native Americans depicted as …

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Nov 22 2006

Olbermann rescues battered soul from Cool Whip purgatory

Do you remember the last time you were happy? I allude, of course, to the rush of elation that washed over you the morning you heard the dulcet tones of Carl Kasell imparting the almost unbelievable news that American voters had more or less socked it to the Bush regime doggie-style. You know how you …

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Nov 21 2006

Spinster aunt takes stab at tiresome trope

Before I take a whack at the essay I’ve been wanting to write on Coping With the Surprisingly Daunting Scope of Patriarchy, I’ll just make a quick note of my dissatisfaction with the language used in a report I just heard on NPR. The report was on the trial of the soldiers accused of taking …

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Nov 19 2006

Spinster aunt closes in on murky origins of strawfeminist fallacy


Ugly lace skirt draped with xmas lights at the even uglier Junior League Christmas Bazaar, Palmer Event Center, Austin TX, Nov. 17, 2006. Just two of the things I will outlaw when I overthrow honky dude rule. You ever wonder how these strawfeminist things get started? No? Well, here’s a short synopsis anyway. I have …

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