Nov 13 2006

Flora and Fauna of the Texas Hill Country, Bovine Edition


Later on I’ll have a few remarks on the remarkable resilience of the myth of sexual repression, viz. the mean, scrunch-pantied city hall “nannies” who proposed — unsuccessfully, it turned out — to deprive Seattle’s furtive dicks of their right to lap dances, but first, a Texas longhorn heifer.


This is her mom.


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  1. Your photos really make me miss Texas, Twisty. Hopefully I’ll be spending some time in San Antonio and Austin next summer. I’m a Corpus Christi baby, myself — some things you can never get out of your blood.

  2. Those are some intimidating horns on that cow. I wouldn’t mess with mama!

  3. saraarts.com

    Cute cows!

    Loving the straight line of critter pics you’ve featured lately. Zippy, Bert, and now a pink-nosed heifer and his/her mama — pretty great. Thanks.

  4. buttercupia.blogspot.com

    that heifer is fracking adorable.

    looking forward to your remarks.

  5. Wow. Visions of Lascaux on that second picture.

  6. Twisty

    Yeah, those cave painters weren’t just whistlin Dixie.

  7. meanfeminism.blogspot.com

    No offense Twisty, but I really don’t like this lens. Love the animals, though. I hope I’m not testing your (or the spamulator’s) patience.

  8. witchy-woo.blogspot.com

    I just want to hear about the reasons behind the non-justification for depriving the furtive Seattle dicks of their performances of live misogyny.

    Call me a feminist. Not the fun kind. Ya boo sucks.

  9. unsanesafe.blogspot.com


  10. I wouldn’t call it “cutesy”.
    “Cowsey” maybe, but the heifer and mom have dignity at any rate.
    (Idly vamping while waiting for Twisty’s next post.)

  11. meanfeminism.blogspot.com

    “Cowsey” is a very cutesy word.

  12. Yeah, those cave painters weren’t just whistlin Dixie.

    Maybe they were, but it looks good anyway.
    A recent nyrb review looks at a writer who reckons much of the Lascaux – and all paleolithic cave drawing in general – is more likely adolescent boys tossing sketches off in the way graffiti is done these days, than high art. But the evidence he summons appears to be as shaky as all the stuff on which art history reams have already been written.
    Tantalising. I shall have to read the book for better understanding of the arguments.

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