Dec 03 2006

Test post, black sunday version

just testing


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  1. I just saw that PZ Myers has been damned to hell. As should all religion haters, am I right? After all, all the smart, fun people are going to be in hell. Except for all those Christians, but they could be ignored, I’m sure.

  2. flyinfur.blogspot.com

    I’d much rather spend my afterlife with PZ Myers and his ilk than many of the people who profess themselves Christian.

    Black Sunday? Mine’s pretty bad, but I wouldn’t call it “black”. Do you know something I don’t?

  3. Fifteen inches of snow here. My Sunday is white.

  4. saraarts.com

    “Black Sunday,” eh? Maybe this will give you a good, godless laugh, or at least a nice, sinus-clearing snort:

    Beach volleyball bikinis shake up Asian Games in Qatar

    I’m going outside now, but not to play volleyball.

  5. me too

  6. If you don’t like “godbags”, how do you feel about evangelical, fanatical atheists, like Richard Dawkins, who are really, really sure that anything they can’t measure scientifically, can’t possibly be true?

  7. faultline.org/place/toad

    See? Tolja.

  8. allpoetry.com/poets/Jacob20Jesus20Escape


    I must say that I can’t see much comparison between Richard Dawkins and a godbag. Dawkins obviously has decided to remove “the gloves” that kept his atheistic knuckles from being bloodied on the knuckleheads of believersinwhatcannotbe (measured scientifically). I suppose that this failure to capitulate to perceived dumbassitude correlates, to some extant extent, with godbaggers’ carpet bombing statements of righteous indignation in the face of enlightenment. Nah, not really, really…

  9. I somehow doubt that Richard Dawkins would kill for his “fanaticism.” I also doubt that he would knock on anyone’s door for evangelical purposes. Though that might be sort of amusing to watch. “Hello, I’m Mr. Dawkins. Have you ditched Christ?”

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