Dec 16 2006


W announces at Rumsfeld’s good-riddance ceremony: “We’ve been through war together.”

Let us now tippy-toe through the battle-torn scrapbook of their war togetherness.




Background war photos from The Memory Hole


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  1. bastantealready.blogspot.com

    I know, I know, it’s the gruesome reality and most of us have seen these pics before.

    I don’t like those pics, Twisty.
    They fuck me up.
    But I get your point.

  2. redneckmother.blogspot.com

    To be fair, Bushlet was probably referring to the card game they played during ‘strategy’ sessions. Or maybe he was miquoted and actually said “We went to see Gwar together.”

  3. does rumsfeld’s claw signify that “you go to war with the teeny tiny army you have, not the most mighty military on earth (and still fuck it up)”?

    rumsfeld’s resignation means little when there’s one more intellectually dis-honest right-winger stepping up to head the department of war.

    there are many much worse images from iraq and afghanistan. this one, i think, is the napalm girl photo of our mistake war. their parents have just been shot to death in front of them by terrified american soldiers at a checkpoint. a lot of people focus on the anguished six-year-old girl, of course, but i think the confused look on the four-year-old boy’s face says a lot, too.

  4. norbizness.com

    Don’t you remember the time that the Iraqi terrorists sent a gigantic mutant kitten to maul Bush at a press conference, and Karate Master Rumsfeld came to the rescue?

  5. Norbizness, that is the greatest photo ever, where did you find it?

  6. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    I understand that the Japanese decorate their Christmas trees with cartoon characters and images of famous athletes. I nominate Rumsfeld for Chrismas fairy, along with his claw. He is certainly a hero we can all look up to.

  7. ginmar.livejournal.com

    I’m surprised, Twisty, that you missed the headline: “Rumsfeld says weakness is provocative.”

    These little scumbags sent men and women to wars while they stayed home in their offices and juggled figures. All they did was answer blood with blood.

    Bush’s picture is from the first year of the Iraq war, where he’s wearing a uniform that he discarded when first it became too dangerous. With his secret security and his toadies around him, he finally wears it.

  8. Oh dear me, redneckmother and norbizness, I wasn’t expecting to be ambushed by fits of hysterical snickering. That was awesome. Thank you.

  9. The week my mind was blown so I tuned in, turned on, dropped out and joined the counter culture:

    In 1968, I worked for a Kodak film club which the boys stationed in Viet Nam liked because they got a free roll of film mailed back to them for every roll they had developed. My job was to read complaint letters, look at the negatives, figure out what happened to their photos (whether it was our fault or theirs), and write them a letter of explanation.

    The main complaint from Viet Nam was that the soldiers would get their photos back all stuck together in a block because of the humidity. I could get them unstuck by soaking them in a solution, put them on this revolving drum that would heat them, they’d fall off when they were dry and then I’d return them packed with wax paper between each photo.

    One day I’m watching the photos fall off the drum when I’m looking at pictures that are so horrible it took me a while to figure out what I was looking at. They showed the boys having just more fun around a pile of dead bodies stacked like logs, holding up their trophy body parts strung on loops of wire, grinning and laughing and having a high old time, many of them with their zippers down and their dicks hanging out. This was about a year before My Lai came to light.

    Later that week we found out Bobby Kennedy was going to be in town around lunch time on his campaign tour and decided to go watch. There was a huge crowd and we were way in the back but his open-air limo took a turn and before I knew it I was being crushed against it by the crowd when it stopped right in front of me.

    We were eyeball to eyeball. He stood up, gave his speech and began shaking hands with the crowd. I couldn’t move so I just kept putting my hand up and after about the fifth time he shook my hand he look down at me and chuckled. I thought he was ill because he was so ashen and was shaking like a leaf. I figured out later it was because he was scared shitless. He had reason to be. He was assassinated that night.

  10. Geez Marie Mar, that’s some heavy shit.

    I remember the Napalm girl photo, I was just a kid, my father got copies of newsweek that I perused regularly although I was only about seven or eight. I also remember a front cover photo of a protester with his face so bludgeoned that one eye socket was nothing but a bright red, bloody bulb.

    I may be way off, but seems that what’s worse today seems that the press is completely cow-towed to censorship in the interest of not ‘offending’ advertisers or viewers. Thus, for the most part, the public doesn’t get to view the real horror like I understand people did every night during the vietnam war.

    Summa you folk who know, correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. oh man, mar iguana.

    vietnam was on the news every night in my childhood. such a nightmare, and we really did not see nearly the worst on the evening news. my parents were goldwater republicans, and they had faith in winning the damned war until nearly the bitter end. the things i have heard from some vets in the intervening years would make anyone’s toenails curl.

  12. My daddy was a WWII vet, my sister was in her rebellious teens, and I was a wee one. But not too wee to remember some dandy arguments over the morality of the Viet Nam war in our house.

    Here’s the weird part. My sister has turned into an Iraqi-war-supporting rightwing nutjob. And now *we* get into some dandy arguments when the conversation turns to current events.

  13. Should Shrub even be wearing Army gear? He was in the Air National Guard, not Army, if I recall correctly.

    I was a tot during Vietnam but I do remember my mother staying up all night crying, watching tattered & torn & brutalized soldiers coming home on plane after plane after plane. She’d lost friends to that war. Years later, during Gulf War I, we got into a knock-down drag-out over that war, which she supported, which never made any damned sense to me. She’s come to her senses and we don’t have to argue about Gulf War Stupid & Senseless this time around, thank goodness.

    Fucking Rummy. Is the new guy any better, though?

  14. I was 23 in 1970, the prime “dating” years when I was supposed to go out there and find the boy of my dreams. Problem was, Viet Nam cocked up the boys who went there and it cocked up the boys who didn’t. My entire generation was screwed.

    They dumped the vets back in the world and us girlies were supposed to make them right again by just loving them enough. The boys who stayed were busy strutting around trying to prove they were not lily-livered cowards just because they got out of going there. The stories I could tell about some of those fun dates. I did not find the boy of my dreams.

  15. The ones who fled to Canada have mostly lived here without becoming citizens, or if they did take out citizenship, now vote as conservative/right wing as possible. Their primary goal now seems to be to shut down Canada’s universal tax-payer supported healthcare system. They you see, cushy-careered and highly paid, not to mention, having come into their American parents estates (you didn’t think it was the poor kids from Louisiana fled here did you?) find our taxes too high especially in *their* tax bracket. Of course they’re high. They pay for all those social systems they as lefties, said they supported. But these people don’t need the universal healthcare anyway. Their jobs come with all the velvet benefits any upper class tenured prof or similar would get. Won’t be their old-age that will be spent in pain and untreated ill-health. But their old-age *will* be spent in Canada, because they know a good thing when they live it: they’ll also collect our universal old age pension and other senior benefits, no matter how much other money they have or make or are willed. And they’ll have lots of spare time to support the likes of Harper.

  16. oooh but that winter.

  17. Well Salty, you gets some and you gives some. I wish more like you would come here. Anyway, parts of Ontario are further south than northern California. And don’t forget, Vancouver area and south coastal British Columbia has the same climate as Seattle (which may not always be something good). But I picked Nelson B.C. for you, some threads ago. They get a lot of snow, but to get a lot of snow, you need temps just above freezing.

    Nelson weather

  18. Doesn’t surprise me a bit about the ex-pats, Pony. Assholes. Nixon was brilliant in abolising the draft. When he did that the revolution abruptly ended and the boys went home to papa.

  19. fuck you

    You are all ignorant liberals. You have no idea of what war may be like and probably will never know. I hope you all break you clavicals.

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