Dec 20 2006


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Diary of a Freak Magnet and the imponderabilia of actual life have both honored I Blame The Patriarchy with mentions in the Carnival of Feminists (the 28th and 29th, respectively). These tireless compilers of blogular feminist action have my compliments for a job well done. As always, the Carnivalists have collected copious amounts of feminist genius, but one post in particular — Ready, Aim, Puke by Miss Prism at the excellently-titled A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag — caught the Twisty eye as a timely accompaniment to the discussion of the nincompoop myth (briefly alluded to in my last post) that women are hardwired to seek manly protection.


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  1. What’s up with these dumbass studies anyway? It seems like they’ve been popping up with irritating regularity. Are the patriarchy bottom feeders getting nervous?

    Hard wired for Manly protection. Why, that must refer to all those Manly Men out there on the streets fighting against rape and violence against women. The ones organizing protests. The Manly Men who see pornography and strip clubs as inherently violent and degrading toward women and recognize and reject the global sense entitlement for sexual access to women 24/7.

    Oh wait, wrong gender. Sorry.

    Congratuations on the recognition by the way.

  2. Well, we all know the number one danger to women is lions. Clearly, we need protectors. From the lions.

  3. foilwomansdiary.blogspot.com

    You know, I’ve been hearing about men being providers and protectors, but I’ve never seen evidence of that in my life. Maybe they should stop talking about how I should let them provide and protect and get the heck on with providing and actually protecting and their position might be ever-so-slightly more believable. Just sayin’.

  4. “Well, we all know the number one danger to women is lions. Clearly, we need protectors. From the lions.”

    Exactly. They need to do this study again, but give the women guns, because guns are way more useful then men when fighting lions. I know, I’m a male and I sure as hell would prefer anyone I know to have a gun rather than me if they had to fight a lion. And not just because I’d get mauled.

  5. Funny thing, you’d think these scientists might wish to study the freaks of nature like myself to see why on earth we seem to enjoy our independent existence.

    Guess we won’t know until there’s more women in the CEO chairs and boardrooms of those giant corporate funders.

  6. My favorite quote from that lovely blog post: “The Dr Neaves of the world are like boys in a treehouse, determinedly stamping on our fingers as we climb the ladder, all the while shouting that we’re scared of heights.”

    I’m gonna have to trot that one out sometime.

  7. When I read about this study I thought, here’s another doddering old idiot with his bonehead obsolete education. But no, this guy is 40fuckingOne!? What hope is there when the new breed is a bad as the last breed. Women scholars of the same generation wouldn’t get away with this kind of work would they?

  8. Step #28 in Overthrowing the Patriarchy:

    Ban inane “scientific” studies that try to underline foregone conclusions.

  9. Let me rephrase that:

    “underline ‘expectedly’ foregone conclusions”.

  10. Thank you, Twisty, for the link to MissPrism’s delightful Pensees. I find as my teeth get longer, I lose my way back to such fine, abeit seldom visited, blamers.

  11. Twisty mentions “the nincompoop myth (briefly alluded to in my last post) that women are hardwired to seek manly protection.”

    I am sick of people claiming humans are “hardwired” to be this or that! It’s getting to the point that when I see someone claiming anyone is “hardwired” (or “fundamentally programmed” as Dr. Neave would have it) in any way, I immediately dismiss whatever claim is being made, as the claimer is obviously a nincompoop. People are not computers or other electronic devices that can work one way, and one way only.

    If the claimer says “I like X” or “I feel Y” or “I believe Z” I can handle that. That’s honest. But what is is with this “hardwired” crap being used to explain and excuse all kinds of crap?

  12. Oho! I tried to leave a comment on the Daily Mail page. I didn’t agree with the guy and I didn’t kindly and ineffectively debate with the point of view. I left a calm, no BS, point-filled opposition. Although I didn’t use any profane language or call Neaves a blockhead, they have neglected to put my comment up there. The only reason I know this is because there were 42 comments when I first read the article, and there are still 42 comments: I also seem to have some sort of cookie on my PC now that prevents me from seeing all the comments. Interesting.

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